This Sunday, December 31 - 1 Service at 10:30 AM
Sing Out the Old, Ring in the New
Service Leader:  Rev. Margret A. O'Neall
Sunday, December 31, 10:30 AM
On the last morning of 2017, join us in singing goodbye to the old year and a hello to the new! Our celebration will include songs that celebrate New Years and Hogmanay, music about beginning anew, and favorites of our congregation.
2018 Adult Faith Development Class Signups
December 31 at the back of the Sanctuary
Registration is open for all our winter and spring AFD classes. You can read the descriptions and sign up for classes either online at the link below or in person at a table in the back of the sanctuary before, during or after services. 
Next Sunday, January 7
The More Things Change
Service Leader:  Gary Ezzell
Sunday, January 7, 9:30 AM & 11:15 AM
In January we look forward and back. Today we look way back to nuggets of wisdom from traditional religious sources that we rarely make use of. While the mechanics of life have changed dramatically, the difficulties of living a good life in human society have not. Let's go digging.
Upcoming Classes & Events
Special Auction to Help the Capital Campaign
We are having a silent auction this year because the Capital Campaign needs a little push to reach goal, auction events provide great opportunities for community connections to be formed and deepened, and there is cool "stuff" to be had.  Bonnie White is organizing and managing the auction.
We are getting a late start, but we can do this.  Exactly how it will unfold is still being worked out; however, we do know that all monies collected will go to the Capital Campaign. 
We are going to auction only intangible items.  We have no way of keeping track, storing, or handling tangible things.  Dinners or events in your home, services, lessons, timeshares, items that can be delivered to the winner after the auction, i.e., baked goods, name tags, etc. - all these things are welcomed with glad heart!

Bonnie needs to get all the items ready to open up bidding January 7.  That means we need your commitment no later than December 28. 

When you do decide to make an offering this year, (notice I am going for the positive response here) please send a detailed description of your offering that will be posted in the auction catalog.  That description must include the number of bids that can be accepted for your item, i.e., 8 places at the dinner table, 4 people in a timeshare, 4 cakes, 6 name tags, etc.  Is your event "couples only"?  May children participate? Please include whatever information someone would need to know to bid on your item.  Send that information to the e-mail address below.

Call Bonnie with any and all questions at 562-889-9404 or email her below.  Let's join together in community and make this a great fundraising event!
Traveling 2nd Fridays
Second Fridays of the month starting in January
We are beginning our new series of Traveling 2nd Friday on January 12, Friday with Joan Gale. Join us for a free one-hour presentation of TAI CHI CELEBRATION IN CHINA in the sanctuary. Bill and Joan's trip was unlike anything you would find in a travel brochure. Our Tai Chi instructor, Master Tung Kai Ying, had been invited to the opening of a new town square in his home village. His students from all over the world accompanied him to demonstrate Tai Chi forms he learned in China and had been teaching since he left in the 1960's. We also were able to see many stunning and famous sites. Our photos show these sites as well as the practice, demonstration, communist influence, banquets, celebrations and Tung family lore. Any questions, call Barbara Cawthorne 480-994-1452. Click the below link to see all this year's offerings.
Pathway to Membership
Saturday, January 13, from 9:00 AM - 2:00 PM
Pathway to Membership is a class that invites you to meet with other folks considering membership and hear more from ministers, leaders and recently-joined members about what it means to be a member of our congregation. You will have the opportunity to learn about the history of Unitarian Universalism and UUCP, get to know each other in groups and ask questions. The class ends with an invitation to join by signing the membership book and pledging your support. There is no pressure to join. We recognize membership is a commitment, and we hope people will take their time before joining.To register, stop by the welcome table in the lobby and fill out the registration, register on the UUCP website or contact Janine Gelsinger below.
Calling All Singers
January  is  a  perfect  time  to  join  the UUCP Congregation  Choir, and we welcome new singers!  The  choir rehearses every Wednesday evening from  7:00 PM - 9:00 PM, and sings during services every other Sunday morning.

If you would be interested in singing with the choir for a single rehearsal and service, but can't commit to our full spring season, you're in luck! Our spring season kicks off with a single rehearsal (Wednesday, January 10, 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM) and service (Sunday January 14) that are open to anyone, with no expectation of joining the choir. We will be singing in parts, but no previous musical experience is necessary. Please contact Music Director Benjie Messer with any questions below.
UU Foundation of Phoenix Annual Reception
Sunday, January 7, 2018, 3:00 PM - 5:00 PM, Jan Kaplan & Helen Walker's Home
You are warmly invited to join us at a special reception of the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Phoenix's Chalice Keepers legacy society. Come and meet members of the Unitarian Universalist Foundation Board and the Chalice Keepers.  Please let Heidi know if you plan to attend by January 2 via the email below. If you would like more information about the Foundation please contact the Board below.
Ukulele and Friends Song Circle
On the patio during coffee hour after first service on most  Sundays
This musical group gathers informally on the patio during coffee hour after first service, most Sundays. Please join us to strum or hum, sing and/or clap and smile! Loaner instruments are available. 
Remember Arizona Tax Credit Donations!
Each year you have the opportunity to direct some of your state tax dollars to BOTH schools AND 501(c)3 or designated community action agencies.  For a list of Qualifying Charitable Organizations click hereFor a link to a form for giving a donation to our partner Maryland School, click here, or pick up a form at the Justice Ministry table on Sunday mornings this month. Look for Maryland School's address on the form. You have until April 18, 2018 to make these contributions. Your help makes a big difference to these groups!
Help Build a Better UUCP Library! 
Donations of Books and Shelves needed
Help us expand and upgrade our library to be a better resource for our community. We are seeking donations of matching book cases as well as books (Subjects: Family Life, History, Inspiration, Justice, Religion and Theology). If you are interested in participating in this project, or have shelves or books to donate, please contact Rosemary Roenfanz. 
Inaugural Roots Pilgrimage
July 2018
Registration closes April 8, 2018
Join us for this joint inaugural Roots Pilgrimage (8 nights/8 days) with the Hungarian Unitarian Church and the UU Partner Church Council!  Together we will explore our shared Unitarian religious heritage, including spiritual, cultural and theological beliefs, values and traditions. Click below to see more details.