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Sunday Services are Currently Online

10:30 AM
(Arizona Time)

Advent: The Season of Waiting
Led By:
Rev. Christine Dance
Worship Associate
Sam Kirkland
For Christians, the season of Advent is all about waiting.
As we are waiting for so many things during this time,
we will explore the deeper meanings of the season.

 Sunday’s Service via Zoom. 

Meeting ID: 939 9248 9556 | Password: CoffeeHour

You may use a computer, tablet, or smartphone. If you are asked to install the Zoom application, say yes. Feel free to share this link with friends and family!

If you have problems with Zoom, you may view the service live on YouTube. Or after the service, you can watch it any time.
We will donate our Share the Plate
December 6th to Camp de Benneville Pines
UUCP members have enjoyed the Camp and its programs since its founding in 1961 by our former minister, Rev. Ray Manker. The camp had to cease operations in March due to Covid-19 and in September, the El Dorado fire threatened to destroy it. An “Emergency Fund” was started to protect and preserve the camp until it can reopen. For more information, visit
The Camp newsletter and a thank you letter from the Executive Director are available on our website at
To make the holidays that we’ll be separate for
we will be having a drive-by holiday pick-up on
Sunday, December 6th
immediately following service until 2:30 pm. 

This will be a socially distanced, safe, pick-up.
Please drive up to the front entrance
Bag will be handled a safe distance to recipient

Submit Christmas Eve candle photos by
Wednesday, December 16th
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Programming December 6th - December 11th
Please visit 
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ALL Programming is in Arizona Time Zone
December 6th

Following Service
Meeting ID:
939 9248 9556
Password: CoffeeHour

Following Service
Meeting ID:
915 0535 2349
Password: YRUU
December 7th

8:30 am
Katie Resendiz
Meeting ID:
956 6366 2771
Password: 550602

December 8th
4:30 pm
Children's Ministries
Meeting ID:
932 0941 2285
Password: UUCPFun

6:30 pm
Katie, Jezz & Chris
Meeting ID:
953 5370 8396
Password: 409806
December 9th
12:00 pm      
Rev. Christine Dance
Meeting ID:
910 6552 9716
Password: 372662

3:30 pm
Ms. Cherilyn
Meeting ID:
912 3942 4225
Password: 616801

4:30 pm
Children's Ministries
Meeting ID:
932 0941 2285
Password: UUCPFun

7:00 pm
Benjie Messer
Meeting ID:
931 4339 4891 Password: 989100 
December 10th
4:30 pm
Ms Katie
Meeting ID:
932 0941 2285
Password: UUCPFun

7:30 pm
Rev. Christine Dance
Meeting ID:
958 7198 3662
Password: 690450 
December 11th

K thrUU 5th Grade
4:00 pm
Meeting ID:
964 8387 3328
Password: Desert

7:00 pm
Katherine Kruse
Meeting ID:
950 7604 3992
Password: Sangha 
If you don’t have access to a computer, laptop or smart phone
OR don’t want to be on video, you can simply call in to
346-248-7799 and enter the Meeting ID number.
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Who to Contact:
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Baby & Child Dedication

Do you have a baby or child that you would like to have dedicated?
On Christmas Eve Rev. Christine will be doing baby and child dedications.
Let Rev. Christine know via email
by December 19th
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Please give a warm welcome to our newest UUCP Staff Member

Cristobal Varela started here at UUCP as our Communications and Technology Coordinator on November 30, 2020.

Cristobal has a strong history of technology and website optimization. Most recently, he worked as a Business Development for InvitationsAZ & Printing, where he was in charge of creating social media campaigns and managing the company's website. He worked to bring the company more clients and sales by developing and implementing new strategies to becoming more efficient which he will be using to create and optimize systems here at UUCP. He brings a strong technical background, a can-do and professional attitude, good boundaries, and a warm and inclusive demeanor. Again, Cristobal, Welcome to UUCP!
Cristobal's email address is
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December Children's Ministries Activities

Monday, December 7th
@ 6 PM
Meeting ID: 948 8791 3620
Password: UUCPScout
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Support Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Phoenix by shopping at AmazonSmile

Remember, always start at and Amazon will donate 0.5% of the price of your eligible AmazonSmile purchases, at no cost to you to Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Phoenix.

Support us every time you shop.
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UUA's Pacific Western Region Newsletter
Edition: November 26, 2020
To read the current Newsletter Click HERE
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Great UU Sermons - Led by Roy Miller

Let’s take an hour each month to study a classic sermon from an important UU Minister from history. We will start with Emerson's Harvard Divinity School Address of 1838. This address, which was highly controversial at the time, brought concepts of Transcendentalism into Unitarianism. We will meet the second Wednesday of the month at 3 pm, starting Dec 10. Click HERE to register to get on the email list for the Zoom link.  If you have questions, please contact Roy at
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Adventure Tales
A Radically Inclusive Evening of Storytelling
We are holding a fundraiser on January 30, 7:00 P.M. on Zoom. This is an event where we want you to submit a video of yourself telling a personal story. The Storytelling Workshop last Wednesday was very informative, and it is not too late to jump on board the storytelling wagon. Sign up for the next storytelling workshop on Saturday, December 12, at 11:00 am. Attending the workshop is not a commitment to tell a story; however, for this to be a successful fundraiser, we need your story. It is a great way to have fun, get to know each other better, and make some money for UUCP while doing it!

For more information, go to
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Our Navajo Nation Student
Blanket & Clothing Drive
Our Baha’i Youth Project friends continue to distribute blankets and quilts up north, and along with the wood they have cut and distributed to families, homes and bodies are warmer! Thank you to all who have helped with this project – your generosity is so appreciated.
With the holidays approaching, continued isolation due to COVID lockdown, and supplies running short, we will make another delivery of groceries, cleaning items, and health supplies the week of December 14th. Please consider making a donation for purchasing items or shopping from a prepared list. Use this link to sign up – and thank you for being part of this effort of caring and friendship for our Navajo neighbors.
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Governance Committee Announcement

Please consider service to the congregation by joining the Governance Committee! If you want a direct voice in how the congregation pursues its goals and practices, please contact Francis Wiget at We will meet once a month, to be determined by availability.
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Civic Engagement Announcements
  • The AZ Education Association (AEA) has issued a petition to Gov. Ducey calling for a statewide school safety plan to protect public school teachers, students and staff. Read their specific requests and sign the petition if you agree.
  • The AZ Legislative session opens on January 11. Anticipate future news about another training (virtual) for using the Request to Speak (RTS) system. RTS is unique to Arizona. It allows citizens who register for it to weigh in on each bill before the Legislature. The more people that participate, the more powerful this system is. We hope you join us.
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Earth Justice Ministry Announcements
Earth Justice Ministry invites you to join us to discuss environmental events in the Valley at our next regular meeting, Sunday, December 11, at 1:30 pm. This is a different time than we have met previously. We needed to give people more time to enjoy Coffee Hour. We also may have a special speaker at this meeting if she can come. Again, I recommend the up-beat film about good soil being able to recapture CO2 out of the environment. "Kiss the Ground" can be found on Netflix.

Since we had rather few recipes submitted for our planned cookbook, we decided to start a column by the same name. If this inspires you to submit your recipes, please send them to .
Eat Plants for the Planet
by Anne Lackey 
Why? Scientists are clear that animal agriculture is a major driver of climate change.  Industrial animal agriculture contributes more greenhouse gases than the entire transportation sector—than all trains, planes, cars, trucks, and ships, combined.
How? Set a goal: 1, 2 or more meals per week or 1 meal a day plant-based to give your microbiome and digestive system time to adjust. This will reduce your water use and carbon footprint by 25%. If you go all in, you’ll slash your footprint by 60%!  To learn more, watch  Watch Here (just 5 ½ min) or Watch Here (20 minutes)
This sauce makes other veggies more tasty:
Corn Sauce
16 oz. frozen corn
¾ c. chopped onion
¾ c. water or vegetable broth
1 T. balsamic vinegar (white preferred) or lemon juice
Blend all till smooth. Heat in a pan until bubbly. You can thin with more broth.
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Sunday Services are Currently Online
10:30 am
(Arizona Time)

Blue Christmas

Led By:
Rev. Christine Dance
Worship Associates
For some, the holidays are full of joy and magic, but for others the holidays are full of unrealistic expectations, difficult family dynamics and lonliness. In a year when that may be true for more people, we will hold space for the complexities of the season.
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Missed a Worship Service?
Prior Worship Services are always available to view
11/29/2020 Worship Service
Slices of Gratitude
Led By: Worship Associate Katie Quinn
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Upcoming UUCP Events:
Dec 15: Traditions with Children's Ministries
Dec 16: UU Kids Show & Tell & Story: Festival Foods
Dec 17: UU Kids: Storytime with Ms Katie
Dec 18: UU Kids in the Desert
Dec 20: Get to Know UUCP w/ Rev. Christine Dance
Dec 22: UU Kids in Our House
Dec 23: UU Kids Show & Tell & Story: Holiday Songs
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Receiving Suspicious Emails
Since the outbreak of COVID-19 scammers have been sending out fictitious emails claiming to be Rev. Christine. Please be aware of emails asking for assistance or requesting you to purchase something. Rev. Christine will NEVER ask for money or gift cards over email. If you receive an email like this, please delete it. 
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Thank you all for an incredible year sharing the work of justice together as UUJAZ. December brings a break from our regular programming, so our team can plan for an exciting 2021. Be sure to subscribe to our emails, follow us on Facebook and Instagram, and if you are inspired to do so, become a monthly supporter at 

Learn more and sign up at
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