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January 2021
January 2021 -- A Stable Faith

What do ‘Black Lives Matter,’ Martin Luther King Sunday and Emma’s Revolution have in common? They will all come together at UUCM on Sunday, January 17!
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Virtual Worship - Sundays at 10:30am
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A Message From the Board
It is so uplifting to see all of you on Zoom each Sunday. Now, with a new year urging us onward, the work of UUCM continues. We will hold a Winter Congregational Meeting, January 17 at 12:30pm on Zoom. This business meeting will have one motion to vote on. A Call to Meeting will be posted on the website and the Garden Door, and sent by email with all the details. Friends of the Congregation can attend the meeting, but only Members can vote. If you want to become a Member, please contact Rev. Shayna.
We are so grateful to all who worked to make our online Holiday Fair a success. Thank you for your dedication to UUCM during these challenging times.
Please continue to read your Weekly and Monthly Newsletters, and visit the UUCM website, to learn about all the ways to stay connected through Zoom gatherings. Winter does not have to stop you from joining us virtually! If you know someone who would like to get our newsletters, please have them contact the office.

Blessed Be,
Marti Kennedy, Board President
News from our Partner Church
In early December, Rev. Shayna, Jamie, and Peggy Stokes had a one-hour video chat with Kinga & Tamas (partner church pastor) to make introductions and get caught up. First was the issue on everyone's mind -- COVID. Overall, reports seem to indicate that Romania’s cases are significantly lower, percentage-wise, than in the U.S. – though deaths per cases are slightly higher. Rev. Tamas speculated that Palenka (their local plum brandy) may well act as a COVID cure! 
Read all the news from Transylvania. More about the Partner Church here.
Finance Committee News
Important Messages from the Finance Committee:
1. Please keep sending in your pledges if you are financially able.
2. Please contribute to the UUA Fundraiser if you are able.
3. We are looking for a leader and helpers to put on a fun night with a virtual Auction.
We are spending less than expected, but pledge income has slowed down. We are running a
deficit, but we have $23,000 unspent from Endowment funds taken last year, so we are using that
(which is according to plan).
Finance Committee Happenings
  • The Online Holiday Fair earned just over $2,000 in profit against a $1,500 budget.
  • We kicked off a fundraiser for the UUA. It costs $91 per person for UUA and regional fair share dues.
  • We completed work with Property and Friday Guys to create a Maintenance Reserve Distribution Process.
  • We are looking at doing two virtual fundraisers: a virtual Auction and a virtual Trivial Pursuit night.
Stay connected! All meetings are being held on Zoom. Check the online calendar or Weekly Update for additional event details and Zoom links.
Monthly Events - Check the online calendar for Zoom links.
Adult Education on ZOOM
Wednesday, January 6, @ 4pm
Linda and Bryan Higgs will give a video presentation sharing two of the seven days they spent cruising among the Galapagos Islands ten years ago. You will see the amazing flora, fauna, and landscape that was observed by Charles Darwin in 1835. Ecuador is committed to ensuring that the Galapagos Islands remain as they have been, with only nature making changes.
Reading for Change in January
People Get Ready!
During mid-January we will launch a ‘Reading for Change’ on Parker Palmer’s Healing the Heart
TBA but if you’d like to get the book and start reading, here’s your chance.
In this work, Palmer quickens our instinct to seek the common good, proposing practical ways to bridge our political divides. Towards that end he lifts up five “habits of the heart” that can be developed in everyday settings like families, neighborhoods, classrooms, congregations and workplaces to help restore a government “of the people, by the people and for the people."
Weekly Events - Check the online calendar for Zoom links.
Virtual Coffee with Rev Shayna & UUCM Friends
Tuesdays @ 10:30am
What in God's Name
"What in God's Name" is a podcast featuring Rev. Shayna and her good friend and colleague, Rev. Chris Owen. The show runs about 20-25 minutes and explores current events through the lenses of theology and philosophy. There is a new show each Thursday. You can subscribe to get an email link to the latest show each week and you can listen to any show in the archive at their website: Whatingods.com.
Racial Justice Task Force
Thursdays @ 4-5pm
Discuss issues around racism/racial justice, share resources, and plan actions! Contact Cathy Goldwater for more information
For Pastoral Care Assistance in January: Contact Nancy Danzinger or office@uucm.org
Donate Food to SHARE
Please purchase and deliver toothbrushes & toothpaste, deodorants, shampoo & conditioner, bar soap, feminine hygiene products, diapers, and wipes to SHARE this month. Click to see where to drop off food.
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