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January 2, 2020
Vol. 14, Issue 619
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We are a Congregation creating a better world by nurturing the heart and expanding the mind.

We provide a safe, caring community where all can freely explore diverse religious thought. 

We work for justice and equality with the power of compassion and compassionate power.


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Minister's Musings...

Wholeness is never lost; it is only forgotten. Integrity rarely means that we need to add something to ourselves: it is more an undoing than a doing, a freeing ourselves from beliefs we have about who we are and ways we have been persuaded to "fix" ourselves... Often in reclaiming the freedom to be who we are, we remember some basic human quality, what we find is almost always a surprise but it is also familiar; like something we have put in the back of a drawer long ago...

                                            ~ Rachel Naomi Remen, Kitchen Table Wisdom
What have you forgotten about yourself? What might need to be undone in order to free yourself to be who you are? "Wholeness is never lost; it is only forgotten." Poet Charles Bukowski once asked, "Can you remember who you were, before the world told you who you should be?"
Join me on Sunday for a service designed to help us rediscover and restore the wholeness we have forgotten. The service will be structured around a powerful four-point spiral developed by environmentalist Joanna Macy in her Work That Reconnects. Point One is grounding ourselves in gratitude. Point Two is honoring our pain. Point Three is Seeing in New Ways. And Point Four is Going Forth.
As we move into this brand new year, let's pause to honor our wholeness before we dive into resolutions designed to fix or change ourselves.
In faith and love,

Sunday Service
January 5 - 1 0:30 AM - "Into a New Year"
Rev. Cathy Harrington with Karen Casebeer, coordinator

Together, w e will  honor our inherent wholeness as we embrace the new year   with a ritual based on Joanna Macy's Four Point Spiral from her Work That Reconnects.

Children  & Youth  Religious Education
Nursery care is available for infants through age 4
Children and Youth are asked to meet in the sanctuary
Last Sunday, the RE class explored New Year celebrations and traditions from a variety of world religions, and learned that most do not celebrate it on January 1. 

We used apples (a Rosh Hashanah food) to stamp water motifs (water is important to Songkran, Thailand's New Year Water Festival) in rangoli-inspired patterns (making rangoli patterns is a Diwali, Hindu New Year tradition). 
Please join us on Sunday, January 5 when  we will hold a Burning Bowl ritual, a practice that many UU's engage in for welcoming the New Year.

Cardboard Play Day
Sunday, January 12

Everyone is invited to gather in the social hall from 12:00 - 2:00 PM to enjoy an afternoon of creativity, building, problem solving, and FUN!

Cardboard box collection continues in the RE room on Sundays,
so bring in those holiday shipping and gift boxes!

Classes  Starting in January 2020!

Starting Point
An Introduction to the Unitarian Universalist Journey
This four-part program is designed for newcomers, but Starting Point has a lot to offer long-time members as well. If you have never participated in a small group, this is the perfect opportunity. Or, maybe you are a longtime member looking to fall in love with UUCGT and Unitarian Universalism all over again. Well then, consider Starting Point your spiritual "re-starting point"!

Rev. Cathy will lead the sessions which are scheduled after the Sunday Service from 11:45-1:00 pm in the sanctuary. Mark your calendar for the following dates:

January 26, February 2, February 16 & February 23
A sign-up sheet is located on the Welcome Table
Soul Matters Small Group Facilitator Training
If you are interested in co-facilitating a small group, contact Cathy ASAP for registration. There are two opportunities to participate in an online training session: January 9, 2020 at 7 pm or January 11 at noon.

This is a two-hour online orientation for small group facilitators and small group organizing teams. Essential for new facilitators and a great tune-up for experienced ones, training covers the basics of the Soul Matters facilitation model, tips for handling facilitation challenges, strategies for program growth and best practices for new facilitator recruitment and support.

Soul Matters Small Groups will begin in March
Sign-up sheets will be located on the Welcome Table.  For more information about Soul Matters Small Groups, contact Rev. Cathy at revharrington@mac.com or 231-301-3177

UUCGT Bulletin Board
  Link to December Beacon -  Part 1 & Part 2
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Bookkeeping Experience?
F lexible work schedule? Stay at home Mom or Dad? 
Volunteer bookkeeper needed -  4-6 hours/week to learn system, then 1-2 hours every couple of weeks to  maintain skill level. Contact Jim Walworth, 409-9278 or Mike McDonald,  342-0768 for more information

Greeters Sign-Up Sheet can be found at the Welcome Table!
Greeters are needed in January! New Greeters are always Welcome!

UU Men's Group:  Monday, January 6, 5:30pm @ Minerva's - Articles in entryway
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Donated Dinners - A Fundraiser Opportunity in 2020!

John Hoffmann and Lauren Keinath are recruiting congregants to host dinners and other related events as fundraisers to help meet some of the upcoming Search Committee expenses. Please see the article in the January Beacon which has more details. We hope to have hosts volunteer in January with events starting in February.  Contact John or Lauren if you have questions.
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Mark Your Calendars!

Sunday Service, January 12
I Have a Dream - V oices from our Community
At this service, we will honor the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King by sharing the dreams of a few of our local leaders. All are welcome!

Skip Pruss- former Gov. Granholm's director of the Department of Energy, Labor and Economic Growth will give his "I have a dream" speech on the environment and climate change.
Gladys Munoz- local leader in Peace and Justice Advocacy, especially with immigrants in our community, will give her "I have a dream" speech on immigration and human dignity.
Jim Olson- life-long protector of the Great Lakes and environmental attorney will give his "I have a dream" speech on the public trust, the hydrosphere and the common good.

Sunday, January 19: Transition Team & Congregation Q&A + Pizza Lunch -  Join us after the Service for Q&A d iscussion on next steps in our search for a Settled Minister!
Sunday, February 9: U UCGT STEWARDSHIP 
Campaign Kick-Off & Lunch following th e service !


An Anti-Racism Seminar for White People
If you are a white person who is ready  to dive deep and come up stronger for  the work of racial justice - Join us!
Dates:  January 25 & 26, February 22 & 23, March 21 & 22 -  Attendance at all sessions is required

Time:  Saturdays, 9 am - 5 pm
           Sundays, 9 am - 5 pm

Location:  Neahtawanta Inn (barrier-free facility)
1308 Neahtawanta Road, Traverse City, 49686
Overnight options available

Cost:  $575 includes program, resource materials and  beverages for all six days.  Scholarships and/or time payment plan are available.  We are committed to making this seminar financially  accessible for all who wish to participate.

Facilitators:  Allyson Bolt and Lois McCullen Parr

For more information and to register:  
Enrollment is limited to 20 participants.

Questions?  Call Jody Betten at 616.706.3549

Awareness is the first step
Please consider sharing this article to help parents, teachers, relatives, teens become more aware.
How can we help those caught in this web of intolerance?  
Nazi Symbols and Racist Memes: Combating School Intolerance https://nyti.ms/2MDYcf5

Emmy Lou Cholak
UUCGT Social Justice Action Team  
*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

WEBINAR: Whose History Is It Anyway?
Monday Evenings:
 January 27 - February 24, 2020
7:45 pm Eastern

How much do you know about the roots of our faith tradition? Explore the history of Unitarianism, Universalism, and Unitarian Universalism in this  five-week class. Using an anti-colonialist, multicultural lens, we'll look beyond the traditional, dusty facts of history and examine to see how our faith was born and how it has developed and evolved over the years.

Topics include: Whose story is it anyway, Why history matters, The Roots of Liberal Religion, The Universalists, The Unitarians, Transcendentalism, Westward Expansion, Humanism, Consolidation, Principles and Sources, Drawing the Circle Wider, Indigenous, Latinx, Black and Non-Black People of Color, GLBTQ, and Disability.
Reverend Connie Simon    

This webinar has a fee, which is unusual for the MidAmerica Region. It has a fee for several reasons. First, the presentations will be highly unique, viewing UU history through an anti-colonialist, multicultural lens. Second, 85% of the proceeds from this webinar will go to Reverend Connie Simon so that she can continue her important historical research. The fee of $25 per individual and $60 for a congregation (for up to five people) includes all five sessions. There will be no recording, so we hope you can attend!

Cost: $25 individual, $60 for a congregational group (up to 5 people)

Dates/Times: The sessions are all at 7:45 PM Eastern, on:
  • January 27
  • February 3
  • February 10
  • February 17
  • February 24
Register Here
Or, gather a group of 5 and take this class together!

UUCGT Calendar of Events

To schedule meetings and events, please contact  office@uucgt.org

Vocal Ensemble:  Thursdays @ 7:00pm, sanctuary

- Religious Education Committee: Sunday, January 5, 12:00 noon, classroom

- Mindfulness Meditation: Sunday, January 5, 5:00pm, sanctuary

Stretch & Strengthen class:  Monday, January 6, 11:00am
Everyone is welcome! Start out the New Year with some movement!

- UUCGT Men's Group: Monday, January 6, 5:30pm @ Minerva's

- Bridge Club: Tuesday, January 7, 1:00pm, social hall

- SokukoJi Buddhist Meditation: Tuesday, January 7, 6:30-8:30pm, meditation room

- Stretch & Strengthen class: Wednesday, January 8, 11:00am, social hall

- Death Cafe: Wednesday, January 8, 1:00pm, sanctuary

- Finance Committee: Wednesday, January 8, 3:30pm, office

Wednesday Supper: January  8, $5/adult, $3/child, 5:30pm

- Shantideva Fan Club: Thursday, January 9, 9:30am, sanctuary

- Congregational Care Team: Thursday, January 9, 1:00pm, sanctuary

- Stewardship Team: Thursday, January 9, 1:30pm, library

Peacemaker Needleworkers:  Thursdays, 1:30pm, social hall

- Soul Matters Group Facilitator Training - Online: Thursday, January 9, 7:00pm - Contact Rev. Cathy asap if interested

- Vocal Ensemble: Thursdays, 7:00pm, sanctuary

- Facilities Team: Friday, January 10, 10:00am, social hall

Soul Matters Group Facilitator Training - Online:  Saturday, January 11, 12:00 - 2:00pm - Contact Rev. Cathy asap if interested

- Program Council: Sunday, January 12, 9:00am, social hall

End Note...
Today, January 2 is Bodhi Day ~
the day set aside in many countries
to recall and reflect on the enlightenment of one
Siddhartha Gautama
(a.k.a. the Shakyamuni Buddha)
"In the end these things matter most:

How well did you love?

How fully did you live?

How deeply did you let go?"


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