Important and wonderful news! 
Yesterday during the Worship Service the Search Committee announced that we have chosen and enthusiastically recommended the Reverend Shayna Appel as our next minister. We spent three months in late 2019 reviewing her materials and doing extensive interviews with her. We’ve found our next minister and we can begin the next steps in the process of getting to know one another and setting some goals for UUCM together. Marti Kennedy, UUCM Board President, said that the Board has approved a two year contract ministry with an option for a call to
settled ministry at the end of that time. In a contract ministry, the Board hires. Two years from now the congregation will get to vote for a call to settled ministry if all goes well (as we assume it will).
The Worship Service next Sunday, January 19th , will be organized by the Search Committee and offer opportunities both to ask questions of us and help us with ideas to put together a series of events when everyone can learn more about Shayna and welcome her into ministry with us. The Search Committee will also be making available some of the materials we put together to tell prospective ministers about our congregation and also the survey results and other information that people would like to know. These will be available soon on the Member and Friends section of the website.

If you cannot attend next Sunday, please feel free to contact one of the Search Committee
members and we’ll be glad to answer questions, offer more information or take your
suggestions for activities with Rev Shayna over the next few months.

Nancy Baker
Amy Blanchard
Karen Crossman
Cathy Goldwater
Mark Schwartzberg
Alan Shirey