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Sunday Services are Currently Online
10:30 am
(Arizona Time)


Led By:
Rev. Anthony Mtuaswa Johnson
Worship Associates
Sam Kirkland & Joseph Benesh
Rev. Anthony will lead us as we find hope and resilience in the exploration of the 7principles of Kwanzaa.

 Sunday’s Service via Zoom. 
Meeting ID: 933 7851 8876

Meeting ID: 939 9248 9556 | Password: CoffeeHour

You may use a computer, tablet, or smartphone. If you are asked to install the Zoom application, say yes. Feel free to share this link with friends and family!

If you have problems with Zoom, you may view the service live on YouTube. Or after the service, you can watch it any time.
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Programming December 27th - January 1st
Please visit 
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ALL Programming is in Arizona Time Zone
December 27th

Following Service
Meeting ID:
939 9248 9556
Password: CoffeeHour

Following Service
Meeting ID:
915 0535 2349
Password: YRUU
December 28th

8:30 am
Katie Resendiz
Meeting ID:
956 6366 2771
Password: 550602

December 29th
December 30th
3:30 pm
Ms. Cherilyn
Meeting ID:
912 3942 4225
Password: 616801
December 31st
January 1st
If you don’t have access to a computer, laptop or smart phone
OR don’t want to be on video, you can simply call in to
346-248-7799 and enter the Meeting ID number.
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Who to Contact:
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All UUCP Staff Members will be enjoying the Holiday Season with their families and will be off from Dec 25th thrUU Jan 1st. We hope that you all have a wonderful and safe Holiday!
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UUA's Pacific Western Region Newsletter
Edition: December 24, 2020

To read current Newsletter Click HERE
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December Children's Ministries Activities

Monday, January 4th

@ 6 PM

Meeting ID: 948 8791 3620

Password: UUCPScout
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Support Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Phoenix by shopping at AmazonSmile

Remember, always start at and Amazon will donate 0.5% of the price of your eligible AmazonSmile purchases, at no cost to you to Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Phoenix.

Support us every time you shop.
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Adventure Tales
A Radically Inclusive Evening of Storytelling
Adventure Tales – A Radically Inclusive Evening is happening January 30th @ 7PM. The last day to submit your story is January 11. There is still time to work on that story after the holiday rush. We are having in-house Zoom workshops to help with story development and presentation:

Tuesday, December 29 at 12:00 PM 
Saturday, January 2 at 11:00 AM 
Tuesday, January 5 at 12 PM;
Saturday, January 9 at 11:00 AM.

Email for information and storytelling support.
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Our Navajo Nation Student
Blanket & Clothing Drive
On Monday, December 14th a truckload of food, cleaning, and health supplies was delivered to the Navajo Nation. Many thanks to all of you who contributed funds, shopped, made the delivery.   As our northern neighbors struggle to stay strong in the face of COVID 19, cold weather, and scarcity of resources, they have expressed appreciation for this team effort that reflects our compassion and active care in the broader community
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Book Discussion Group
The Book Discussion Group will begin discussing War: How Conflict Shaped Us by Margaret MacMillan on Sunday, Jan 3. For further information, please contact Paisley Rossetti at
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Earth Justice Ministry Announcements
"Earth Justice Ministry  wishes you peace and happiness in this season of change and new beginnings. We also recognize that this pandemic has upset all our lives, but moreso those who've lost family members and income. Therefore we encourage you to email, write or phone the ACC to request that they encourage APS to forgive electric bill debts that are due to loss of income because of Covid 19 as well as not approving APS's request for a rate hike. Information is at this link
Recycle Craft Workshop- Save your Christmas cards from others and gift wrap!!!!  Monday, 12/28/2020 at 7 pm, Laurel Hardin will conduct a workshop to make topiary balls from used Christmas cards or gift wrap. 

Meeting ID: 948 9619 2057, Passcode: 670418

You will need 30 3" (approx.) circles cut out of the fronts of old Christmas cards, an equilateral triangle that just fits inside that circle (to trace on the circles for folding), white craft glue (like Elmers), lots of paper clips, and glitter (any color).
If you have ideas for recycle crafts for other holidays or purposes, please send them to Wanda Lamm at  "

Eat Plants for the Planet 
Please submit your vegan recipes for our eventual online cookbook to  

Why? Because if we keep burning fossil fuels at our current rates, food may become harder to grow in many places and harder to access in others, and what does grow could be less and less nutritious. 
How? One way is to learn about cooking earth-friendly foods.  Climate Reality Leaders share in their free new e-book, Climate-Smart Cooking and the Future of Food, that making a difference today is possible.  You can have it for free at 
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Sunday Services are Currently Online
10:30 am
(Arizona Time)

Music and Poetry to Usher In The New Year

Led By:
Lynne Haeseler, Bonne de Blas
Worship Associates
Join guest musicians Lynne Haeseler and Louisa Branscomb for music, poetry and reflections to let go of 2020 and embrace the new year.
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Missed a Worship Service?
Prior Worship Services are always available to view
Christmas Eve Service
Led By: Rev. Christine Dance
Worship Associates

Winter Solstice 
Led By: Women's Ritual
Worship Associate: Bonne de Blas
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Upcoming UUCP Events:
Jan 3: Music & Poetry to Usher in the New Year
Jan 4: Navigators USA: Scouting with UUCP
Jan 13: Lunch with the Minister
Jan 14: Evening Vespers with Rev. Christine
Jan 15: Women's Ritual Group Meeting
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Receiving Suspicious Emails
Since the outbreak of COVID-19 scammers have been sending out fictitious emails claiming to be Rev. Christine. Please be aware of emails asking for assistance or requesting you to purchase something.

Rev. Christine will NEVER ask for money or gift cards over email. If you receive an email like this, please delete it. 
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Thank you all for an incredible year sharing the work of justice together as UUJAZ. December brings a break from our regular programming, so our team can plan for an exciting 2021. Be sure to subscribe to our emails, follow us on Facebook and Instagram, and if you are inspired to do so, become a monthly supporter at 

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