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July 11, 2019
Vol. 13, Issue 594
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Sunday Service
Children & Youth
Vigil - Lights for Liberty
Celebration of Life for Peg Kauffman
Healthy Congregation Q&A
The Boldness Within
UUCGT Bulletin Board
Summer Potlucks!
Landscape Team Update
Social Justice
UUCGT Calendar
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We are a Congregation creating a better world by nurturing the heart and expanding the mind.

We provide a safe, caring community where all can freely explore diverse religious thought. 

We work for justice and equality with the power of compassion and compassionate power.


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Reflection...Come to Church and Bring a Friend

With so many other wondrous outdoor alternatives to church on a Sunday morning in Traverse City in the summer, why choose church? (I am using the word "church" as shorthand, for all the places where we find religious and spiritual community.) And why, invite someone to come with you?
Maybe it's just my own peculiar position, but I happen to believe that there is value in being part of a religious community. Over the years, I've had many conversations with well-intentioned, thoughtful people who happily share with me why they see no benefit in going to church. Why would they possibly want to be part of a spiritual community when they have friends and a social network in the hundreds? What could possibly be important enough to get out of bed early on Sunday and delay their reading the paper or missing their favorite brunch? Why would they want to be made to think about things they don't want to think about?  
After they've exhausted their rationales, I take a deep breath and gently reply something along these lines:
Unitarian Universalist congregations are not the same as other churches. And....
You need a church because our small social circles are not enough. Your friends and family may love you, but may not be able to challenge you to be your best self, or be able to help you answer the deepest questions on your heart.
You need a church when your life is falling apart, when your heart is joyous or when it is breaking. You need a church when things are in transition. You need a church as a reminder that each of us has much yet to learn about being fully human and we have a responsibility to give back to the world. You need a church, because no one can do all this work in the world alone.
And for those who suggest they don't get enough out of church to make a real commitment, I suggest that we only get out of something what we are willing to put into it.
So Come to Church, you might just be surprised.
In these times when our lives are more fragmented and scattered than ever before, when the superficial passes for depth, we need places and people who will gently remind us of our real worth and challenge us with new ideas, helping us to discover new perspectives on this world we share.
Even scientists and researchers are confirming what many of us know - that attending services is good for our overall health. (See work done by the University of Michigan, Johns Hopkins University, and the Center for the Study of Religion/Spirituality and Health at Duke University Medical Center.)
So, yes, I am looking forward to seeing you on Sunday morning, in a place where connections and community slowly over time fill places in our lives that other social venues and groups cannot. Come join us in a place that reminds us of our humanity and reminds us of what may yet be possible. And if you can, bring a friend or two. They might need this place and her people just as much as you do.
In hope and faith,
Rev. Beth

Sunday Service 
Sunday, July 14 - Rev. Beth Marshall
Margaret Wozniak, coordinator
10:30 AM:    "A Principled Place to Begin"
This Sunday is "Bring a Friend or Guest Sunday!"

We seek faith communities at different points in our lives for a wide variety of reasons. This morning's service will celebrate some of what guides us as well as what binds us together as a beloved community.

Children & Youth
Religious Education

Our Summer RE Program for PreK-5th grade and Youth (5th-8th grade) will find the children outside as much as possible!  Children are asked to come directly to the RE classroom when they arrive.

Over the summer we will begin every week with a Mindfulness Practice as a grounding space to center ourselves using books and activities from Thich Nhat Hanh. As the summer continues we will follow our practice with nature-based and social justice projects.
Nursery care for infants  through  age 4 is also available

A Vigil to end Human Concentration Camps

UU's please support this effort if you can 

Friday, July 12 @ 6:30 pm

WOMEN'S MARCH TC has organized a vigil in Traverse City and we are inviting JFON supporters to participate. We will gather at Sunset Park on East Front Street between the Holiday Inn and the Hagerty Center at 6:30 pm. Candles will be available at the park, or you can bring your own. Signs are welcome. This will be a silent vigil.

Please come stand with us and call for an end to the inhumane treatment of migrants by this administration. We will line the sidewalk for an hour.

Thousands of people at locations around the world will join together to protest inhumane conditions faced by our migrant neighbors seeking a new life in our country.

Link to Lights For Liberty:  https://www.lightsforliberty.org/

UUCGT Celebration of Life for Peg Kauffman
Saturday, July 13 - 3:00 PM

Friends, we will join together to honor and celebrate the rich life of Peg Kauffman and share our memories, experiences, observations and stories.
Rev. Beth Marshall will lead us along a loving path as we recall what Peg meant to us, to her community, to her church. Cookies and lemonade to enjoy following the service.

 - Healthy Congregations Opportunity -

Q & A with Tony Wilgus on Sunday, July 14

Our UUCGT Board is exploring the formation of a Healthy Congregations practice within UUCGT for the next few months. The basic idea is that conflict is normal within a group of two or more people, and that when we have tools to help us listen well in these situations, we move toward each other rather than apart. There are also natural benefits in  learning these practices -  at home and in our greater community. 

Rev. Beth's husband, Tony Wilgus is experienced in this practice within UU communities and will be available after service on July 14 for an informal Q&A about developing a Healthy Congregations practice -- what it is, what the practice might look like, the role of a Healthy Congregation Team, benefits and challenges, etc. 

You are invited to explore this opportunity and help share what we learn with our beloved community!

The Boldness Within
Saturday, July 20 @ 7:00 PM
UUCGT Sanctuary

A Special Visit from Rev. Antoinette Brown Blackwell
Presented by Rev. Beth Marshall and a special guest
In the course of Unitarian Universalist history, there are a handful of people whose lives and work truly left a lasting mark: Rev. Antoinette Brown Blackwell, is one of them.

As the first woman ordained as a minister by a congregation in 1858, she experienced unprecedented discrimination, yet was undeterred from following her dream and her calling.

Please join us for a lively evening, followed by cold lemonade and a cookie or two.

UUCGT Bulletin Board 

check mark
Rev. Beth's final week with UUCGT is July 11 - 21
Rev. Beth will speak on Sunday, July 14 & July 21
Open Office Hours, Tuesday, July 16, 1:00 - 3:00pm
check mark Sunday, July 14 & 21 - 9:00 am c lass with Tony Wilgus
Topic "Miles Before I Sleep" - Part 1 & 2
check mark Healthy Congregations Q&A w/ Tony Wilgus
S unday, July 14 after service
check mark Please Note:  UUCGT July Board Meeting changed to Wednesday July 17 @ 7:00pm.  August meeting - Wednesday, August 21 @ 7:00pm
check mark Basement Giveaway for UUCGT Members & Friends, Thursday, July 18, 9:00am - 1:00pm.  Items include:   
Storage units
Craft supplies
Dishes and glassware
Kitchen equipment
Painting equipment
Holiday supplies... Etc.
check markSound Technicians Wanted:  Volun teer training for Sunday services & special events.  Contact Price Watts or Lauren Keinath if you are interested.
check markAttention: Entry doors have been left open numerous times. Please be certain doors are locked upon leaving the building and help keep our beautiful building secure.

* * * * * * * *
Local Community Needs
Wednesdays @ 5:30 PM
July 17 - Hosted by Penny Ort
BYOB, a dish to share & table service
See you there!  
    [ No Potluck July 31 ]

We are on a Journey...

"Where we goin?" "We don't know!"
"When we gonna get there?"  "Can't say for certain."
All we know is,  We are on our Way!
[Apologies to Lerner & Lowe, "I'm on My Way" & "Paint Your Wagon",  adapted]
Yes, We are on our way - and YOU can help us figure out that "Way"!
Every Summer Sunday, when there is no pouring rain nor are temps above 80F, we will gather after the service to move our Meandering Pathway along a little bit further  - please join us!  

30 minutes of your time can translate into a lifetime journey for someone else. Come as you can, stay as you will, leave when you must...
We appreciate every bit you do as will the generations after us.
Questions? Lauren Keinath,  231-342-0617,  Ladyofthelake48@gmail.com

Parking Lot Oval Workbee Monday, July 22 @ 9:00am
(weather permitting)

We're gathering to help Doug & Margaret Wozniak with their continuing work on our Parking Lot Oval:

§ Create a space around "Emmy Lou's Tree", so that it stands out. P lans are evolving, so ask when you get here what needs doing. We may need mulch-haulers, spreaders, and framers (we've been framing with dead limbs from our woods).

§ Continue pruning dead branches on the mugho pine, controlling the sumac spread. Need saws, chain-saws, branch-haulers, rakers, stump-painters. i f you use them, bring gloves!

§ Weather: We'll cancel if it's pouring rain or the temperature is over 80 and try again on Tuesday, July 23

In this day of legitimate concern over Equal Rights for ALL, there is only one state ratification needed to make the ERA an Amendment to our Constitution. 

This history is important and informative:

Now sign to urge Virginia to finally ratify the amendment:

UUCGT Social Justice Action Team
Emmy Lou Cholak, co-chair
Together we can do great things!

UUCGT Calendar of Events

To schedule your meetings and events, contact:  office@uucgt.org

- Vocal Ensemble: Thursday, July 11, 7:00pm, sanctuary

- Facilities Team: Friday, July 12, 10:00am, social hall

- Singing Sisters: Saturday, July 13, 10:00am-2:00pm, sanctuary

- UUCGT Friends Celebrate the Life of Peg Kauffman: Saturday, July 13, 3:00pm, sanctuary

- Class w/ Tony Wilgus "Miles Before I Sleep" - Part I, Sunday, July 14, 9:00am, sanctuary

- Rev. Beth Marshall will speak at UUCGT on Sunday, July 14 & July 21

- Healthy Congregations Q&A with Tony Wilgus, Sunday, July 14, after service, sanctuary

- Mindfulness Meditation: Sunday, July 14, 5:00-7:00pm, sanctuary - s ee www.tcmmg.org for more information

- Stretch & Strengthen: Monday & Wednesday @ 11:00a.m. 
Everyone is Welcome!

- SokukoJi Buddhist Community Meditation: Tuesday, July 16, 6:30 - 8:30pm, meditation room. See  https://sokukojitc.org/ for more information

- Sunday Services Committee: Wednesday, July 17, 12 noon, social hall

- Finance Committee: Wednesday, July 17, 3:30pm, office

- Basement Giveaway Volunteers Set-up: Wednesday, July 17, 3:30pm

- Wednesday Potluck Supper! Wednesday, July 17, 5:30pm @ Penny Ort's Bring a dish to pass & table settings. Relax into summer with UU friends!

- Benzie UU Friends Summer Potluck: Wednesday, July 17, 6:30pm @ Bruce & Val Gerhart's

- UUCGT Board Meeting: Wednesday, July 17, 7:00pm, sanctuary

- Basement Giveaway for UUCGT Members & Friends: Thursday, July 18, 9:00am - 1:00pm

- Brown Bag Picnic Lunch w/ Rev. Beth: Thursday, July 18, 12 noon. Casual relaxed lunch and chat

- Congregational Care Team: Thursday, July 18, 1:00pm, library

- Peacemakers Needleworkers: Every Thursday, 1:30pm, social hall

- Vocal Ensemble: Thursday, July 18, 7:00pm, sanctuary

- Public Giveaway: Friday, July 19, 9:00am - 1:00pm

- Sokukoji Buddhist Meditation Retreat: Saturday, July 20, 9:00am - 4:00pm, sanctuary. Open to public, $40 fee, light lunch

- An Evening with UU Rev. Antoinette Brown Blackwell presented by Rev. Beth and a Special Guest: Saturday, July 20, 6:00pm, sanctuary. Light refreshments - Everyone is Welcome!

End Note...

Hospitality is the art of welcoming people in  -

of recognizing their needs and going beyond
to help them feel honored and cherished.

Whether we are welcoming family members to dinner,
a friend for the weekend  or refugees into a shelter,

when we set the table or make up a bed
we perform the tender, holy tasks of generosity and welcome.

~ from Daily Compass


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Closed Friday

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