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Friday, November 17, 2023


Sunday - November 19, 2023

10:30 am (EDT)

Gracious Gratitude

Rev. Lee Anne

The flip side of generosity is gratitude. It is as important for us to learn to accept another’s generosity graciously as it is to be generous ourselves. Rev. Lee Anne will share a moment when her religious training prepared her to be a gracious recipient.  Come prepared to share your own moment. 

We will also honor the Transgender Day of Remembrance in our Meditation & Prayer.

The Share the Plate recipient for November will be the Education Law Center. The ELC pursues these goals: 1) Ensure all children in Pennsylvania have access to quality public educational services and to the full range of educational options that are available to their peers; 2) Hold officials and policymakers accountable for complying with the laws protecting the educational rights of the most disadvantaged children; 3) Keep state laws and state and local policies fair, aimed at ensuring equal access to quality schools, and reducing disproportionality along race and class lines. 

How to Donate to Share the Plate


If you are interested in learning more about the origins of Unitarianism and Universalism join us for the “Exploring Unitarian Universalism” session on Sunday, November 19, 2023. It will start about 30 minutes after the Sunday service in the West Room, otherwise known as our Sanctuary. This is a class that is required to become a member of the church but is open to anyone with an interest in learning more about our religious origins. If you are interested in attending, please send an email to Connections.


Meets on Sunday, November 19th, from noon to 1:15 PM on Zoom and at church (upstairs, follow the yellow signs). In reducing historical information about Jesus to bedrock, is zealotry all there is? Many scholars say no. We’ll discuss “Love your neighbor” in this session. See Tony Palermo for details.  


Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 830 4405 2949

Passcode: 932743


Are you ready?.... Got your cash?....Got your checkbook?



For some Good Old-fashioned

In-Person Shopping

November 19 & December 3

Following the Service

The Craft Group Holiday Elves have been working all year to help you with your holiday gift-giving. Their wares will be available for purchase at the church in Friendship Hall and the East Room. So, come prepared to purchase some great hand-crafted items, baked goods, ready-to-go gifts for anyone on your holiday list, or even a little something for yourself.  


Your purchases will fund projects that help to improve our Church. See you there! 

Sorry, we cannot accept credit cards or electronic payments.


Gift Bags

Placemats & Napkins

Handcrafted Ornaments


Dear Ones, 

I will be celebrating Thanksgiving here in Pittsburgh. It dawns on me at this late date that I might not be the only person open to sharing Thanksgiving with friends. My daughter's young adult crowd refers to this as "Friendsgiving." So, I am wondering whether anyone would like to join me for a potluck Friendsgiving dinner at the church at 2 pm on Friday, the day after Thanksgiving?  It could be a great way to share your leftovers.

After dinner, we could play some board games, share stories about holiday meals gone awry, or watch a movie -- or all three! We can make of it whatever we want. 

If you are interested, please let me know and we can discuss what to bring.


Rev. Lee Anne


Your Board of Trustees monthly meeting will be held on Tuesday, November 21 at 7:00 p.m. on Zoom. Meetings are open to all members and we welcome your participation. Attendees will be muted upon joining and we respectfully ask that questions and comments be reserved until the end of the meeting.


Please join the meeting here (the passcode is UUCNH)

Board Meeting Agenda


The Board is pleased to present the 2023-2024 UUCNH Congregational Goals. These goals were identified during our annual retreat and refined over the following months. During this period of new beginnings for our community, we will:

1. Foster shared leadership

• by engaging in learning together,

• by defining domains of responsibility, and

• by establishing intentional and more horizontal communication paths.

2. Nurture our families and youth through the revitalization of our youth programming and multi-generational social opportunities.

3. Welcome new people and connect our community through intentional cohorts that foster dialogue and relationships.

4. Understand and share our identity by exploring and communicating how we are uniquely positioned to meet congregational and community needs.

5. Have more FUN!

Alison Smith - Board President


The Craft Group will not be meeting on Thanksgiving Day, November 23. For the month of December, the Craft Group will not be meeting on Thursdays, December 14 and 21.

Thank you.


Zoom with UUCNH Friends - CLICK HERE

This drop-in connection will be held every Tuesday at 3:30 - 4:30 pm and will be led by Michael Horwitz. Click the link above to join the Zoom meeting. Login is the same each week:

Vespers - with Reverend John Ballance - CLICK HERE

Join us for a Vespers service each Wednesday starting at 7:00pm. The formal part of vespers will end at 7:30, but the Zoom link will remain open until 8:00 so that participants who wish to remain longer can converse informally about what’s going on in their lives. Please join us (and invite others to join us as well) as we continue to nurture our bonds with one another.


Ongoing  The Soul Box display will remain for viewing at UUCNH until the end of November.

Email Liz Perkins for the monthly meeting Zoom link; for more info, and/or to help with any of our activities. The next SCT Meeting will be on Monday, Dec. 4 at 7:30 p.m.


Thirsty for knowledge … Thirsty for water

Most of us take for granted having a glass of water with every meal. At a Unitarian school in the Khasi Hills of India, these children don’t. There is no reliable source of water for drinking or plumbing in this poor, remote area. Despite the fact that the region has a monsoon season, there are months during the dry season when the water harvested during the rainy season has run out.

Please help fund a Rainwater Harvesting facility for a K-12 Unitarian School in remote Northeast India. This Unitarian School, the Annie Margaret Barr School, serves children of all backgrounds and is located in the poor, remote agricultural Khasi Hills region of North East India in the village of Kharang. It is one of only two Unitarian schools that includes grades 11 and 12, so it serves many villages. The rainwater harvesting facility is also needed to meet government regulations

The campaign ends on Dec 19, 2023, 12:00 PM EST

Faithy Donation Page


We Have Our Mitten Tree Now!

Special thanks to Ellen and Kurt Kuntz.


Building on our commitment to being a welcoming congregation offering radical hospitality as we co-create the beloved community, we are continuing to try out a new coffee hour protocol.


  •  Pick a Sunday to start the coffee, dress the tables, and put out cups, plates, and flatware
  • Sign up on the large sign-up sheet in Friendship Hall
  • Every Sunday bring a little something to eat*
  • Every Sunday pitch in to load the dishwashers and throw out the trash-many hands make light work
  • Take home any leftovers from your contribution


Without volunteers willing to sign up, there can be no coffee hour. Just as in the Stone Soup parable, if we all bring a little of what we have, everyone will feast! Do your part and keep coffee hour alive! 

*That little something could be an apple, a hunk of cheese, a sleeve of crackers, a plate of brownies, or even leftover frittata from your garden party!


UUCNH benefits from you buying Giant Eagle and/or Kuhn’s Gift Cards at no extra expense to you! Both stores donate $5 to UUCNH for every $100 of gift card value sold. Mother Earth and small-scale farmers benefit when you buy Fair Trade Equal Exchange Coffee, Tea, and Chocolate. 


Grocery cards are sold in Friendship Hall after the Sunday service. Fair Trade Equal Exchange Coffee, Tea, and Chocolate are always available from their usual display in Friendship Hall.

Here is our Grocery Card schedule:

Lindsay Scott - 1st Sunday

Joe Meier - 2nd Sunday

Michael Horwitz - 3rd Sunday

Mary Ellen Johnson - 4th Sunday

Beth Zak - 5th Sunday as needed.


Every grocery card seller is also an usher that week, so be patient and have a cup of coffee or snack until we get settled in to sell cards at the usual bench in Friendship Hall near the church office. Thanks to everyone who continues to support this fundraiser.  


From Josh Minnich, a joy: I got a job working at the West View Giant Eagle. I will work Tuesday through Friday from 12 to 4 pm.

From David Miles, a joy: Several people attended the Greater Pittsburgh UU Cluster meeting and were impressed by the event from the choir to speakers, particularly the UUA representative, Alex King, who spoke about the trans and LGBTQT population.

Note: There are times when you may not be able to share during service but want the Congregation to know what is on your heart. In that instance, just contact a member of the Lay Pastoral Care Team (LPCT) in person or submit your Joys & Sorrows electronically by clicking here. Once submitted, the form is sent to all LPCT members. (Chris Hill, Ruth Horwitz, Susan Powers, Lynn Richards, Lynne Herchenroether, Inga Burton-Smith). Please be sure to submit your item by NOON on Saturday at the latest, so we get it in time for Service. Also, LPCT emails are forward to all members of the team. We welcome your sharing and would be honored to carry forth your message.


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