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September 2018
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Minister's Message
Dear Friends,
Another hot, dry summer leaves me with a renewed sense of gratitude for water -- source and sustainer of all life.  I am especially grateful for the opportunities I had this summer to "jump in the lake".

Kate and I have a friend who has two Golden Retrievers. They love the water -- so our friend bought them a boat (well, at least that's what she says).  Turns out they love the boat and so do we. We went out on the boat several times this summer. Anchored off a small island, we join the loons. We jump in and we float -- immersed in the watery world from which we came.  As neon blue and black dragonflies light on our wet skin, we are refreshed, restored -- feeling a little more connected to the larger family of things.

I've desperately needed this kind of watery respite this summer.  The earth is hot and parched, and so is my soul. Watery places remind me of who I am and who I'm called to be in relationship with all that is.  Immersing myself in water is a baptism of sorts that gives me the energy I need to recommit myself to making and sustaining connections in a world that seems hell-bent on breaking them.    

This year -- more then ever -- I'm profoundly grateful for water and watery places. Many of us will have what will undoubtedly be a wonder-filled opportunity to gather at Ferry Beach the weekend after Labor Day (September 7-9) to reconnect with old friends and make new ones cradled in the sandy lap of Mother Ocean. We'll gather on the beach and in the Grove to explore what she has to teach us about living in community.  You might want to think about sharing something from our experience at our Water Communion the following Sunday, September 16. The Water Ceremony is about more than sharing where you went on your summer vacation. It's about connecting with each other through our connections with water and watery places.

This is a congregation that values connection and community.  My hope is that we can work together to find ways to clarify and actualize your shared values in the coming year.  A lot of work has been going on behind the scenes this summer to help facilitate a process for calling your next settled minister -- a process whereby congregants can share their values, convey them to ministerial candidates, and put them into practice. The Search Committee has been gathering surveys and holding focus groups, and the Negotiating Team, Benefits Team, Personnel Committee, and Finance Committee have all been busy gathering information, crunching numbers, exploring best practices, and preparing materials that will go to prospective ministers.  The Council recently  held their annual retreat with a focus on organizing to facilitate vision-based ministry.

You are truly blessed with capable and dedicated leaders!  But in this case, you're all leaders -- with the success of the search process depending on your participation.  If you're someone who's been waiting on the sidelines to see what happens -- now is the time to get involved!  Make your voice heard and help determine the course of this congregation's future. Congregational life is a testament to connection and community.  Ministry is a joint venture shared between a called minister and a congregation, working together toward a common vision.

There is so much we can't control in life.  We can't control the weather. But there's a lot we can do to care for the Earth and for each other.  They add up -- and together they can quench the thirst of a planet and her people longing for water. In my humble opinion, that's what Unitarian Universalism is all about.  

Faithfully Yours, Rev. Carol

Sunday  Services
Summer Sunday Services through Sept. 2, 9:30-10:30am   
Join us for these informal summer services when we gather in a circle to share our joys and concerns and consider the topic of the day presented by the facilitator. These services are a great way to get to know others in the church community and for newcomers to ease in. There's no sermon and little ritual, but there is a wonderful feeling of nurturing our spirits in a meaningful way and keeping our connections alive through the summer.  

Saturday/Sunday, September 8/9 
at Ferry Beach, Saco, Maine
As part of our annual congregational retreat at Ferry Beach, we'll gather on Saturday and Sunday morning to take time to connect with spirit in this amazing natural setting. On Saturday we'll gather on the beach for walking meditation.  On Sunday we'll gather in the Grove for worship. We'll be sharing Ferry Beach with the First Parish UU Church of Beverly, MA, again this year. Rev. Strecker will co-lead Sunday's service with the Rev. Kelly Weisman Asprooth-Jackson. Together we'll reflect on our experiences of connection with the natural world and with each other. If you have questions about Ferry Beach, contact Beth Soederberg.

Sunday, September 9 -- Welcome!   
10:30 in the UUCM Sanctuary
Linda Goodman & Nancy Baker
Everyone who is not at Ferry Beach is welcome to participate in this service of connection and anticipation as we begin a new church year -- whether you have been with us for years or are visiting for the first time!  Two of our most gifted worship leaders invite you into a new congregational year of worship services in our sanctuary. Music provided by Joe Pollock. Nursery care for 2-year olds and younger begins this week. Whole Congregation Worship and family room begins next week.
After Church: You are invited to attend a Focus Group sponsored by the Ministerial Search Committee.

Sept. 16 -- Water Communion Ingathering   
10:30 in the UUCM Sanctuary
Rev. Carol Strecker 
Join us for our annual ingathering service.  Bring a little water from a place that has special meaning for you as a symbol of the many ways our lives meet and merge, like streams flowing to the sea. We gather to celebrate the source of life and the sources of our strength in community as we share our hopes for a year of reflection and renewal. ( Whole Congregation Worship)
After the worship service, we'll share in the fellowship of our first coffee hour of the new congregational year. 

Sept. 23 -- Autumnal Equinox Celebration  
66 Brook Rd, Amherst, NH
Rev. Carol Strecker and Worship Committee 
Come celebrate the autumnal equinox -- a time of natural balance when daylight equals darkness in the wheel of the year. It's a lovely time to stop and reflect on the changes that abound in nature and in our lives. We'll open our service by gathering in a circle of community. Then you'll have a variety of opportunities to engage your senses in the natural world -- walking the trails, exploring the pond, sharing music, or gathering for reflection and conversation on the gifts of the season. You are invited to bring a picnic lunch so that we can enjoy a meal together after our explorations. ( Whole Congregation Worship)

Sept. 30 -- Questions and Answers 
10:30 in the UUCM Sanctuary
Ministerial Search Committee
Your Search Committee has been hard at work for months now, learning about the process for calling our next settled minister. We've been designing surveys, gathering materials for prospective candidates, and holding focus groups. The most important part of our work is engaging the entire congregation in a process that gets to the heart of what's most important in the life of this congregation -- what already exists and what's yet to be realized.  Join us as we share what we've learned and what we hope to learn from you.

Lifespan Faith Formation
Children/Youth Faith Formation (CYFF)
Welcome back, families! It's with great excitement that we start off this new church year.  

On most Sundays, as we have done for decades, the entire congregation will begin together in the sanctuary. Then children (age 2 and older) will go to their Sunday Morning Circles.  On other Sundays, people of all ages will experience worship together for the entire service Whole Congregation Worship). As a reminder, we also have Soul Work Boxes available on the way into the Sanctuary, to provide busy hand work activities for all ages.  This church year will begin with a few Whole Congregation services (September 9, 16, and 23)
At any time during a worship service, parents and children can leave the sanctuary to go to the Family Room, where you can listen to the service and play with an array of crafts, books, and games. The Family Room also allows an opportunity for fellowship among families with children. Parents must stay with their children in this room.

Every Sunday, parents of children up to 2 years old will have the option of having their children cared for in our staffed Nursery starting at 10:15am.   

Children's Circle time will begin on  September 30 .  Read descriptions of Sunday Morning Circles .

Please register your children and youth right away!
Child/Youth Registration (one for each child)   

Last, but not least, please join  UUCM's Family Facebook Group!
We are reinvigorating this interactive Group page with notices of upcoming events for families -- and more. Join now to show your interest -- and then stay tuned or contribute your own posts of interest to the UUCM community.    

If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to reach out to Jamie or the CYFF Committee chairs, Julie Adl-Zarabi, and  Kristin Rounds.

We look forward to seeing you soon!
Our Whole Lives (OWL) Offered for Youth   
The Our Whole Lives (OWL) Sexuality Education program will be offered for grades 7-9 at UUCM during the 2018-19 church year. All youth in this age group benefit from comprehensive sexuality education that is consistent with our UU principles and values. OWL provides comprehensive sexuality education, including anatomy, birth control, pregnancy and birth, masturbation, sexual relationships, gender identity, and sexual orientation. Also included are discussions on the importance of consent in sexual relationships, body image, and images of sexuality in the media. The youth participate actively in discussions, role plays, and artistic expression. They are encouraged to develop their values in accord with our UU principles. 
A parent meeting will be scheduled in September to provide information about the program and, very importantly, to discuss scheduling for the OWL sessions. Parents will also be able to meet program leaders at that time. Parents  need not be UUCM members or friends in order to have a child join the OWL program. Parents/guardians who are interested in having their child(ren) participate should contact Jamie Ferrier, Office Administrator.
Thursday is "Adult Ed Night" at UUCM this Fall
We'll kick it off with a video series on UU History: "Long Strange Trip" -- a six-part video series by Ron Cordes that explores the history of Unitarian and Universalist thought and practice from the early, liberal strands in faith at the beginning of the Christian era to what we know today as Unitarian Universalism. What better way to explore UUCM's identity and vision then by looking at UU history!
Dates: September 13 & 27, October 18 & 25, November 8 & 15
Time: 6:30 - 8:30pm - Feel free to bring your supper to eat while watching.
Location: The Granite Room
Memoir Group Opening for New Members
The Memoir Group led by Jeanne Nieuwejaar is opening again for new members in September. Jeanne has scheduled an introductory, sample session of "Writing Your Life  -- One Story at a Time" for Sunday, September 30, after church for any potential new members.  If interested, please contact Jeanne.
UUCM newsNews & Activities
Rev. Carol is away between Aug 20-25.  In case of an emergency:   
  • Contact  Marti Kennedy           
  • Or call Jamie in the office at 603-673-1870 and she will contact Marti, but this might incur a slower response time.
  • Or call the Pastoral Care contact.
Ministerial Search Committee Focus Seeks your Input!
T he Ministerial Search Survey will be available online through Sunday, Sept. 23 . So far, about 60 responses have been registered. If you have not yet responded, PLEASE click here and complete the survey. 
There are 26 questions and most people complete the survey in about 15 minutes. If you are not able to respond online, paper copies of the survey can be obtained by contacting Cathy Goldwater, Search Committee secretary.  
Several Search Committee Focus Groups have been held this summer, where members and friends have shared their visions for the future of UUCM and what qualities they would like to see in our next settled minister. A number of Focus Groups will be held during September, with the hope that all members and friends will be able to attend at least one such meeting. A Focus Group will be held immediately following the 10:30 Service at UUCM on Sept. 9, open to all who are not at the Ferry Beach retreat. Coffee and light refreshments will be available. 
Music Survey - Have you taken it yet?
Blow Your Horn -- or Raise Your Voice!
If you've secretly considered participating in music at UUCM, put any doubts aside (all abilities are welcome!) and complete this music survey or email Carolyn at music@uucm.org.  Lend your voice to the choir or, if you play a musical instrument and are willing to share your music in a Sunday service, let Carolyn know what instrument.  
Harvest Pantry Lead Needed!
The Harvest Pantry is October 6 during the Milford Pumpkin Festival weekend. We need someone to organize this fundraiser for UUCM. It can be as big or as small as you like, and can include a bakery, serving lunch, or other activities. We would like to have a presence in the community during the Pumpkin Festival. Please contact a member of the Finance Committee if you are interested.  
All Women's Potluck 
Monday, Sept 10 - 11:45am, Barnum Hall
Enjoy one another's company and learn a bit more about each other in a relaxed setting with delicious food. We'll gather at 11:45 to set up, and enjoy lunch at noon . Afterwards, many hands make cleanup fast. For questions, call Elise deMichael. 

Updated Member and Leadership Directories
The Leadership and Member Directories were updated to reflect the new leadership and new members. Now that the newsletter is public on the website and no personal contact info is provided, it is especially important that you make sure all your info is correct in the directories. Look for the directories online at https://uucm.org/members/keep-in-touch/directories/. Let Jamie know if you need to update your email address, phone number, or other information (office@uucm.org or 603-673-1870).
Thinking Ahead to the Holiday Fair  
When you are out and about this summer and fall, look for ideas for our Holiday Fair (the first Saturday in December).   
  • When making jams and jellies, pickles and relish, save some to donate to the fair. The church has canning and jelly jars in the corner of the cellar. Contact us if you would like them. 
  • We are already working on crafts and thinking about Ritzy Boutique.
  • Please put gently used items aside that can be donated to Ritzy once the sleigh appears. 
  • We will have group baking and candy making sessions at the church that our young people can take part in. 
Join in early and share the fun! The leads are:
Co-Chairs -- Betty Sweeney & Sally Sennott 
Crafts -- Sandy Springer & Lisa Rothman
Ritzy Boutique -- Elise DeMichael
Café -- Dona Eaton
Bakery -- Linda Higgs
Setup and Take Down -- Volunteers Needed!
Greater UU Community Events
UU Nashua: A Day of Remembrance and    Reconciliation Honoring the Campbells
Sept. 22 - 1pm in Nashua
UU Nashua will honor the lives of the Reverend Jeffrey Campbell and his sister, Marguerite, who grew up in the Universalist Church. Both Jeffrey and Marguerite served our movement -- Jeffrey as a minister and Marguerite as staff at the Universalist Church of America and then the Unitarian Universalist Association. The Campbells were biracial, and because of this, they faced discrimination throughout their time as Universalists and then Unitarian Universalists. More information.
Please let us know if you plan to attend by clicking  here
Use Your Voice for Justice
Our objective: further social and environmental justice movements by engaging the community in singing together.
Join us to:
- Learn songs and chants for rallies, marches, vigils, and sit-ins
- Connect with other activists
- August 26, 6-7pm organizational meeting and first rehearsal 
- Sept 29 6-7pm rehearsal
Where: First Church Unitarian, 19 Foster St., Littleton
Contact: Carolyn at artemis@fculittle.org or text 978-727-6153
Conversations on Racism, Culture & Justice
Sept 15,22,29 & Oct 6,13,27 from 9-10:30
Milford United Methodist Church 
327 N. River Rd., Milford
This is a 6-week series of relevant and real discussions on issues related to faith, culture and fighting oppression. Please join us and engage in dialogue, face our misconceptions and fears, and move deliberately to spiritual
community and social transformation. Engage in discussions on how to
move to efficacy, justice and courageous positive action.
All are welcome!    RSVP - 673-2669.
Volunteer Opportunities
Try it!  Volunteer at NSK This Fall 
Every month we need three volunteers to help serve Sunday lunch at the Nashua Soup Kitchen.  
When: 2nd  Sunday of every month   
Time:   10:30am-2:30pm 
Duties: Setup, simple food prep, serving, cleanup 
Who:   Adults and youth 12 and older (accompanied by a responsible adult). 
You can sign up online or contact Marti Kennedy or Meghan Hoye. 
UUCM Community Supper 
3rd Wednesday each month - Aug. 15 & Sept 19
In keeping with UUCM's mission to Honor Each, Enrich All, our congregation hosts suppers at UUCM every month. You are invited to join the pool of volunteers who help prepare and serve nutritious meals to the delight of our guests.  Please contact Nancy Danzinger, UUCM Community Supper Coordinator, to learn more or join the pool.
SHARE - Contribute to the Food Pantry
Please leave contributions in the SHARE basket in Barnum Hall. This month's needs: Canned fruit, flour, sugar, boxed mixes & baking supplies, coffee & tea, juice, granola & fruit. 
Pastoral Care pcareContacts
August:  Linda Higgs 
September: Audrey Fraizer 

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Guidelines: Bringing Food & Serving Alcohol at UUCM
Please observe UUCM's Food Allergen and Alcohol policies on the UUCM Policies webpage. 

Parking at UUCM
Weekdays before 6pm and Saturdays before 5pm: Park only behind the church or in the circular driveway in front (and NOT in front of the Garden Door). For more parking information (including a printable map), click here.