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May 2018

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Minister's Message
Dear Friends,

Wendell Berry's poem " How To Be A Poet (To Remind Myself) " begins:
Make a place to sit down.
Sit down. Be quiet.
You must depend upon
affection, reading, knowledge,
skill -- more of each
than you have -- inspiration,
work, growing older, patience,
for patience joins time
to eternity.
Patience, the willingness to sit with things -- to be quiet and listen to what's unfolding, to take the lead from something inside ourselves that's part of something greater than ourselves -- that's what seems to me is at the heart of the creative process.
Those of us who live in New England have the opportunity to experience this kind of patience each spring -- sitting quietly, watching, waiting for what can seem like an eternity for spring to arrive. Every year we get the chance to create something in ourselves, relying on affection, reading, knowledge, skills, and inspiration as we sit and wait patiently for spring. We all get the chance to be poets in training.
Creativity is the Soul Matters theme for the month of May. It occurs to me that being in the middle of a transition is the perfect time to be reminded that being patient is a really important part of the creative process.
Next spring will come and you'll, in all likelihood, be welcoming a new settled minister. In the meantime, we have a lot to do to get ready. Part of that work is remembering to invite the muse into our time together -- taking time to sit quietly together, listen deeply, widen our circle of affection, learn together, and be inspired to create the beloved community we seek.
I am grateful for the opportunity to be on this journey with all of you.
Faithfully Yours,
Rev. Carol
Worship Services
Sundays at 10:30am
May 6   Ordinary Wonder 
Rev. Carol Strecker
Creativity often begins with a sense of wonder and curiosity. Together, we'll look at the sources of the many opportunities to experience wonder in our everyday lives and where those experiences might lead.
Children and Youth Event
After church:  Trustees Informational Meeting about Endowment
followed by Budget "deep dive"

May 13 Celebrating our Mother
Led by Joseph Bennett in collaboration with the Worship Committee
Celebrate Mother's Day this year with a worship service reaffirming our connection to Mother Earth and the greater universe through reflection on birth, life, and change on a cosmic scale! 
For 7th grade and older /  Children and Youth Event  

May 20  Making a Way Out of No Way
Rev. Carol Strecker
This African American expression speaks to overcoming seemingly insurmountable odds to make a way where there seems to be no way out, around, or through -- particularly when it comes to the roadblocks of systemic racism. Milford's own Harriet Wilson was an African American woman particularly adept at making a way out of no way. Her story is an important one in acknowledging the brutal treatment of African Americans in New England as well as the power of human agency in creating and recreating ourselves.
Children and Youth Event
After church:  Trustees Informational Meeting about Endowment

May 27   Blessing of the Animals 
Rev. Carol Strecker
Join us in Barnum Hall where we'll honor the interconnected web of life with an intergenerational service dedicated to our furry and feathered friends. You are invited to bring your well-behaved pets on a leash or in a carrier. Please give them plenty of exercise before you come. If the experience of coming to UUCM will either traumatize your pet or the rest of us, please leave them at home. We will bless them long distance and give you a certificate and a ribbon of blessing to take home for them. Bring stuffed pets and pictures of beloved animal friends for our altar. We will do the best we can to separate the animals from people with allergies. 
Whole Congregation Worship

Lifespan Faith Formation  
May's theme Theme: Creativity
You can access resource materials for this month's theme on our website. The materials identified as RE include a section near the end addressed to families.

Children-Youth Faith Formation Update
Thank You to All Who Participated  
We hope you all enjoyed Everyone's Birthday Party, and got to learn about other UUCMers and  famous UUs who share your birth month.
Click here for pictures and recipes for each month-themed  cupcake.  Thank you, Debbie Maloney, for creating such wonderful  cupcake ideas! 

Sign Up for the SHARING FRIENDS sfriendsProgram!  
Would you like to get to know a fellow UUCMer a bit better? We need you! 
The Sharing Friends program is intended to help foster multigenerational relationships within the congregation. Sign up for this church-wide, all ages program that will take place throughout May. 
Participants will fill out short questionnaires and then be paired up based on common interests. New feature this year: you can sign up to be paired with an adult, youth, or a child! 
  • During the mystery period in the beginning you will need to use clues to figure out who your Sharing Friend is. 
  • Then there will be several opportunities to bond with your new friend by connecting at one of the many planned Sharing Friends events, such as  games and activities during Coffee Hour, participating in the Crop Walk together, or leaving a message in the Sharing Friends mailboxes in Barnum Hall. 

Sign up in Barnum or contact office@uucm.org 

UUCM Activities & News news
Information about the Ministerial Search 
  • To learn more about members of the Search Committee, click here.
  • Throughout the upcoming year, information about the search process will be posted on the UUCM website.

Changes in the UUCM Council 
The Council is charged with filling vacant positions that occur between annual business meetings.

Jeff Hoye stepped down from his position as Clerk in March, and Traci Lane (Dorsey) stepped down from her position as Vice President in April. Both Jeff and Traci have been valued members of Council and of Executive Council, and I want to reassure the congregation that everyone continues to be on good terms with one another. 

In March, Council voted to have Scott Blanchard complete Jeff's position as Clerk. Scott had already been serving as a Council member at large, so that position became vacant, and Council voted to have Jeff fill Scott's position. 

At our April meeting, Council voted to have Marti Kennedy complete Traci's term as Vice President. Marti was chosen because the Congregational Development Committee (CDC) will be nominating her to be Vice President for our next church year. Council discussed carefully what to do, and felt that this provides the best option for the continuity of Council's work. Of course Marti will need to be elected by the congregation at our annual meeting in order to continue to serve as Vice President next year. 

If anyone has any questions about these changes, please feel free to contact Tricia Jalbert at:  president@uucm.org.

Council Notes
  • At our March meeting, Council decided to adopt the decision making process that Rev. Carol presented at the winter congregational meeting. We are using the process until the end of the church year, and will be reviewing it in the fall before adopting it permanently. 
  • Council is working with the Finance committee to finalize the budget that will be presented to the congregation for approval at the annual meeting. 
  • A budget "deep dive" discussion will happen immediately following the conclusion of the Endowment discussion on May 6 (1pm). 
  - Tricia Jalbert (President) & Marti Kennedy (Vice President)
Committee Reports Due by May 16
Please send all reports for the 2018 annual report to  office@uucm.org   no later than May 16 so that the 2018 annual report can be completed prior to the annual meeting on June 3. To see an example, or if you're not sure your group should submit a report, look at last year's.   
Claiming Your Spiritual uutrngLeadership
Build Healthy Resilient Effective UU Church Teams
at UU Nashua May 1210:00 am-2:30 pm.
The UUA, which is offering this workshop, states:
As a leader in your congregation, do you find yourself busy, perhaps even  too busy  with commitments that feel more like chores than the joyful expression of your faith? Do you worry about not having enough: volunteers, funding, members? Do you long to deepen or recapture your connection with: spirit, purpose, awe? Do you have bold ideas or a vision for change but feel unsure how to bring it about, or even how to express it in a way that will be welcomed? 
If you answered yes to these questions, there's another way, available to all and yours to claim: the way and practices of  spiritual leadership

Vice President Marti Kennedy will be attending, and YOU are encouraged to accompany her. A group of five is ideal! Registration is $25 per person (1-4 people), $15 per person (5+ people).  Please contact   vicepresident@uucm.org by  May 1 so that we can register as a group.  More information
UUCM Spring Cleanup: We Need Your Help!
Saturday, May 5 from 9-noo
It's time for our twice-annual church grounds and building cleanup.  Come help us freshen the gardens and kitchen for the coming months.  Great for families!  Refreshments will be served! 
All Women's Potluck Lunch  
Monday, May 7 - 11:45am in Barnum Hall
This is an opportunity to enjoy one another's company and learn a bit more about each other in a relaxed setting with delicious food. We'll gather at  11:45 to set up, and enjoy lunch at  noon . Afterwards, many hands make cleanup fast. For questions, call Elise deMichael.  
Spring Fling Fundraiser for UUCM
Yard, Plant, and Bake Sale 
Saturday May 12 - 8:30am to 1pm
Moving soon or just need to declutter?  You have the opportunity to raise money for yourself and UUCM.  
UUCM will organize the event, do the advertising, and provide a table at an excellent selling location!  You will set up your table, sell your stuff, and take home whatever does not sell after the sale.  20% of your profits go to UUCM.  
  • If you have perennial plants to donate, we will sell them at the Spring Fling. Contact Dona Eaton if you need help, pots, or more information.
  • If you can make something for the bake sale, that would be great!
  • We REALLY need help the day of the event so if you're not selling your own things, volunteer to help us.
There is a signup sheet in Barnum Hall where you will find more details about the event.  Or you can contact Sandy Frades.   
Send In Photos for UUCM's Annual Slideshow
Candy will be putting together a slideshow of photos  from t he 2017-2018 church year for the June 3 service.  Please send your photos from church events to Candy Shirey by Monday, May 14 .  Photos of children/youth are especially appreciated.
Trivia Night - triviaSaturday, May 19 @ 7pm
Put this game night on your May calendar ASAP!  
- Scott Bennett will be your charming and engaging host.
- Door Prizes and Raffles!

- Tickets are $10 per person
- $100 cash prize for the winning team!
- Beer and wine (available by donation)
- This fundraiser generally raises $1,500 for UUCM
- We have a theme: Disasters (Which come in all categories!) 
- Theme Costume Contest (Optional for costume lovers!)
Sure! Call or email Cammie Opre to make a reservation.
Hand pick the perfect team of 10 and reserve a table. 
Trustees Propose Endowment TrusteesPolicy Changes
Informational Meetings - May 6 & 20 after worship
The UUCM Trustees have been busy this year rewriting our Endowment Policy
document. Both the Trustees and Council have unanimously endorsed these changes, but they require a 2/3rds majority vote by the Congregation in order to be ratified. This Endowment Policy document will be voted on at our June Congregational meeting. The changes were motivated by four objectives:
  • Reduce year-to-year fluctuations in the endowments contribution to the UUCM operating budget. We did this by changing the distribution from income-based to principle-based, following the successful practices of neighboring UU Endowments.
  • Install an annual independent review (unofficial audit) of our accounts.
  • Acknowledge requests for anonymity from our benefactors.
  • Tighten up our legal document with precise language and definitions.
For your review, the proposed document (with highlighted changes), as well as the existing document, can be found on the UUCM Endowment webpage.
The Trustees will host two information sessions immediately after the service on May 6 and May 20. Trustees will be present each day to explain these changes and answer your questions.

Join Team UUCM - cropSouhegan Valley Crop Walk  
Sun., May 20 - Register at 1:00; walk begins at 2:00 
Walk 1 or 6 miles. Register at St. Patrick's Church at 1:00 pm. 25% of the funds raised support SHARE in Milford and Open Cupboard Pantry in Wilton. 75% goes to Church World Services or a charity of your choice, such as UUSC.  You can register and solicit donations online. Contact Susan Deschenes to join Team UUCM. If you can't walk, please consider donating.  
Take FBYour Spirit to the Sea...  Ferry Beach 2018! 
Friday, Sept. 7 - Sunday, Sept. 9 - Saco, Maine 
(Register by June 3)
Every year for decades, UUCM members and  their families have come together by the sea in September for fun, relaxation, and spiritual grounding. Please join us this September as we mark the beginning of a new year of fellowship!  You can find registration and scholarship request forms on our website
Please don't hesitate to ask for a scholarship if you need one. If you have questions or want to help with the planning, please email Beth Soederberg.  
Whine, whineWomen, and Song 
For Women in those middle years, pre-retirement
Every Thursday, 6:30 - 8:30 PM, in the Teen Room
This is a "drop-in" group for women in need of friendship and support. You'll
enjoy the company of some very cool women who are coping with some very
hard issues similar to yours: teenagers, elderly parents, boomerang young adult children, paying for college, ageism in the workplace, loss, identity, etc.

Life can be stressful, so we practice the Art of Hygge (Danish: pronounced hoo-gah) which takes the word COZY to a whole new level! Kick your shoes off, "let your hair down" and just relax with us on the big brown couch. You're welcome to bring your favorite blanket, pillow, slippers, coffee mug or wine glass...  whatever makes you feel cozy! 
Volunteer Opportunities
UUCM LGBT Groups Need Sponsors! Can You?
We are starting two LGBT groups that will meet monthly -- one for adults and one for teen/college age. We are in need of a sponsor for the younger group and alternate sponsors for both groups. Sponsors are UUCM members/friends who attend the group meetings. If interested please contact Julie Adl-Zarabi
May/June - SHARE School Supply Months
During May and June, we will be collecting school supplies for SHARE. Please bring your donation to UUCM and put in the basket in Barnum Hall. New items needed include (but are not limited to): pens, Ticonderoga pencils, notebooks, USB memory sticks, and backpacks. We will still collect new beach towels and water bottles through the end of April. For more info, contact Sandy Frades.  

Nashua Soup Kitchen (NSK) News  
Every month we need three volunteers to help Meghan Hoye serve  Sunday  lunch at the Nashua Soup Kitchen. 
When : 2nd  Sunday  of every month (next on  May 13 )
Time:   10:30am-2:30pm
Duties: Setup, simple food prep, serving, cleanup
Who:   Adults and youth 12 and older (accompanied by a responsible adult) 
Sunday, June 3 - Annual Meeting after the worship service
Sunday, June 3 - Deadline to register for Ferry Beach
Sunday, June 10 - Potluck Picnic in the Garden after Worship.  Bring your folding chairs and a dish to share during our end of year potluck picnic, immediately after worship.  Musicians are invited to bring their instruments.
Contact Dona Eaton to offer your help with this event
Pastoral Care Contact for May: Carole Treen

SHARE - Contribute to the Food Pantry  
Please leave contributions in the SHARE basket in Barnum. This month's needs: Toothbrushes & paste, Deodorants, Shampoo & Conditioner, Bar Soap, Feminine Hygiene Products, Diapers, Wipes   
NOTICE: P arking at UUCM
Weekdays before 6pm and Saturdays before 5pm: Park only behind the church or in the circular driveway in front (and NOT in front of the Garden Door). For more parking information (including a printable map), click here .
Where Can I Get More Information?
Choir Rehearsal - Wednesdays from 7-8:30pm in the Sanctuary w/Carolyn
Church Directories (updated 3/27) or ask Jamie