Climate Action News
from UU Congregation in Milford
February 2020
Climate Change is the #1 social justice priority of UUCM members and friends.  But it’s daunting... What can we as individuals do to make a difference? How can we have an impact?  

Working together is the answer! The Climate Action Taskforce (CAT) will harness our energy to share ideas, identify ways we can make a difference, and take action.
We have identified 8 areas where we can MOVE THE DIAL and have an impact:

  1. Vote for people who work to combat Climate Change.
  2. Use energy wisely.
  3. Consume less, waste less.
  4. Eat for a climate-stable planet.
  5. Green your commute.
  6. Invest in renewables; divest from fossil fuels.
  7. Unite for bold climate action.
  8. Re-accredit UUCM’s Green Sanctuary status.

See some of the ways you can be part of the solution.
There are things we can do to MOVE THE DIAL toward toward a more sustainable lifestyle:
  • Learn – Become better informed.
  • Spread the Word – Host community events with speakers at UUCM. 
  • Take Action – Individually and as a group.
What to do NOW
  1. See the new CAT section on the UUCM website. The signup form lets people outside our congregation sign up for this newsletter. UUCM folks automatically receive it.
  2. Join our new CAT Facebook page where you can invite like-minded people who are concerned about global warming to share events, tips, and other info for all of us to learn and benefit from.
  3. Sign up in Barnum Hall for one or more of the 8 areas:
  • By signing up, you declare that you want to help MOVE THE DIAL.
  • Indicate that you want to be part of the taskforce for one or more areas by placing an asterisk (*) next to your name. Taskforce members will research ideas to share in this newsletter, will help select speakers for events at UUCM, will run workshops, etc. Since you have already stated that this is a #1 priority for UUCM, please be part of the taskforce!
Upcoming Events
March 4 - Gardening in a Changing Climate 7pm in Nashua
The Nashua Garden Club invites gardeners and environmentalists to its March 4th program, Gardening in a Changing Climate, presented by Sherry Godlewski, Resilience and Adaptation Manager at the New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services. Details here .

April 18 - Clothing Swap 2:30-4:30pm in Barnum Hall (UUCM)
Recycle unwanted clothing. Contact to reserve a table for your too big, too small, too whatever clothing. Bring home something 'new'. We will donate your leftovers to SHARE (if you really want to part with them). 

April 26 - Composting Made Easy 12-1pm in Barnum Hall (UUCM)
Learn the benefits of backyard composting and how simple it can be. Learn what can and cannot be composted in ones backyard. Discuss different composting setups for home use. Examine finished compost and a worm bin for indoor composting.
Let’s be known as the Milford church that is taking Climate Action!
For more information and to submit your ideas, send email to the Climate Action Taskforce.