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November 2019
Rev. Carol's Message
I’m so glad the season of Thanksgiving is upon us! The bounty we receive comes from far beyond our own hearth, home, and family. We’re all part of webs of relationships that hold us -- including our relationship with the Earth and her bounty that sustains us.
Worship Services - Sundays, 10:30am
Choir rehearsal 9-10am. All welcome!

Nov 3 - All Souls' Sunday - Rev. Carol Strecker
(Remember to set your clocks back an hour on Saturday night!) 
As the harvest is gathered in and Earth prepares for a long winter’s nap, we’re reminded that death is part of the cycle of life. As we watch the leaves don their finery and let go of life, we’re reminded of the loved ones we’ve lost and the gifts they’ve passed on to us. We remember them, honor them, and celebrate them as we celebrate the cycles and seasons of life.

Nov 10 - The Longer View - Rev. Carol Strecker
The ancient Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu writes: “As ten thousand things rise and fall, rise and fall, just witness their return to the root.” There is wisdom in the longer view -- the bigger picture we can use as an oar to help steady turbulent waters and see our way through.
Noon - First Congregational Meeting of the year.

Nov 17 - UUSC Sunday - Rev. Carol Strecker
One thing we can do to affirm the worth and dignity of every person at a time when the basic human rights of so many are being denied is to support the work of the Unitarian Universalist Service Committee. Every year we have the opportunity to learn more about their work through the Guest At Your Table program. This year’s theme is “Strong Women, Strong Communities.” Let’s celebrate and support the work of grassroots organizers in places like Honduras, Myanmar, and right here in the United States to ensure the basic human rights of all people.
After Worship: Transgender Day of Remembrance is November 20th. After worship this morning, grab a cup of coffee and join Rev. Carol to watch and discuss an excerpt from “Transgender Inclusion in Congregations” in the Fireside Room. (Read more about this program later in this newsletter.)

Nov 24 - Is There Room In Your Bowl? - Rev. Carol Strecker
How much room do you have to receive the gifts of the season? Are you filled with expectations or simply a long list of holiday preparations? How much of it contributes to making meaning with the ones that matter most? What can we do to make room for giving thanks?
Welcome Newcomers - if you’re new and want to learn more about UUCM, meet with the minister and a few church members after the service in the Fireside Room.
Registering Children & Youth for Church Programs
We ask that ALL children and youth be registered -- even if you have registered in prior years.  Register online here .
#FridaysforFuture - Nov 1, 4-6pm
The more the merrier!! Come and go anytime between 4-6pm . Stay as long as you like. Bring a sign or use one of ours. Stand up for the future of our planet with UUCM and Wilton Peace Action at this Climate Action Visibility event. Questions, contact Marti Kennedy or Cathy Goldwater.
Game Night - Nov 1, 7-10pm
Come to Barnum Hall on the first Friday each month for an evening of fun and fellowship. We will meet to play board games and get to know one another better. Kids, families, and adults are all welcome. Bring a favorite game if you wish. We will supply beverages and something sweet. Questions? Contact Leslie Bennett.
Fall Cleanup at UUCM - Please Help!
Saturday, Nov 9 at 9am
It's time once again to beautify our church inside and out, readying for a busy church year. There is more work than the Friday Guys can do and your help is needed to rake leaves, clean the kitchen, wash windows, etc. Beverages and snacks provided to keep you motivated and hydrated. 
Singing Workshop with Marybeth Hallinan
Wednesday, Nov 13, 6-9pm
Do you like to sing? If you are/were in our choir or might consider joining, come sing with our special guest, Marybeth Hallinan. Marybeth is an enthusiastic vocal coach who directs multiple community choirs. She will be offering some great tools for managing our voices, working on sound and blending, and tailoring her teaching to our needs. Marybeth says, "there is NO reason you should not excel at accessing and owning your unique voice." More about her here : Contact Jackie Davis if you plan to come. The workshop is free, sponsored by the Music Committee.
"On Being" Podcast & Potluck - Nov 15, 6:30-9pm
Join us on the third Friday each month. We start by sharing a potluck meal and listening to a Krista Tippett " On Being" podcast, which promises "intelligent conversation on religion, meaning, and moral imagination." Following dinner, we'll talk about what we heard. It's like a book club with no homework! Questions? Call Leslie Bennett.
Adult Potluck - Nov 23, 6pm
Enjoy meeting new and old friends during a potluck dinner. Appetizers and adult beverages (BYOB) start at 6pm. Stay after dinner for a travelogue from a recent trip.
Please bring something to share. Whatever it is will be appreciated. Please list ingredients for those with food sensitivity. See the  Food Allergen Policy . For more information, contact Dona Eaton
Share Your Travels
If you have pictures from a recent travel adventure and would like to share them at one of the upcoming evening potlucks, please contact Dona Eaton. Presentations should be limited to 45 minutes, maximum. We can help you with the technical projection logistics.
WITT Advocates for Prison Reform
4th Tuesdays at 7pm - Next on Nov 26
A subcommittee of the Women in Transition Team (WITT) is working to address structural changes in our laws, our prisons, and our culture to move toward true rehabilitation of those who commit crimes.  
  • This fall we hope to offer a guide to questioning political candidates, both local and federal, to ensure that relevant issues are part of the public conversation. 
  • We also plan to offer a training session for testifying before the legislature. 
  • Once our state legislature is back in session in January we will be bringing to your attention bills that support our mission and encouraging you to contact your legislators.
The committee meets on the fourth Tuesday each month at 7:00 and welcomes new members. 
For more information contact Barbara Coles, Chair, or Jeanne Nieuwejaar.
Post-Thanksgiving Potluck
Friday, Nov 29, 6-9pm
Not enough room in the fridge for all those leftovers? Can't quite picture yourself eating turkey dinners all winter? Bring a dish to share to the UUCM Post-Thanksgiving Potluck. Kitchen opens at 4. We'll join together for our feast at 6.  Contact John Bigl for more info.
Transgender Inclusion in Congregations
You can still watch “Transgender Inclusion in Congregations”.  For more information and to watch the series on your own or with others at UUCM, click here . Barbara Smith’s been part of the group watching this series at UUCM. She writes:
I had the opportunity to take part in the series on welcoming transgender folk into our community at UUCM. Through stories, these videos opened my eyes to the lives of individuals who have had experiences in their daily lives different from my own. I think we owe our transgender neighbors the opportunity to find a loving place where they can search for truth and meaning in their lives.
Reading About Racism
While UUCM’s Reading for Change group is on hiatus until January, those interested in reading and talking about racism might want to join the Reading About Racism Book Group at Milford's Wadleigh Library. You can also join a new, private UUCM Reading for Change Facebook group to share ideas with others on the books we’ll be reading.
Holiday Fair Planning Update!
The Holiday Fair Team is working toward creating another successful Holiday Fair, one of our major fundraising events. Volunteers are needed for many tasks such as donating Bakery items, food for the Cafe, setting up the week of the Fair, and taking down after the Fair. Please check out the signup sheets posted in Barnum (Nov 3). Opportunities are also available the day of the Fair. Contacts:
  • Betty Sweeney & Lisa Rothman - Crafts
  • Cammie Opre - Bakery
  • Elise DeMichael & Barbara Livoli - Ritzy Boutique
  • Dona Eaton - Cafe
This is a great way to start the Holiday season. Your support of UUCM will certainly be appreciated
~Nancy Danzinger and Sharon Verrill, co-chairs 
Calling all crafters! 
We know that everyone is not able to attend the church craft group on Monday mornings to create crafts to sell at the fair. However, we welcome any crafty people who make crafts at home to donate their items to the fair. Just contact Betty Sweeney or Lisa Rothman.  
Holiday Fair Bakery Donations
Our Holiday Fair Bakery brings in over $1,000 every year for UUCM. If you would like to donate homemade holiday treats (fruit preserves, pickles, Christmas cookies, candy, gingerbread, etc.),  please contact Cammie Opre or sign up in Barnum Hall. Note: Goodies need to be dropped off in the Fireside Room...nicely packaged...anytime on Friday, Dec. 6th.
Finance Committee News
Financial Picture
We have received the following income for 1st quarter FY 2019-20:
      Pledge:      $ 38,470     Right on track with budget
      Plate:       $   805     A little low
      Rental:      $  2,325     A little more than expected
      Fundraising: $   107     No major fundraisers held yet

Reminder: As part of our 5-year plan to fund a new settled minister, we voted in the fall of 2018 to take $108,000 from our endowment. This was in addition to our already voted on normal distribution we can take every year. Last spring when our search did not result in a new minister, we were able to fund the third year of Rev. Carol’s ministry and extend the $108,000 to support a 6-year plan. For 2019-20, we plan to take $52,464 from the endowment. This was made up of $10,000 carryover from unused endowment funds last year, $24,720 in normal endowment distribution, and $17,744 from the endowment to provide a balanced budget. The latter is part of $108,000.     

We have taken the following income from the Endowment:
  • Carryover from 2018-19: $10,000 (Remainder: $0)
  • Normal distribution: $10,000 (Remainder: $14,720)
  • From $108,000: $0 (Remainder:$108,000)
Total income for this period was $61,707. Our expenses for the same period were $55,026.

Fundraiser Results & Thanks 
The Finance Committee thanks Dona Eaton and Julie Adl-Zarabi for their efforts in leading the UUCM booth on the oval all day Saturday during the Pumpkin Festival. Many people helped to make whoopie pies, and apple crisp; others helped run things on the day of the event by selling items, doing facepainting, setting up and tearing down. Thanks to all who helped. We made over $750 for UUCM.

If you have questions, please contact a member of the Finance Committee: Leslie Bennett, Jamie Ferrier (Bookkeeper), Sandy Frades (Chair), Steve Opre, or John Mika (Treasurer).
From the Board
Sunday Music: The Board is pleased to announce we have reached an agreement with Amy Conley and Jackie Davis to provide musical leadership for worship and the choir for the 2019-2020 church year. They will be compensated for their service as independent contractors, using funds budgeted for the Music Director's salary. We are truly grateful for their generosity with their time and talents.

First Congregational Meeting - Nov.10, following the service. One of the topics will be our Covenant of Right Relations. Thank you to those who attended the workshop on Oct. 20. Read your weekly newsletters for agenda updates.

The Holiday Fair is coming up soon!! It's one of our largest fundraisers, as well as our best opportunity to introduce ourselves to the wider community. Every one of us has something valuable to offer in support of the Holiday Fair, and everyone's contribution is necessary to make the Fair successful. Be on the lookout for more details from the Holiday Fair team in upcoming newsletters!

Part of our interim work has been to reconnect and engage with the wider UU denomination. If you're interested in what's happening at the district/regional and national levels, you can subscribe to their monthly newsletters, and follow them on social media by clicking the Regional and National links.
Community Supper - 11/20
Get out of the kitchen and enjoy dinner and conversation with folks from UUCM and our neighborhood. Mac 'n' Cheese this month!
Women's Potluck - 11/18
We gather at 11:30 and eat promptly at noon. We'll be cleaned up and ready to leave by 1:30pm. Many hands make light work.
Two November SHARE Projects
Holiday Gift Cards - Bring to UUCM by Dec 8th (with/without the tag):
This year we will provide holiday gift cards to people in need through the SHARE Holiday program. There will be a tree in Barnum Hall with tags for gift cards to local department, pharmacy, or grocery stores. Please take a tag and bring a card in and give it to Sandy Frades or Jamie Ferrier.
Food Collection - Leave in the basket in Barnum Hall.
  • Non-perishables - paper goods and personal hygiene items
  • For the Holiday food baskets - stuffing, gravy, cranberry sauce, canned vegetables corn and green beans, white cake mixes and frosting, pie crust, canned pumpkin, pumpkin pie spice, evaporated milk, instant potatoes, and chicken broth.
Pastoral Care Contact
November: Audrey Fraizer
Try it! Volunteer at NSK This Fall  
Every month we need three volunteers to help serve Sunday lunch at the Nashua Soup Kitchen.  
  • When: 2nd Sunday of every month   
  • Time: 10:30am-2:30pm 
  • Duties: Setup, simple food prep, serving, cleanup 
  • Who: Adults and youth 12 and older (accompanied by a responsible adult).  
You can  sign up online or contact Marti Kennedy or Meghan Hoye
Parking Reminder
NO parking in the large lot outside the Garden Door on M-F before 6 and Sat. before 5.  Read more.
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