UUCM Monthly News

November 2023

We are a spiritual fellowship dedicated to building beloved community

within and beyond our doors.

Minister’s Musings with Rev. Julie Lombard

When you think of this month’s theme of Generosity, does your mind flash to the three T’s we hear about during the annual stewardship drive – Time, Talent, Treasure? These are the cornerstones of generosity in the traditional American church perspective. The Buddhist tradition has its own triad of generosity, which we will explore: The giving of material things, the giving of loving protection, and the giving of loving understanding.

Maya Angelou said, “I have found that among its other benefits, giving liberates the soul of the giver.” Today, it seems that results are seen as mattering most. We may even receive awards for our giving, but those awards do not liberate like generosity. This month, we will look to Buddhist teachings about generosity to find the liberating nature we need as we contemplate the ways we covenant to

live in right relationship with one another.

The Bible teaches of a poor widow who was down to her last handful of food, and by sharing what she had left with the prophet, it never ran out. Thus, we can conclude that it is possible to give without losing. Alternatively, not giving can be a sure way to lose everything. The widow’s story invites us to think about how someone as poor as she was could perform an act of spontaneous goodness, and through her generosity, her heart continued to remain open.

Many know the story of Anne Frank, the 15-year-old Jewish girl known for the diary she kept while in hiding. A year before she died of typhus in a Nazi concentration camp, she wrote, “Give of yourself. You can always give something, even if it is only kindness. No one ever became poor from giving.”

We can trust that when we share things like knowledge, love, peace, and money with others, our own supply is not diminished. Let us give of ourselves, and by giving, may we experience true liberation in our souls and raise up the souls of others. The more deeply you give, the more deeply you live from abundance, and by doing so, our shared ministry helps to raise others to their true dignity and calling in life.

From the President's Desk  

I feel the music back in our building and in our souls, and I am thankful. I love seeing all the new and familiar faces -- singing, smiling, and sharing their creative gifts. I’m thankful for the joy this is bringing. I’m also thankful for the movie nights, music events, coffee hour conversations, potlucks, and the buzz about getting our ping pong on. I’m thankful for the Sunday services, and everyone pitching in to this shared ministry.

Is it just me, or is it starting to really feel like the energy and vibrancy we had before the world went into "the great pause” (minus all the folks out front with signs to “Make America Greta again”).

As much as we try to be the light that patiently waits for new members, like a moth to the flame, we also need to be seen out in the community -- not just inviting others in, but by meeting them where they are. The Board’s work with our consultant has taken us on a deep dive to understand the habits, needs, and wants of the different cross sections of the community around us to see which groups more closely align with our values. We are beginning to have conversations and focus groups, particularly with folks new to UUCM and to the area to explore where common interests intersect. This will continue beyond my tenure on the Board, as we’ll perpetually need to keep an eye on outreach, and make sure our marketing and communication also speaks to (invites and welcomes) the folks outside our doors, and not just to us. Tear down the walls, and build a bigger table.

We all say that one of the things we love about UUCM is the community. We are truly greater than the sum of our parts. Whether or not we know all the specific needs or ways we can serve others as of yet, just being our helpful and authentic selves is something we can always offer the community. And I am so very thankful for you all for just being you!

~ Scott Blanchard

Music Director Search Update

It has been wonderful to have Joes Peck at the piano, organ, and podium, serving as our Acting Music Director. With Joes making his musical magic on Sundays, the search for a permanent Music Director can proceed on a humane schedule. (Joes can also apply for the position.)  The MD Search Team will meet twice monthly. We are identifying the qualities we’re looking for and weighing our needs and hopes against the reality of our budget. Our minister and President have updated the job description for the Team’s review, and once we tweak it, we can begin to get the word out to potential candidates. (We already have a few on the list.)  If you have someone in mind for this position, or have any questions about this process, please reach out to me, Jackie Davis 

November’s Worship Theme - The Gift of Generosity

Transform. Connect. Challenge. Not the usual words we pair with generosity. And maybe that’s the

point. Maybe the invitation this month is not just to be more generous, but to notice how generosity is bigger than we think. Read more.

November Worship Services

Sunday Services at 10:30am (in person and on Zoom)

November 5 - Time & Things (Be sure to set your clocks back the night before!)

Rev. Julie Lombard

When we think of Generosity as a theme, we often think of the three T’s we hear about during the stewardship drive: Time, Talent, & Treasure. Did you know that there are more forms of generosity that we could consider if we are willing to walk the Buddhist spiritual path? Generosity is the foundation of the Buddhist virtues since it focuses on benefiting others. In Buddhism, there are three ways taught about practicing generosity: The giving of material things, loving protection, and loving understanding. Each week in this sermon series we will look at one of our three T’s and one of the Buddhist perspectives of generosity. This week, we will explore generosity through the lens of time and the giving of material things.

November 12 - Talent & Loving Protection

Rev. Julie Lombard

This week we continue on the path of generosity by investigating our talents and the Buddhist concept of the generosity of loving protection. What are the talents we might have to share with the wider world, and is Loving Protection one of them? Who or what deserves protection and from whom or what? Join us for worship that will have us digging deep into the wells of generosity.

November 19 - Treasure & Loving Understanding

Rev. Julie Lombard

This week we will look at treasures and the Buddhist concept of the generosity of loving understanding. What treasures do we have here? Is Loving Understanding one of them? Who or what deserves loving understanding and from whom or what? Join us for worship that is meant to grow our spirits with the generosity that is needed in our region.

November 26 -- Thanksgiving Family Sunday

Worship Team

Today is our monthly Family Sunday, so children are welcome to remain in the service with their families, and no children’s circles are offered.  Join the Worship Team as we continue to explore this month's theme, The Gift of Generosity.   

NEW! Small Group Ministry for All Souls

Nov. 1 and first Sundays every month at noon with Rev. Julie Lombard

Every month, Rev. Julie will meet in her office with those who want to try out a small group ministry experience. We’ll look at one of our UU principles or shared values as we expand our understanding of the UU faith. All are welcome, new or old, experienced or not, open to learning or stuck in the mud.

NEW! Candlelight Vespers & Soup on Wednesday Eves

6:00pm most Wednesdays during Standard Time (11/8/2023-3/6/2024)

Join us to soothe your soul as we move into the darkness of the coming season with music, poetry, and prayer in our candle-lit sanctuary at 6pm on Wednesday evenings followed by a simple meal of bread and soup (except on Community Supper nights). Even the atheists among us will find a deep sense of spiritual peace in this setting designed for all souls. Rekindle your flame with a little help

from your friends at UUCM during this darkest time of the year. Rev. Julie Lombard and Joes Peck will lead this brief half-hour alternative worship series. Dinner will be waiting on the stovetop at 6:30pm, so please join us!

Participate in Sunday Services

On Sundays, congregants are encouraged to participate in or help with various aspects of the service that we all enjoy. Sign up to be a worship reader, Garden Door greeter, or bring Sunday snacks, help with Coffee Hour setup or cleanup, and take the collection.  Your help will be truly appreciated by the Worship Team and Hospitality Committee.  Sign up here.

Thanks to those who helped out in October: Scott Blanchard, July Eriksen, Andy LaForge , Jackie Davis, Linda Pellerin, the Rothmans, Melanie Collins, Bryan Higgs, Julie Adl-Zarabi, Candy Shirey, Michael Conley, the Mikas, the Eatons, Brenda Perry

Second Son Concert

Saturday, Nov 4 @ 7pm

Enjoy an evening of music - acoustic, folk, rock, pop, and Americana. Performed by Second Son, a four-piece band who play acoustic guitar, piano/keyboards, bass, and percussion. This fundraiser will benefit both UUCM and the Unitarian Universalist Service Committee.

Tickets are $15, payable at the door.

Refreshments will be served during intermission.

UUCM Annual Holiday Fair

Saturday, December 2

Read all about it here.

It takes many hands to make the Holiday Fair happen! Join the fun. Volunteer sign-up sheets are online and in Barnum right now! There are lots of ways to contribute -- from setup to restocking to cleanup; from welcoming guests to wrangling the checkout line; from baking goodies to donating beautiful gift items that you no longer want or need! We welcome

everyone’s contributions!

Climate Corner Tips

UUCM's Climate Action Team (CAT) shares news about good work being done and ways that we can all contribute to stabilizing our climate and fighting for climate justice. Check out the CAT Facebook page where you, CAT, and others can share helpful tips to make us all live smarter.

One organization that is operating locally and is focused on political change is the Citizens Climate Lobby, a "nonprofit, nonpartisan, grassroots advocacy climate change organization focused on national policies to address the national and global climate crisis." Their website says, "By building upon shared values rather than partisan divides, and empowering our supporters to work in keeping with the concerns of their local communities, we work towards the adoption of fair, effective, and sustainable climate change solutions." They train people of all ages to participate in chapters focusing on adopting practical solutions. Interested in starting a "chapter" at UUCM? Reach out to CAT!

Children & Youth Committee November News

Click here to find out what's happening in UUCM Religious Education. You will find links to stories and activities (which align with the November theme of Generosity) that you can do together at home.

November Happenings

Community Sing-Along

Thursday, November 9, 7-9:30pm

All are welcome to a singalong and jam session using the Rise Again Songbooks with songs we all love to sing. Instrumentalists and voices of all sorts are welcome! Including you! Songbooks are available, but feel free to bring ten copies of your favorite song lyrics (music or chords optional).

Need more information? Contact: Amy Conley

Community Supper

Wednesday, November 15, 5:30-6:30pm

Take a night off from cooking and join some friends at church for supper! The menu changes monthly, and we always offer a vegetarian option. Questions? Or want to volunteer to help? Contact Nancy Danzinger.

Sunday Potluck Luncheon

Sunday, November 19 @ noon

Potluck on Sunday? Think coffee hour on steroids. Bring your favorite dish to share with fellow congregants. And please fill out this form (available in the kitchen) or bring the recipe to accomodate food sensitivities.

November 27 - Thanksgiving Potluck

Not enough room in the fridge for all those leftovers? Can't quite picture yourself eating turkey dinners all winter? Then add what's left from your feast to the UUCM's Thanksgiving Leftover Banquet... Kitchen opens at 4. We'll join together for our feast at 6... Coordinator: John Bigl

Lend a Hand

Maintenance Team WANTS YOU!

If you can spare some time, we would love your help. Despite working diligently, our dwindling team has more than enough work and would love to share. Read more. Can't join us on Friday? No problem. Work your own hours. Contact Dona Eaton, Property Chairperson, to find your niche.

For Pastoral Care Assistance

Contact Nancy Danzinger or office@uucm.org.

SHARE Needs Your Support in November

This month, please purchase Canned Ham, Canned Meats, Side Dishes (seasoned pasta mix, hamburger helper, etc.), Ravioli & Beefaroni for the Food Pantry at SHARE. Leave items in the box in Barnum Hall, or click to see where to drop off food donations.

Help Our Neighbors in Nashua

Through Saturday, Nov 4

UUCM will be working with United Way of Greater Nashua to help stock their "Little Free Pantry", a small shed containing free nonperishables (cans and jars only) and hygiene items that anyone can access 24 hours a day. See this flyer for requested items. UUCM will help keep the pantry stocked for the entire week of October 29. Either leave the items in the marked bin in Barnum Hall OR drop off in the small colorful shed to the right of Crossway Christian Church, located at 33 Pine Street. Thank you in advance for helping our neighbors living in Nashua's downtown area!

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