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January 2020
Rev. Carol's Message
It seems fitting to begin a new year by thinking of ourselves as beings who have the power to make a difference in the world. We can bring a sense of harmony and home back to our lives, back to our communities, back to this planet Earth.  
Worship Services - Sundays at 10:30am

January 5 - The Power of Peace - Rev. Carol Strecker
Peace can be a powerful force in our lives and in our world. Vietnamese Buddhist Master Thich Nhat Hanh says we can create true peace, which can be a powerful force in our lives and in our world. True peace isn’t passive. Thich Nhat Hanh says, “To practice peace, to make peace alive in us, is to actively cultivate understanding, love, and compassion, even in the face of misconception and conflict. Practicing peace, especially in times of war, requires courage.” How do we cultivate peace, especially in such turbulent times? And why is it so important, especially now?  

This service will feature special music composed by Lisa Murray, and Elise MacDonald will join us as guest musician. 

January 12 - Going Deeper - Rev. Carol Strecker
The days may be getting longer, but it’s still pretty dark and cold -- a good time to take an inward journey to the center -- to your center. There are many spiritual practices that can help people examine, shape, and care for their lives -- and the life around them. Together we’ll explore what makes something a spiritual practice, and why a practice that helps cultivate depth in our lives is important. 

January 19 – Worship Committee

January 26 – “Surrender Dorothy” -- Rev. Carol Strecker
Learning to surrender -- accepting what we can’t control -- can help us find our way home to our true selves and our place in the larger family of things.
Congregational Meeting at Noon (Bring a bag lunch.)
A Message From the Board
A great big THANK YOU! to Nancy Danzinger and Sharon Verrill, all the Holiday Fair team leaders, and all of YOU who helped with, and attended, our Holiday Fair! It was another wonderful, joy-filled day, and a successful fundraiser as well.

Our Winter Congregational Meeting is Jan. 26 at noon. Please plan to attend, and bring a bag lunch.

Need to get in touch with your UUCM Board? Email us at  board@uucm.org , or President Marti Kennedy at  president@uucm.org .
Finance Committee News  
You are Invited to Breakfast! - Sunday, Jan. 5, 8:30am
Enjoy breakfast with the Finance Committee; then, at 9am, join our monthly meeting where we will discuss our financial position, fundraisers, stewardship, rentals, and other financial matters. We would like some new members, but you don’t have to become a member to join us for breakfast.  

Pledges are coming in a little ahead of schedule, but keep those pledges coming! We are not spending as much as we expected; however, a large amount is for the Search Committee and has not been spent yet.

Finance Committee Happenings
  • The Stewardship effort has begun. We are using the team approach -- one team focusing on the creative portion of stewardship (e.g., the Stewardship Sunday service) and the other focusing on the organizational aspect.
  • Finance completed our support for the Personnel Committee in their development of a Personnel Manual. The Board was briefed in December.
  • The rental handbook and pricing tool have been completed and are in use.
Finance Committee: Leslie Bennett, Jamie Ferrier (bookkeeper), Sandy Frades (chair), John Mika, Steve Opre, John Reagan, and Rev. Carol Strecker
Fantastic Holiday Fair News!
After deducting all expenses, the 2019 Holiday Fair netted about $10,000. The UUCM Holiday Fair is considered by many to be the best holiday fair in town. Special thanks go to Lisa Rothman, Betty Sweeney, Elise DeMichael, Barbara Livoli, Cammie Opre, and Dona Eaton, whose leadership was key to such an incredibly successful fair.

Here’s a big shout-out to the Craft Group and others who handcrafted items for the fair throughout the year, and, of course, to all who donated items to the Bakery, Ritzy Boutique, and Cafe. Thanks to the Ritzy team for so many hours of sorting and pricing, and to the Cafe crew for so efficiently serving breakfast and lunch. And one more shout-out to all who participated as volunteers and customers.

Thank you, everyone!
Nancy Danzinger & Sharon Verrill
2019 Holiday Fair Coordinators
Game Night - Jan 3, 7-10pm
Come to Barnum Hall on the  first Friday each month  for an evening of fun and fellowship. We will meet to play board games and get to know one another better. Kids, families, and adults are all welcome. Bring a favorite game if you wish. We will supply beverages and something sweet. Questions? Contact Leslie Bennett.
Monday Morning Craft Group News
  • At the Jan 6 meeting (9:30am) we will discuss craft sales from the 2019 Holiday Fair and share ideas for craft projects for the 2020 year. We meet every Monday morning all year long in the Clara Barton/Granite Room. We're a friendly bunch and would love to have you join us!
  • Thank you to the many people who worked on crafts at home to supplement what the group made. We are appreciative of your help. Also, a big thank you goes out to Kristin Kos who donated multiple skeins of yarn she hand spun to the fair!
  • Please put used Christmas Cards in the designated box on top of the coat shelf. The craft group can use them.
UUCM Prison Advocacy Team (PAT)
Saturday, Jan 11, 10am - Join us!
PAT was formed last spring as an outgrowth of our Women in Transition (WITT) work. This work with women recently released from prison has informed us and heightened our concerns for women (and men) both during their time in prison and as they make their way back into the community after release. As a natural outgrowth of these concerns, the PAT is committed to an active program of advocacy for criminal justice reform here in NH and beyond.

Several staff members of the NH ACLU visited in mid-December and engaged us in an energizing training program in how to testify before the legislature, as well as outlining several bills they are supporting in the upcoming legislative session. At our January meeting we will welcome our local state representative, Julia Radhakrishnan, who has asked for our support of a bill she is introducing into the NH House agenda this spring.

With the help of the ACLU, the League of Women Voters, our local legislators, and others, through the winter and spring we will be inviting the congregation’s support of selected legislative bills.
This is important work and we welcome more members to this committee. 
Green Sanctuary Committee Open to All    
Sunday, January 12, 12pm
We will continue to make plans to achieve recertification as a Green Sanctuary , deciding on five actions to fulfill the recertification requirements. Contact: Cathy Goldwater
"On Being" Podcast & Potluck - Jan 17, 6:30-9pm
Join us on the  third Friday each month . We start by sharing a potluck meal and listening to a Krista Tippett " On Being " podcast, which promises "intelligent conversation on religion, meaning, and moral imagination." Following dinner, we'll talk about what we heard. It's like a book club with no homework! Questions? Call Leslie Bennett.
Adult Potluck - Jan 25, 6pm
Enjoy meeting new and old friends during a potluck dinner. Appetizers and adult beverages (BYOB) start at 6pm. Stay after dinner for a travelogue by the Eatons, whose recent family trip was highlighted by a day at the Alhambra in Grenada, Spain.
Please bring something to share. Whatever it is will be appreciated. Please list ingredients for those with food sensitivity.  See the  Food Allergen Policy For more information, contact Dona Eaton
Getting to Know You/Us!
Learn more about UUCM members.  Biographies about our newer members are gathered by the Membership committee and posted in the password protected section of our website .  
Let's keep expanding the list to include everyone in our community so we can strengthen our connections. Please click here to submit your bio (approx. 200 words) or email CommTeam@uucm.org.
Calling All Geeks! (Or Wannabe Geeks)
Help UUCM – and earn some money for yourself too!
We need more tech-minded volunteers -- on Sunday mornings or at other events, including rentals. Opportunities include:
  • Learn about our sound system and media equipment.
  • Run the sound system at Sunday services or other events.
  • Create media content for Sunday services or other events.
  • Run media at Sunday services or other events.
  • Develop “How To” documentation and training.

You don’t have to know how to do it now. We will train you!

Our new rental fee structure has opportunities for UUCM folks to earn money by helping to run an event for renters. But we need more volunteers to support our own tech needs and those of our rentals. You could help UUCM raise our rental income while earning some money yourself!
If interested, contact a member of the Ad Hoc Tech Team: Bob Baker, Scott Blanchard, Jamie Ferrier, Sandy Frades, Bryan Higgs, John Reagan, or Alan Shirey. 
Annual Trivia Night - Feb 8, 7pm
We promise you will have fun, laugh a lot, and enjoy food and drink. Come with a group and buy a whole table for 10 people. Or come with a friend or come alone and join a table. There will be prizes and a raffle. The topics for this year are… Sorry! Keeping this a secret so no one will study up on the topic!
The cost is $10 per person. Beverages and dessert available for a donation. Snacks free at each table. For more information or to reserve your table/space, contact Sandy Frades or Leslie Bennett.
Reading About Racism
The  Reading About Racism  book group at Wadleigh Library will meet on January 27, 6:30-8:00pm, (not the usual 3rd Monday, which is MLK Day when the library is closed). Amy Conley will lead the discussion of " Americanah " , by Chimamanda Adichie   You can also join a new, private UUCM Reading for Change Facebook group to share ideas with others on the books we’ll be reading.
Community Supper - 1/15
Get out of the kitchen and enjoy dinner and conversation with folks from UUCM and our neighborhood. Turkey tetrazzini this month.
Women's Potluck - 1/20
We gather at 11:30 and eat promptly at noon. We'll be cleaned up and ready to leave by 1:30pm. Many hands make light work. Check with Elise or calendar for snow cancellation.
SHARE Donations in January
Leave in the basket in Barnum Hall.
January is Sock Month - We are collecting socks for all sizes, ages, and genders.
Pantry Collection - Toothbrushes & paste, Deodorant, Shampoo & Conditioner, Bar Soap, Feminine Hygiene Products, Diapers, and Wipes
Try it! Volunteer at NSK This Winter
Every month we need three volunteers to help serve Sunday lunch at the Nashua Soup Kitchen.  
  • When: 2nd Sunday of every month   
  • Time: 10:30am-2:30pm 
  • Duties: Setup, simple food prep, serving, cleanup 
  • Who: Adults and youth 12 and older (accompanied by a responsible adult).  
You can  sign up online or contact Marti Kennedy or Meghan Hoye
Pastoral Care Contact
January: Sandy Springer
Weather Cancellation Information here.
Parking Reminder
NO parking in the large lot outside the Garden Door on M-F before 6 and Sat. before 5.  Read more.
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