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April 30, 2020
Vol. 14, Issue 636
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We are a Congregation creating a better world by nurturing the heart and expanding the mind.

We provide a safe, caring community where all can freely explore diverse religious thought. 

We work for justice and equality with the power of compassion and compassionate power.


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Minister's Musings...

Dear Members and Friends of UUCGT,

For our time together this Sunday my message, "Mission Matters" is a reflection on calling and purpose. Life has a way of shaping and redirecting our priorities and goals gradually as we move through life or drastically when crisis enters. 

Earlier in the year, I proposed the idea that you begin working on your personal mission statement. If that has slipped from your to-do list, I hope you will carve out some time for deep reflection and discernment on your personal mission and what you hope for the Congregation's mission. Covid-19's disruption of "normal" has been challenging, eye-opening, and heart-opening. Who do we want to be on this unexpected journey? 

I invite you to write down your personal mission statement if you have been working on one, or a word or two that expresses your values and bring them to coffee hour on Sunday to share. Let's talk!

Developing Your Own Personal Mission Statement -  link here  
With love and faith,
231-301-3177,  revharrington@mac.com

Sunday Service - Join us on Zoom
May 3 - 10:30 AM - "Mission Matters" 
Rev. Cathy Harrington, Richard Miller, Pam Hendrick , coordinators

Start signing in at 10:00 AM
For security purposes you will first enter a 'waiting room' and
then 'greeted' into the service

By Phone: 1 646-876-9923
Meeting ID: 832 2607 4824

Check UUCGT website -  www.uucgt.org  - for information and links on how to connect with Zoom.
Religious Education - Children  & Youth 
9:45 AM Sunday Morning RE on Zoom

We had a great time last week learning about the Islamic holy month of Ramadan. We learned some fascinating information about Islamic art and architecture, and the kids made their own star designs based on Islamic art.

Next Sunday we will learn about Beltane and May Day. For check-in, please bring something that represents one of your hobbies. 

I'm really looking forward to seeing you all soon!
- Betsy 
Note:  Zoom meeting link for Sunday Morning RE will be sent to families in a separate email. If you have a child who would like to attend the RE gathering and you did not receive the link, please contact Betsy at
 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

2020 UUCGT Annual Meeting
Sunday, June 21 ~ 12:00 PM

The UUCGT Board of Trustees has set Sunday, June 21 at 12:00 pm as the date and time for the Congregation Annual Meeting.

This is two weeks later than our normal Annual Meeting, but gives us extra time to prepare for a meeting that will not be routine. We will likely hold the meeting using Zoom since we expect social distancing to still be the norm even if other restrictions have been lifted.

This will be a very important meeting in that we will be electing four members of the Search Team for our new Settled Minister.
May Board meetings via Zoom - 7 :00 PM

Wednesdays, May 6 & May 20


UUCGT Calendar -  Stay Up to Date!
Sunday Services, meetings and classes are  hosted on Zoom  until further notice.  Need help with Zoom? Click on Zoom links below.
If you would like a personal visit with Rev. Cathy via Zoom or phone, please contact her by text or email:  231-301-3177;  revharrington@mac.com

Thursday, April 30 - 1:30 PM
Writing Family Stories - Al ison Ernst

Thursday, April 30 - 2:30 PM
Tai Chi - Black & White Me - C laire Crandell
Email Claire Crandell at  clairestella5@gmail.com

Friday, May 1 - 2:00 PM
Sunday Service Rehearsal

Friday, May 1 - 8:00 PM  
Vespers - A quiet time to connect with others, relax, breathe
    **  Sign in early for social time @ 7:30 PM
Order of Service will be in your email on Friday

Sunday, May 3 - 9 :45 AM
Religious Education for Children 
Contact Betsy Hammerberg  for Zoom link , dre@uucgt.org

Sunday, May 3 - 1 0:30 AM   ** Sign in after 10:00 AM
Sunday Service - "Mission Matters"
By Phone: 1-646-876-9923
Meeting ID: 832 2607 4824
Order of Service will be in your email on Friday

Sunday, May 3 - 1:00 PM
Small Group Experience - Mary Van Valin

Monday & Wednesday - May 4 & 6 - 10:00 AM
Stretch & Strengthen Class - Stay Fit at Home!
Join Zoom Meeting:  https://us02web.zoom.us/j/86328072766  

Monday, May 4 - 2:30 PM
Mandala Art Adventure - Claire Crandell
Email Claire Crandell,  clairestella5@gmail.com

Monday, May 4 - 3:00 PM (note time change)
UUCGT Men's Group
By Phone: 1 929 436 2866
Meeting ID: 822 8285 6784
Contact  Charles Brackett or Mike McDonald with questions 

Every Tuesday
C ommunity Lunch @ Friends Church - 10:30 AM  C ontact Mary Kiner

Tuesday, May 5 - 1:30 PM
Sunday Services Committee

Tuesday, May 5 - 4:00 PM
Small Group Experience with Susan Lio
Wednesday, May 6 - 10:00 AM
Zoom Office Hours with Rev. Cathy

Wednesday, May 6 - 5:30 PM
Wednesday Happy Hour on Zoom!
The Wednesday Supper group is continuing to meet for Happy Hour at 5:30 PM every Wednesday via Zoom!  All are welcome!  Bring your beverage of choice and share in fellowship! P lease contact  Mike and Sandra McDonald  for the weekly Zoom invite.

Wednesday, May 6 - 7:00 PM
UUCGT Board Meeting - Zoom
Join Zoom Meeting:  https://us02web.zoom.us/j/85133124985
By Phone:  1 929 436 2866
Meeting ID: 851 3312 4985

Thursday, May 7 - 1:00 PM
Zoom Office Hours with Rev. Cathy

Thursday, May 7 - 2:30 PM
Tai Chi - Black & White Me - Claire Crandell
Email Claire Crandell,  clairestella5@gmail.com
Help give LGBTQ the same rights and protections under the Civil Rights Law as all others. Please help by signing this legal petition.  This ballot proposal supports adding LGBTQ to the Elliott Larsen Civil Rights Act.

Social Justice Action
Emmy Lou Cholak,  sjatcmi@gmail.com
UUCGT Online Giving
Check out an informative video and links at
Thank you for your generous contributions of support
Questions? Email Glennda Corning at  bookie@uucgt.org

UUCGT Bulletin Board
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  Stay informed, be safe, save lives

Hand-crafted face masks made by several UUCGT Peacemaker Needleworkers and Friends are available in the front entryway. Donations will support the Ministerial Search Committee and are appreciated.  I f you would like a mask(s) mailed to you, please contact Sandra McDonald at 231-935-3759

* * * * * * * * * *
T homas Jefferson famously said, 
"Were it left to me to decide whether we should have a government without newspapers or newspapers without a government, I should not hesitate a moment to prefer the latter."  

The local TC Record Eagle is cutting back to publishing 5 days a week because of lost revenue during the Covid-19 pandemic. A  GoFundMe campaign has been set up here in support of the Record Eagle. Check it out.

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Soul Matters Monthly Packets
Available by request - Contact  office@uucgt.org
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End Note...
Beltane Blessings...
UUCGT office will be closed until further notice
Please email office@uucgt.org with any questions/concerns

Contact Rev. Cathy at revharrington@mac.com
Stay up to date on Facebook & UUCGT website