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November 3, 2016
Vol. 10, Issue 454
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Lifespan Experience for Children, Youth & Families
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UUCGT Thanksgiving Dinner
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We are a Congregation creating a better world by nurturing the heart and expanding the mind.
We provide a safe, caring community where all can freely explore diverse religious thought. We work for justice and equality with the power of compassion and compassionate power.
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"The pathway of life is the road
which leads to divine knowledge and attainment." 

- 'Abdu'l-Bahá,  eldest son of Bahá'u'lláh, the founder of the Bahá'í Faith

Sunday Service 
Sunday, November 6 - Rabbi Chava Bahle

9:00 AM Program:  "From Our Covenant:  Our History"
This morning we will consider how our personal religious and spiritual histories shape our approach to worship and community.  We'll also share a little of UUCGT's history.  Bring a story of your personal history (about 2 minutes) to share.

10:30 AM Service:  Creating Peace This Election Week
                      "What UUs Can Learn from the 
Bahá'ís "
The UU  Bahá'ís  say, " Bahá'ísm , often called the   Bahá'  faith, is a new religious movement started in the late 1800s by the spiritual teacher, Bahaullah, an exiled Persian nobleman who devoted his life to proclaiming a universal message of peace, human rights, interfaith harmony, and ever-advancing global civilization."
We are also welcoming a MARVELOUS group of new members this day.  Please come and meet your new fellow congregants and welcome them warmly.

Lifespan Experience  f or Children and Youth (and Families!)
Sunday Service:  10:30 a.m.  
Sunday programming for Children and Youth throughout the 2016 - 2017 program year will complement the Sunday Services in our efforts to move closer to congregational thematic ministry.  This thematic calendar will be exploring the Six Source traditions, and considering wisdom from around the world. 

Sundays in November
As an entire congregation, we will be considering the theme of "Covenantal Community" in the month of November.  In our Sunday classes for children, we'll be thinking about community and engaging in activities like creating classroom covenants and learning about ways to work together in the world.  We will also think about our relationship with the world community by beginning to talk about our second-annual Heifer Tree project.
Suggested readings for families/parents this month include:
  • Under the Rose Apple Tree - Thich Nhat Hanh
  • A Pebble for Your Pocket - Thich Nhat Hanh
Our youth will be completing and presenting a lesson that they have created for the younger children which offers themes such as "being yourself" and "acceptance".  

The youth will remain in the service with adults on November 27 (Thanksgiving Weekend).
Friday Night Out is November 11th!  Please register with Sarah by 11/8

Let's Get ready for the All-Music Holiday Service on December 11 th!

     It's hard to imagine that we are already thinking about this, but we are just over a month away from this special service that will offer children an opportunity to play an active role, along with the adults of the congregation! There are some really fun selections for the children this year, as always.
     For Deck the Halls, the children will be singing the first verse alone, and the congregation and VE will join in the remaining verses.  For "Twelve Days of Christmas", children will hold up cards with the various gifts and declare what they are, while the VE will sing the chorus.  In order to start preparing with your children, here are some fun YouTube links featuring The Muppets singing these songs.  These versions likewise have the lyrics on the screen for older children:
Deck the Halls
Twelve Days of Christmas
Children will also have the opportunity to ring hand bells as part of a special carol, arranged by our very own Director of Music - John Bailey!
Please contact Sarah with questions
We are happy to announce that as a congregation we are able to donate 310 pairs of socks! of all sizes to the Goodwill Inn for distribution in our community!  Thank you for your generosity and your willingness not only to help those in need in our area, but for the role that you played in supporting our UU Youngers in their efforts to put together this second-annual Socktober drive.

President's Corner - Linda Fletcher

This week we forge onward with the quest to understand more about some of our committees that work behind the scenes to make it possible for our congregation to gather, learn and love together.  It is true, there are many committees required to make this congregational wheel go round, but one of the more important ones is the Sunday Services Committee.  I met with Hal Gurian, the current chair of this committee, and he gave me some insights into just how complex the function of this team is.  I will share with you a bit of what I learned from Hal .... read more here

Hal Gurian, Sunday Services Committee Chair

Do You Have Your Tickets Yet?

Annual UUCGT Thanksgiving Potluck Dinner!
Sunday, November 20 @ 12 Noon
Gilbert Lodge, Twin Lakes Park on N. Long Lake Road

Tickets:   Adults $5 each / Children $3 each / Family $15
Buy tickets & sign-up to volunteer  after Sunday Service
Bring:   Casse role  or dessert to share for 8-10 people
& your own place settings & beverage
W hat's Going On At UUCGT?

Click  HERE for UUCGT Website Calendar
Activities are also listed in the Order of Service & Beacon
Please contact the office to schedule Committee meetings & events

Wednesday Night Supper:   Wednesday, November 9, $5/adult, $3/10 & under.  Because a film will be shown immediately afterwards, Supper will begin at 5:30 pm on this date.  Please RSVP to Sandra McDonald or call 935-3759 if you are coming so that food planning will be adequate.  
Join us for c ommunity fellowship & a delicious meal followed by  Ken Burns & Artemis Joukowsky's documentary,  "Defying the Nazis, The Sharps' War."  The Sharps, husband and wife UUs, risked their lives to rescue people from the Holocaust.  A must see!

NOTE:  UUCGT BOARD MEETING will be held on Monday, November 14 @ 5:30 PM in the classroom

Cooking Parties Coming Up!
The Congregational Care Team is planning a couple of Cooking Parties to prepare food that can be frozen, and later delivered to congregants who are ill, or otherwise home-bound as needed.  
2 dates are planned:   Monday, November 14          Noon - 5:00 PM
   Thursday, November 17        8:30 AM - 1:00 PM
If you would like to help, please contact  Judith Briggs at 228-4655.   See November Beacon for more info!  

UU Book Club:  Sunday, November 13, 2:00 pm
Title:  "Circling the Sun" by Paula McLain.  P lease RSVP to  Mark Gustafson ,  host.

Safe Harbor Volunteer Sign-Up!

UUCGT will be hosting Safe Harbor from Saturday, November 26 through the morning of Saturday, December 3.  Volunteer sign ups will continue this Sunday, November 6.  We still have about 10 volunteer slots to fill.  There are still opportunities to sign up to volunteer as meal providers/servers, overnight monitor and morning breakfast/clean up crew for some of the days and also to set up on Saturday morning, November 26 and clean up on Saturday morning, December 3.  We will also need volunteers to provide food and to supply items.  We need everyone's support to make this work. 

For further information contact Mike or San dra McDonald , or 935-3759.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *
With many thanks to everyone who pitched in for our Fall Clean-up!  You are appreciated!


 Sunday, November 6, 2:30-6:30 pm  
(1st Sunday hours),   sanctuary

 UUCGT COMMITTEE MEMBER LISTS are available for viewing near the Welcome Table and on the bulletin board near the office.  
Please note: this is an ever changing work in progress.  If you have questions, please check with the respective committee chairperson.
Sign-up sheets will be available at the annual UUCGT Tha nksgiving Dinner.  We invite congregants to host a dinner (or  other related
event) so that the rest of us can purchase your donation at a pre-set price. 
See the November Beacon article, or c ontact John and Pinkie Hoffmann or Chris Walter, Membership Committee Co-Chair, for more information. 
This is a great way to mingle and get together with other UUs!  Fun times!

 BREW CREW this fall:  Friday, November 11 & Friday, December 9, 10:00-11:30 AM at Brew Cafe downtown TC.  Join Rabbi Chava and friends for a cup of java and free-range conversation!  All are welcome.

Submit your entry for consideration!  While the deadline for November  it's not too late to be in the running for December!  
Each month we will give special attention to a child or youth from our UUCGT community!  A picture of them will be featured in the social hall, along with a little bit about them. Interested in more information? Click HERE or contact  Sarah .

 MORNING MEDITATION:  9:00 AM on Thursdays in November & December - except Thanksgiving, December 1st and 29th.
Come, and sit in presence and peace...
  UU KITCHEN CREW:   A warm thank you to everyone who pitches in to make our social times successful!  We are still looking for someone to fill kitchen duty vacancies for December and September.  Please contact Karen Culp at 409-4470 if you would like to serve in this way.  
Also, if you empty the dishwasher, please kindly let the assigned person know (to avoid an unnecessary trip into town).  With gratitude!

  BREWING COMMUNITY:  Thursday, November 10, 5:00 pm @ The Workshop.  Contact John Hoffmann with any questions about this family-friendly outing.

Local Community Needs

End Note...

"We are held together like stars in the firmament
with ties inseparable."

~ Nikola Tesla

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