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Sunday Services are Currently Online

10:30 AM
(Arizona Time)

Día De Los Muertos

Led By:
Sylvia Sharma
Worship Associate
Gary Ezzell

A Mexican Indigenous Celebration: 
“Dia de los Muertos.” This service is to connect in community as we honor memories of beloved ones who have made the ultimate transformation
Sunday’s Service via Zoom. 

Meeting ID: 939 9248 9556 | Password: CoffeeHour

Meeting ID: 954 5851 8843 | Password: KidsCoffee

You may use a computer, tablet, or smartphone. If you are asked to install the Zoom application, say yes. Feel free to share this link with friends and family!

If you have problems with Zoom, you may view the service live on YouTube. Or after the service, you can watch it any time.
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Programming November 1st - November 6th
Please visit 
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ALL Programming is in Arizona Time Zone
November 1st

Following Service
Meeting ID:
939 9248 9556
Password: CoffeeHour

Following Service
Meeting ID:
954 5851 8843
Password: KidsCoffee

Following Service
Meeting ID:
915 0535 2349
Password: YRUU

6 pm
Meeting ID:
919 3613 9597
Password: Navigators
November 2nd

8:30 am
Katie Resendiz
Meeting ID:
956 6366 2771
Password: 550602

November 3rd
8 am - 8 pm AZ Time
Rev Christine @ 5:15 pm
Meeting ID:
995 5323 1971
Password: 954636

6:30 pm
Katie, Jezz & Chris
Meeting ID:
953 5370 8396
Password: 409806
November 4th
  • 10 am - 12 pm: Open
  • 12 am - 1 pm: Lunch with the Minister
  • 6 pm - 7 pm: Open
Rev. Christine Dance
Meeting ID:
978 2717 8271
Password: Breathe

3:30 pm
Ms. Cherilyn
Meeting ID:
912 3942 4225
Password: 616801

7:00 pm
Benjie Messer
Meeting ID:
931 4339 4891 Password: 989100 
November 5th

7:30 pm
Rev. Christine Dance
Meeting ID:
958 7198 3662
Password: 690450
November 6th
4:00 pm
K thrUU 5th Grade
Meeting ID:
964 8387 3328
Password: Desert
If you don’t have access to a computer, laptop or smart phone
OR don’t want to be on video, you can simply call in to
346-248-7799 and enter the Meeting ID number.
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Who to Contact:
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  • October 7 - November 3: In person voting available
  • November 3: Election Day

Election Season is here and we know that there is a lot riding on it and a lot of anxieties related to it. Here are some things that can help:
Election Day (Tuesday, Nov 3rd)
  • UU Ministers are gathering from around the country to offer a space for respite, positive energy, peace and spiritual practice on Election Day from 8am to 8pm Arizona time. You may join us at any time during that day to find a peaceful space for reflection, prayer, meditation and spiritual practice. Different UU ministers will be leading every 15 minutes (Rev. C is at 5:15-5:30)
Meeting ID: 995 5323 1971
Password: 954636

The Day After The Election (Wednesday, Nov 4th):
  • While we don’t expect all results to come in on election night and Rev Dance will be watching the election results closely. Rev. Christine will have an Open Zoom Room during the day to breathe and process. Feel free to stop by anytime on Wednesday, Nov 4th:
  • 10am-12pm   Open time
  • 12pm-1pm     Lunch with the Minister
  • 6pm-7pm     Open Time

Meeting ID: 978 2717 8271
Password: Breathe
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Book Discussion Group

We will begin our discussion of:
Twilight of Democracy:
The Seductive Lure of Authoritarianism
by Anne Applebaum on Sunday, Nov 1.

If you are interested in learning
more about the group,
please contact Paisley Rossetti at
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Our Navajo Nation Friends
Student Clothing Drive Project
Our Next Project – Student Winter Clothing Drive
Our next project, which we very much need your help with, is to provide jackets, boots and gloves to some of the students at Tsaile and Many Farms Public Schools. It is already getting cold up north, and the difficulties of shopping for growing children with the distances, few stores, COVID risks, are many. If you are able to help by making a donation or shopping for the items, please click the link to sign up, and we will send you information.
We have received such warm appreciation for our assistance – one auntie thinks of us as her “guardian angels.” UUCP is full of warm hearts and helping hands – Thank you for your generosity!
An Update:
Recently, we transported a truck full of food, cleaning and health supplies, collected with your donations and a wonderful team of UUCP shoppers, to our friends on the Navajo Nation. About two-thirds of the supplies were delivered to six families, with the help of the Baha’i Youth Education Pod, and the remainder went to restock cupboards of the woman who cooks and cleans, does laundry for many of the elders, as well as youth pod workers (see photo). Over the past few months these dedicated young people and their mentors, with whom we are partnering, have cut and delivered over 120 loads of wood, as well as repairing stoves and chimneys, while traveling many miles over the reservation.
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Membership at UUCP gathering will be held on
Saturday, Nov 7th from 11-1:30pm
Interested in membership at UUCP?
Join us for a Zoom session on Saturday, Nov 7, from 11 - 1:30 pm (with lots of time for breaks!) hosted by Rev. Christine and the Membership Team. This will be an opportunity to get to know others who are interested in membership and to answer any questions about our process. You can learn more about our congregation using the series of videos on our website:

Zoom Meeting Information:
Meeting ID: 992 8186 0983 | Password: UUCPjoin
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UUCP staff and volunteers have created a series of short videos describing various aspects of our congregational life. These are all on our YouTube Membership playlist, and you can watch them in any order.  

These were made to support membership recruitment while we have to be online and can be accessed via our website:
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Civic Engagement Announcements
At our team meeting this week, this happened to be our chalice reading: 

  • We gather in this time of uncertainty, full of unknowns, as angst closes in among us… With this flame, we cut through the dankness of isolation and are warmed by the fires of our interconnection. For this moment, this radical moment, we find a certainty within the knowable bonds of love and community.     
-- Amy Williams Clark

So, here is an antidote to the anxiety that can overwhelm us as we await the outcome of the election: “... find a certainty within the knowable bonds of love and community.” 

Finding connection, discovering a way to contribute to your community (UUCP and others), brings strength and courage. Hearing each other’s voices and, on Zoom, seeing each other’s faces, reminds us of the richness of our interconnection. Rev. Christine encourages us each week to get in touch with each other. Now is a crucial time to make sure you do this, calling between one and five others, and to suggest that each of them do the same. No matter the outcome of the election, we can continue to offer each other love, care and comfort. 

For more on the benefits of a “tend and befriend” approach, read this.
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Earth Justice Ministry Announcements
One small thing for the planet-Can you pledge to eat one meatless (that means eggs, milk and cheese) meal per day? That single act will reduce carbon emissions greatly. Help us build a collection of your favorite meatless (vegan and/or vegetarian) recipes for this purpose: Eat Plants for the Planet! 
Please mail them soon to

Earth Justice Ministry supports Chispa by sending comments to the ACC to protest the rate hike being requested by APS at a time when many, especially marginalized groups and people of color, are suffering more poverty due to Covid 19. You can comment whether you're an APS customer or not. The last 3 dates and times to call in are: Saturday, October 24, 2020: 10 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., Saturday, November 7, 2020: 10 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., and  Monday, November 30, 2020: 10 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. More instructions on how to call, or to write an email or a letter instead are on the UUCP website and at this link:  Click here to learn about the Public Comment Period for APS Rate Hike.

Please VOTE with care of the earth in mind!  
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UUCP Musician Interviews
To keep UUCP's music lovers connected, pianist Mary Cota is recording interviews with UUCP musicians!

Mary Cota interviews Benjie Messer about his musical history, what he loves about working at UUCP, and how he's doing during the pandemic
To Watch the Interview: CLICK HERE
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Share the Plate Announcement
Share the Plate ministry is one way we breathe life into our commitment to be agents of change in our community. We are looking for worthy organizations to be considered as a possible recipient of future donations. If you know of a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization that meets our criteria, please submit their name to We’ll take it from there, sending out an application form. 

CRITERIA: Non-profit 501(c)(3) in the US with local programs that serve beneficiaries in the Valley. Mission, purposes and practices must be aligned with those of UUCP values. Donations must make a significant contribution to the organization’s programs. Recipients must have a budget that is mindful of balance between program and administrative costs. 
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Sunday Services are Currently Online
10:30 am
(Arizona Time)


Led By:
Rev. Christine Dance
Worship Associate
Joseph Benesh
Let's take a deep breath. We don't know whether it will be of relief, of despair, or unknowing or a combination of all of those things. Whatever happens in the election, we'll be together to process it and find our moral footing in moving forward.
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Missed a Worship Service?
Prior Worship Services are always available to view
10/25/2020 Worship Service
If You Build It, Universalism Will Come
Led By: Rev. Christine Dance
Worship Associate: Carrie Lifshitz
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Receiving Suspicious Emails
Since the outbreak of COVID-19 scammers have been sending out fictitious emails claiming to be Rev. Christine. Please be aware of emails asking for assistance or requesting you to purchase something. Rev. Christine will NEVER ask for money or gift cards over email. If you receive an email like this, please delete it. 
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Learn more and sign up at
Ready and Resilient Group Planning and Processing
October 30th, 9-10:30 am
A fair election depends on us! Join UU the Vote in preparing UU congregations to respond to needs in your local communities. Join Rev. Ashley Horan for “Ready and Resilient Group Planning and Processing” to determine your congregation’s role in defending this election and resisting fascism by attending one of the upcoming sessions.
Register here.
Ask Me Anything (AMA) with Janine
NEW DATE: Thursdays at 10 am

Join UUJAZ Executive Director Janine Gelsinger any Thursday morning for a casual "office hours" on Zoom. Bring your questions, chat about the social justice news this week in AZ, or suggest what programming you'd like to see UUJAZ do next.
Register here.
Love & Justice: Abolition and Alternatives to Policing
Wednesday, November 4
UUs proclaim that no one is outside the circle of love, therefore, our goals are also abolitionist goals. Join UUJAZ every first Wednesday of the month in actively resisting the systems of policing and incarceration while building relationships and community with other passionate UUs in Arizona. 
Register for our next meeting
November 4here.
UUJAZ Annual Meeting
Wednesday, Nov. 11th, 6 pm
Join us for our annual business meeting, recap what we've done together as a state this year in justice work, hear from the Board, share some financial transparency, and talk about 2021 ahead. Thanks to the pandemic, there won't be an in-person Issues + Action Day this year, where this meeting is typically held. We also won't be trying to replicate a day-long event on Zoom... instead, we've been bringing you lots of virtual programming options throughout the summer and fall, and will continue to do so into 2021. Come check out what we've been working on behind the scenes!
Register here.
No Matter What:
Reckoning and Resilience in a
Post-Election World
November 7th & 14th,
11 am-12 pm & 1 pm-3 pm

Join us for two sessions of learning, unlearning, feeling and sharing about our differences; moving us toward creating change - in ourselves and the world around us.

In our present Time of Tumult this workshop offers a container and powerful methods for exploring, the many knotty issues of race, gender, class, religion and more, that challenge our culture, our communities, and our relationships. Rev. Anthony Johnson facilitates as part of his Multikulti program, along with UUJAZ and UU the Vote.
Join us in Actively Removing Unconscious Debris from the Soil of The Soul.
Book GroUUp
Friday, November 20th, 12-1:30 pm

Join Rev. Tina Squire the third Friday of each month at noon for a justice-centered book discussion from the perspective of our Unitarian Universalist values.
This Friday we'll be discussing Braiding Sweetgrass by Robin Wall Kimmerer. Register for the meeting here.
Book GroUUp is free to all our monthly sustaining donors. If you wish to join but aren't a donor, you can contribute a suggested donation of $10 at If you aren't financially able to donate, join us anyway! 
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