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March 17, 2016

Vol. 10, Issue 421

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We provide a safe, caring community where all can freely explore diverse religious thought. We work for justice and equality with the power of compassion and compassionate power.
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Reflection:  Renewal 

"Renewal requires opening yourself up to new ways
of thinking and feeling."
                                                                   - Deborah Day

One of the great strengths of Unitarian Universalism is its ability to raise questions.  In our 9 AM UU Principles class, we studied the UUA bylaws that require our principles be reviewed (and, if needed, revised) no less than every 15 years.  Isn't that amazing?  We are each and all invited in to consider how things change, even our cherished seven principles.  This is the courageous path of perennial spring:  constant renewal.

Join us this Sunday at 9 AM for the last installment of our series on the seven principles - it will be interesting, engaging and a great chance to hear what other friends think.  On April 24 and May 15, our 9 AM program will be "Foundations of Humanism." 

We also have Brew Crew on Friday, March 18, from 10 AM to 12 Noon, at Brew on Front Street:  coffee, conversation and community.

The Program Council meets this Sunday after the service in the back classroom.  OJ, mimosas and snacks will be served.  (Future PC dates: April 17, May 15 and June 12.)  This month we will explore member engagement.

So many good things going on in our home, so many ways to feel renewed and alive as a UU!

In blessing - 
Rabbi Chava 

Sunday Service  - March 20
  9:00 a.m.  Adult Learning:  "The Seven Sources of UUism," Part 3

10:30 a.m.  "Spring Equinox / Ostara:  New Beginnings" 
Rabbi Chava Bahle, Penni Newlun, Amanda Sparks
"Many Holidays, Many Names: The word Ostara is just one of the names applied to the celebration of the spring equinox on March 21.  The Venerable Bede said the origin of the word is actually from Eostre, a Germanic goddess of spring.  Of course, it's also the same time as the Christian Easter celebration, and in the Jewish faith, Passover takes place as well.  For early Pagans in the Germanic countries, this was a time to celebrate planting and the new crop season." from Patty Wigington.
On this Sunday nearest the Spring equinox, we will explore rituals of renewal from the world's traditions.  Laughter is one of them ....
This Sunday for Children and Youth
   9:00 a.m.  Childcare is available for preK-5th grade during Adult Learning Opportunities
10:30 a.m.  Programming & Education for Children and Youth
Children (preK-5th grade) and Youth (6th-12th grade, 12-18yrs) are invited to join their families in the service through the Story Wisdom.  Following Story Wisdom, Children (preK-5th grade) will follow their teachers to the large classroom space.  Youth (6th-12th grade, 12-18yrs) will join their teacher in the Office.  Parents of Children (preK-5th grade) should make their way to the classroom/program wing of the building to sign their child(ren) out of programming following the service.
This Month for Children ...While the adults in the congregation explore "Big Community" and the theme of "Imagine."  The Children's Art Exhibit is featured in the Sanctuary through the end of March.  Other stories and learning this month will revolve around the books:  "Imagine" by Bart Vivian, "And to Think That I Saw It on Mulberry Street," by Dr. Seuss, and "The Legend of Mackinac Island," by Kathy-Jo Wargin. 

This Month for Youth ...This month our youth will continue to explore justice as they consider Community.
Open Letter from the UUCGT Board
The Board of Trustees met Monday evening, March 14, 2016, for the third time this year.  It is appropriate to apprise the congregation of the financial summary that was reviewed.  Boards must take the long view in assessing risk and balance.  Often scenarios are reviewed that may never come to be. In the interest of transparency, here is a review of the Finance Committee's presentation, recommendations and the Board's action.
Phyllis Jessup, Treasurer, reported that financial patterns covered at our last meeting continue.  The root cause is unfulfilled pledges.  Many congregants who are behind on their pledges have been contacted to evaluate what we can and cannot expect.  $15,000 in pledge losses has been confirmed, and an additional $20,000 in pledges is in doubt, resulting in what will be a two-year problem.  We understand that pledges are not due at a given time, but may be paid in any number of ways throughout the fiscal year.  Pledge payment deficits were recognized and their causes investigated to best determine where we will end the year.
As a result, the Finance Committee proposed to help minimize an expected year-end deficit due to lost pledges:
1)  The freezing of $664 of the Music Resource/Curriculum Budget (leaving $700 available for the remainder of the year);
2)  The freezing of $1500 of the Sunday Services Resource / Curriculum Budget (leaving $1011 available for the remainder of the year);
3)  The freezing of $1000 of the Professional Expense for the Director of Music (leaving $583 available for the remainder of the year);
4)  The freezing of the $1000 Board Budget; and
5)  The freezing of the remaining $4160 budget for UUA dues.
The Board passed all recommendations to best adapt to our changing financial landscape.
With that said, this information need not be alarming, but rather carefully considered.  We are in the middle of our annual Stewardship Campaign and the results are far from conclusive.  Most pledges for this calendar year will be fully paid.  Your Board is making certain that we are careful with the Congregation's resources and that we spend what we can afford.
If you should have questions about our finances you may contact any Board member, but our Treasurer, Phyllis Jessup, is the best source if you are interested in details.  I am always available for comments and questions.
Thanks to each and every one of you for your current support, and let me say that your generosity for the year ahead is especially appreciated.
Respectfully submitted,
Karl Love
President of your Board of Trustees

What's Going On At UUCGT?
FLASH CALENDAR is linked to the UUCGT website where you can connect to the website calendar page and find information and details about upcoming programs and meetings.
UUCGT Calendar may be viewed   HERE
Weekly activities are also listed in Sunday's Order of Service and
the monthly calendar in the Beacon

Our 2016 / 2017 Stewardship Campaign Continues!

Wednesday Night Dinner:  Wednesday, March 23, 5:30pm s ocial time, dinner at 6:00pm.  $5 adults / $3 children 10 & under.  Enjoy a delicious meal & shared fellowship!  Please join us!


March 23 - Karin Killian - Fair Trade Farmers in Latin America                   (rescheduled from 2/10)
April 13 - Rick and Christine Walter, Tanzania
April 27 - Paul Ward, "The Art of Medicine" - revisiting January service

Brewing Community:  Thursday, March 24, 5:00-7:00pm, The Workshop

Upcoming Concert Series at UUCGT:   Saturday, April 16, 7:30pm - Stefano Barone, Italian Guitarist...has a masterful guitar technique, great  orchestration, harmony, infallible sense of rhythm and a natural ability to
improvise.  See www.stefbarone.com and link to poster here.
Coming Saturday, May 21:  Robin Lee Berry & Glenn Wolff
"Little Spiritual Book" Brown Bag Lunch & Learn, 12 noon - 1:00 p.m.  
Join Rabbi Chava for this monthly brown bag "lunch and learn" program. Pack yourself a lunch and come with an open heart.  
     Tuesday, April 19:   Robert Lawrence Smith, " A Quaker Book of Wisdom: Life Lessons in Simplicity, Service and Common Sense" (Quill Press)
     Tuesday, May 17 Brother Benet Tvedte  n, " How to be a Monastic and Not Leave Your Day Job: An Invitation to Oblate Life"  (Paraclete Press)

F Y I  
Needleworkers/Quilters will not be meeting on Thursday, March 17.
Stretch & Exercise Class will be class-led from March 21 - April 18.  Strengthen and get ready for all of your Spring activities!
Safe Harbor Volunteers Still Needed:  UUCGT will be volunteering for Safe Harbor at The Presbyterian Church on three evenings:  Sunday, March 27; Tuesday, March 29; and Thursday, March 31.  A few positions are still open.  Sign ups for these opportunities will continue this Sunday, March 20 in the social hall both before and after the 10:30 am service.  
For more information contact Mike or Sandra McDonald or call 935-3759.
UU Book Cub:  Sunday, April 10.  "The Man," by Irving Wallace
Food for Life Nutrition Education & Cooking Workshops, designed by Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM.org):  offered by Sherry Davis, Certified FFL Instructor.  Please see link to website HERE.
 Local Community Needs:  Please find a Local Community Needs request form HERE.


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