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   September 17, 2020   
Tikkun Olam
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This Flash has not been an easy one to complete! It didn't help that for most of yesterday our internet and our phone lines were out of commission. However, I think this Flash was worth putting some extra time into: last Sunday's Service was a special one, and below you'll find links to the recording of the service and to the stunning slideshow of beloved friends and beloved bodies of water, plus the anecdotes that share why these waters are so cherished.  And our coming service celebrates other important rituals. 

I'm grateful for the feedback I've received on the Flash since it became my responsibility over two and a half months (!) ago; even criticism has been offered constructively and with kind appreciation!  I'm especially grateful for the folks who've gone out of their way to remind me that however I format the thing, someone's going to be disappointed: I've been thanked for including more information in longer, more detailed Flash editions, and I've been asked if I can't make the Flash much shorter. This edition addresses a lot of information, but unless the articles were already short I've given you an introductory paragraph or two followed by a link to the piece in its entirety.  I hope you find the result a pleasant and satisfactory compromise - please let me know how it can better serve you.

You can help me help you by getting material for any given Thursday's Flash to me by WEDNESDAY - that's the day before Thursday, if I'm confusing or overwhelming you here - at noon.  Thank you! 

This Sunday, September 20, 2020

Tikkun Olam - תיקון עולם
("tee-KOON oh-LUHM")


Rev. Cathy Harrington leads a service rooted in the tradition ofTikkun Olam; Pam Hendrick coordinates this Service. The Hebrew word tikkun means "repair," and Tikkun Olam is "repairing the world." It is usually translated a little more loosely, but actively, as a challenge to "behave and act constructively and beneficially." The world today needs our help, and we begin by returning to the "home of our souls." 

Rev. Cathy writes:

Thanks to all who contributed to the Water Communion last Sunday, it was a joy to see your smiling faces in places that bring you peace and happiness. The video and the narration are in today's Flash; Guy has pasted in links below. 

This Sunday we will explore the theme of renewal using wisdom and inspiration from the Jewish High Holy Days. Rosh Hashanah which literally means "head of the year," marks the beginning of the Jewish New Year.  Rosh Hoshanah begins tomorrow evening, September 18, and ends on September 20. This is the beginning of what is commonly referred to as the "Days of Awe" or "Days of Atonement," which culminate on September 28th with Yom Kippur. Yom Kippur is a day to ask for forgiveness and to remember loved ones. What we can learn from this powerful Jewish tradition is to pause and take stock of our own lives.  

As we approach the election the tension is rising. If you need a place to lay down the burdens of this difficult and anxious time join me for Vespers on Friday evenings at 8 pm where we share a time of peace, music, poetry and prayer followed by a time of fellowship.The Order of Service with more information about tomorrow's service, will be sent out tomorrow. 

In faith and love, 

      - Cathy

The Rev. Dr. Cathy Harrington
Interim MInister
Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Grand Traverse

Sunday morning's Order of Service, including lyrics to the hymns, is here.

Click here for the link to join this Sunday's Service via Zoom; the passcode is 167208.  Or enter the following URL address into your web browser...


Meeting ID: 817 7744 8560
Passcode: 167208

This information is on our website, uucgt.org, and you'll receive a reminder on Sunday morning.  

Last Week's Water Communion, Sunday September 13

Click on the link below to revisit the very beautiful slideshow from last Sunday's Water Communion Service.  Members, Friends, and Staff on, near, or in beloved bodies of water small, large, or even somewhat imaginary.  

Our Water Communion Stories - Descriptions of these magical places and why they are so loved - are here.

Sunday Services are automatically recorded and posted to our Zoom account. We post a link to the most recent service in case you missed it and/or would like to re-view!  Click here to view the Service of Sunday September 13. A password is required, that code is 2ujFcKQ+

Financial Summary
As of August 31, 2020
(16.6% of fiscal year)

                                                        Current Year 2020-2021   Prior Year 2019-2020
Budgeted Income Rec'd YTD     $ 40,139*    14.8%           $ 81,407*    30.9%

Budgeted Expenses Paid YTD.  $ 44,174     16.0%           $ 36, 203     13.7%

"For Those in Need" YTD           $      925                          $     1,911  

*Income for 2020-2021 is less than 2019-2020 due to an accounting change that recognized prepaid pledges for 2020-2021 in the 2019-2020 fiscal year.  Approximately $32,000 in excess income for 2019-2020 is on the balance sheet in our operating account and can be used to offset future losses, should they occur.

Budgeted income includes the total of all pledged and unpledged donations and miscellaneous income including building rent, etc.  "For Those in Need" collections...


Ministerial Search Team Report
from Jan Zerbel

Did you notice? The all important
Congregational Survey launched last Friday.
As of this writing, 43 of you have responded. THANK YOU for contributing to the team effort!

What is so important about the survey?  The Congregational Survey is a real opportunity for UUCGT to move toward our future with a new minister. The survey results will become a crucial part of the documents packet your MST prepares for the search, presenting a picture of what the congregation needs from a future ministry.

What happens next with the survey results?  Jim and Chris will categorize and compile responses after the September 25 deadline.  Topics from the survey will be utilized in Cottage Conversations to be held in breakout rooms in October.

What if you haven't yet responded to the survey?  It's not too late!  Pick a day when you can give it your attention and write it into your calendar.  OR do it right now!  Our best hopes ride on everyone's participation.
Plans for future September MST meetings:
Sept. 21   Negotiating Team finalized, BOT liaison, survey updates
Sept. 28   Lessons Learned over 50 years of UUCGT
Mary VanValin, Geoff Norman-Anderson, Charles Brackett, Dusty Culton, Jim Linsell, Chris Walter, Jan Zerbel


MUSIC: "A Few Notes..."

- from Music Director Renée Herman Russell -

This Sunday we honor Rosh Hashana and think of renewal and returning again to that which is sacred for us. As I type this the winds are sweeping in and out of the tall white pines outside my studio, warm and cool air blended in perfect harmony. In this time of heavy transition, I find inspiration to dig deep, heal, and move forward with light through beautiful songs like New Morning by Jake Houlsby. You can read his insightful and moving lyrics here (you have to scroll down the page for lyrics to this song).

Also, please enjoy the beautiful rendition of Amazing Grace by the UU Ukers from last Sunday, here




- from RE Director Betsy Hammerberg - 

Soul Matters September Kit - "Renewal"

The RE team created kits for our children and youth on the September theme of "Renewal," and we realized that many of the contents would be enjoyable for adults, too!

Stop by the vestibule to pick up a kit with readings, dinner table conversation starters, and ideas for renewing and spreading joy in your neighborhood - with chalk.

- from RE Teacher Claire Crandell -

"A circle of friends is a blessed thing."
Sunday and Every Day, My Little Blue Book of Unitarian Universalism
On Sunday, September 13, we had a nice group of youth gathering together. We talked about the history of Grandparents Day. We also shared some of the influences our grandparents have made on our lives. We briefly mentioned that September 12th was Encouragement Day and vowed we would share something encouraging to a family member or friend.

We also looked at a charming video read of You Are Stardust by Elin Kelsey.  Story Girl by Elin Kelsey, with Artwork by Soyeon Kim.  You can watch the video on YouTube here.

We laughed a little about trying to do a drawings of flowers coming out of our mouths with our breath, drinking the same water as dinosaurs and other awesome things mentioned in the video. It is amazing to think that we are made of carbon atoms and perhaps are truly made of stardust. In celebration of Water Communion Day we also discussed our bodies 70% water content, the Earth's water and how all life is dependent on water.

We also shared what we had been doing the last week. Many had already started virtual school. One of the younger youth shared his amazing collection of Pokemon cards by holding them up to his computer camera. But the highlight of the morning was when everyone held up their kitties, cats or dogs to share with one another. Our sweet "younger brother" pets are providing so much love to us during our times at home. We then waved goodbye until next week when we will be together again. 

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Today, Thursday, September 17
1:30 PM
   Creative Writing with Alison Ernst - see above!
   E-mail Alison at awa2write@gmail.com
2:00 PM
   Congregational Care Team
7:00 PM 
    Zoom link is here. Passcode is 728769.

Friday, September 18
10:00 AM 
   Reading and Writing Whiteness with Rev. Cathy - see above!
   E-mail her at revharrington@mac.com

Sunday, September 20
10:30 AM
   Sunday Service - Tikkum Olam
   You can sign in beginning at 10:00 AM to visit!

...and you can always see the calendar on our website as well.
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Take Action! Opportunities to Work for Social Justice:


  • Rev. Cindy Davidson, UU Ministry for Earth Board Chair, writes:
Dear friend,
As I write from my new home in Florida, wildfires in parts of the western US are blazing, and fire, heat, and smoke are destroying or threatening habitats, homes, and life...

  • Our own Emmy Lou Cholak calls these items to our attention:
Earlier this year, the Trump administration's Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) proposed a rule that would roll back protections for transgender people experiencing homelessness. The rule would allow taxpayer-funded shelters to turn away transgender people...

You can help ensure fair and accurate balloting in November! Click HERE to find the phone and email of your state Representative. Tell him/her: 

     Vote YES on SB 757; 

     It allows clerks to handle a large influx of absentee ballots by starting a day early; 

     It allows tired poll workers to work in shifts rather than staying such long hours.

  • And this just in from John DeSpelder: Indivisible Grand Traverse is pleased to announce that registration is open for the fourth round of Understanding Racial Justice, a five-week course for white people ready to lean into the racial justice movement. The course will run from November 9 to December 7, 2020.

InTeliCare Hospice Is Looking for Volunteers

Hospice care is designed to give support to people in the final phase of a terminal illness with a focus on comfort and quality of life rather than cure. The goal is to enable patients to be comfortable and free of pain so that they live each day as fully as possible.  "Volunteers comfort with their presence.  One does not need to know all the right words to say but the ability just to be present."

Barb McLellan's Service
Rev. Cathy attended the memorial for Barb McLellan earlier this week, as she shared in her Minister's Message on Tuesday.  Barb's daughter Rosie Kern sent this thank you yesterday...

Rev. Cathy,

I'm so sorry I missed you yesterday, it was a big crowd. I speak for all of my siblings - thank you so much for attending Mom's service and sending the note to the congregation. UU was a big part of our Mom's life for a long time and she really appreciated the fellowship there.

     Rosie Kern

Jo Polk-Matthews' birthday
One more reminder that Jo Polk-Matthews will reach her 90th birthday on September 24th! She is the mother-in-law of Barbara Termaat - many of you know her and may want to send her a card:
     931 Paget Ave
     Santa Cruz CA. 95062

Green Sanctuaries Initiative
Our High-Level Goals and Strategies Forming the Mission
  • Act with love and justice to heal the earth, our home.
  • Support frontline communities to protect people and the web of life.
  • Take courageous action to fight against environmental and climate injustices
If you are interested in pursuing these and other environmental goals, please contact Misty Sheehan at mistysheehan11@gmail.com.

The New Fall Line is here! Update Your Wardrobe!
As you've no doubt noticed, autumn is approaching; in some ways it's already here.  There is a beautiful new selection of FACE MASKS from which to choose in our vestibule!  Sport the new fall colors from our generous mask-makers!

Please don't forget this request from Mary Kiner! 
As Tuesday Lunch approaches colder weather and we need to let people eat indoors, we need some men to volunteer for crowd supervision. (No cooking involved!) Call Mary Kiner 935-3050, or e-mail her at marykiner@charter.net. Thank you!

End Note: Tikkun Olam

Most of the UUCGT building is closed until further notice;
however the office will generally be staffed* Tuesday-Friday.
with any questions or concerns.
*With thanks to Alison Ernst for suggesting
the gender-neutral language here!

Contact Rev. Cathy at revharrington@mac.com
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