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Sunday Services are Currently Online

10:30 AM
(Arizona Time)


Led By:
Rev. Christine Dance
Worship Associate
Katie Quinn
October 11th is National Coming Out Day.
Hear from other UUCP Members and Rev. Dance as we talk about why coming out is more important than ever,
how we can "come out" in many different ways and how our congregation can be as welcoming as possible to our
LGBTQ siblings.

Sunday’s Service via Zoom. 

Meeting ID: 939 9248 9556 | Password: CoffeeHour

Meeting ID: 954 5851 8843 | Password: KidsCoffee

You may use a computer, tablet, or smartphone. If you are asked to install the Zoom application, say yes. Feel free to share this link with friends and family!

If you have problems with Zoom, you may view the service live on YouTube. Or after the service, you can watch it any time.
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Programming October 11th - October 16th
Please visit 
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October 11th

Following Service
Meeting ID:
939 9248 9556
Password: CoffeeHour

Following Service
Meeting ID:
954 5851 8843
Password: KidsCoffee

Following Service
Meeting ID:
915 0535 2349
Password: YRUU
October 12th

8:30 am
Katie Resendiz
Meeting ID:
956 6366 2771
Password: 550602
October 13th

6:30 pm
Facilitators & Teachers
Meeting ID:
953 5370 8396
Password: 409806
October 14th
12:00 pm      
Rev. Christine Dance
Meeting ID:
910 6552 9716
Password: 372662

3:30 pm
Ms. Cherilyn
Meeting ID:
912 3942 4225
Password: 616801

6:30 pm
Chris Akin
Meeting ID:
921 1845 9883
Password: 704555
October 15th

7:00 pm
Meeting ID:
989 5601 3818
Password: 101520

7:30 pm
Rev. Christine Dance
Meeting ID:
958 7198 3662
Password: 690450
October 16th
4:00 pm
K thrUU 5th Grade
Meeting ID:
964 8387 3328
Password: Desert
If you don’t have access to a computer, laptop or smart phone
OR don’t want to be on video, you can simply call in to
346-248-7799 and enter the Meeting ID number.
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Who to Contact:
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Minister Musings

Rev. Christine shares with us "Trough" by Judy Brown. Where are you on the wave?

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  • October 7: Ballots mailed
  • October 7 - November 3: In person voting available
  • October 23: Last Day to Request a Ballot in the Mail
  • October 27: Last Day to Mail Back Your Ballot
  • November 3: Election Day

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Anthony Mtuaswa Johnson's Ordination

You have the opportunity to have a role in the ceremony. 
Take a picture of yourself with a sheet of paper with one word written on it--a one-word blessing of gratitude or blessing on his ministry. 

Send it to by October 14th
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UUCP's Open Drop-In Group
Meetings are held the 3rd Thursday's of each month. Our next meeting is October 15th @
7 pm. We will being reviewing a Topic with Readings provided by Rev. Christine. We
like to think of this time together as a spiritual practice as it allows us an opportunity to open ourselves and to be with others that share UUCP principles.
It will be great to have you join us!

October 15 @ 7pm
Join Zoom Meeting: Click HERE
Meeting ID: 989 5601 3818
Password: 101520
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Share the Plate Announcement
Share the Plate ministry is one way we breathe life into our commitment to be agents of change in our community. We are looking for worthy organizations to be considered as a possible recipient of future donations. If you know of a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization that meets our criteria, please submit their name to We’ll take it from there, sending out an application form. 

CRITERIA: Non-profit 501(c)(3) in the US with local programs that serve beneficiaries in the Valley. Mission, purposes and practices must be aligned with those of UUCP values. Donations must make a significant contribution to the organization’s programs. Recipients must have a budget that is mindful of balance between program and administrative costs. 
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Help Us with a Monthly Food & Supply Drive for our Navajo Nation Community
We are asking for help again, targeting a delivery date of Tuesday, October 20th. Thank you, Vince, for volunteering to take it all up. Please consider making a donation (to UUCP) or doing some shopping from the current list - Click HERE to View List. You are already on the team list, so you don't need to sign up again. Just on the spreadsheet if you are willing to shop for specific items. Please be in touch with Cathy Kim if you are willing to shop and be reimbursed from donations. 

We hear regularly how grateful the folks are for our assistance, feeling the love that comes with a can of Spam or a bottle of shampoo! I continue to be so appreciative of how their community works together to take care of each other and share the resources. It's great to feel that we can support that.

We are working on the possibility of helping with winter jackets and shoes/boots for students at Tsaile Public School. The need is definitely there, but the challenge is to for the school counselor to be in touch with students (not actually at the school now) to find out what is needed and sizes. Distances are great, cell phone service not reliable, so getting in touch with families is tricky. We'll wait and see how this might be possible.
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Civic Engagement Announcements
It’s time to VOTE! That’s the subject of all our announcements this week:
  • We’re sorry that last week’s link to information on the candidates for County Attorney was incorrect, as this is a very important choice. The corrected link is here. (Please be sure and contact us at if you find that links don’t work.)
  • Ballots will be dropping this week, and they can be overwhelming. For a general guide of what to do when you get your ballot, UUCP member Melinda Iyer, who has steeped herself in AZ politics, wrote a short list on how to avoid 8 Vote-By-Mail Traps Make Your Vote Count. It’s excellent. 
  • Melinda also advises us to consider using the one-shot strategy. Arizonans elect two representatives from each district to the House of Representatives and can cast 2 votes for their top 2 candidates. But what if you like only one of those people? Don’t check the second box, because it will only raise your opponent’s total. Just vote for ONE FAVORED CANDIDATE and they can more easily beat the electoral odds. 
  • Be sure to refer to all ballot materials that come in the mail, particularly the one called “What’s on My Ballot?” (or read it online at 2020_General_Election_Publicity_Pamphlet_English.pdf)
  • In order to compare corporation commission candidates, take a look at this forum conducted by PBS Horizon.
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Earth Justice Ministry Announcements
Electricity shut-offs have been postponed by APS until November, but the accrued unpaid bills still hang over the heads of many who lost their jobs due to Covid. And APS is still requesting a rate hike. Please join Chispa in rejecting the rate hike and asking that accrued bills be forgiven. You can call or write emails or letters. Either of the links below have more information on how and when to do that. You don't have to be an APS customer to comment.
"Eat Plants for the Planet" a cookbook being compiled by EJM, wants your favorite no meat recipe, one that you've tried and rave about! Please send it to by 10/16 to assure it gets to us in time. For complete specifications about how to send your recipes:  Click HERE 

Earth Justice Ministry requests that you please vote with care of our planet earth in mind!
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UUCP Musician Interviews

To keep UUCP's music lovers connected, pianist Mary Cota is recording interviews with UUCP musicians! Here, Dave Bellama talks about the banjo, folk music, his own musical history, and being a musician during the pandemic.

To Watch the Interview: CLICK HERE
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Update on
Camp de Benneville Pines:
After being surrounded on three sides, fire is holding the line on top of the mountain and no longer inches towards the camp’s buildings. While this is a relief for our beloved camp, the area is still under evacuation orders and the danger remains high. With the fires and cancelled camps due to COVID, recovery will take some time and money. If you are willing and able, please click HERE to donate
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Fall 2020: Family Survey
Parents, Aunts, Uncles, Grandparents, Everyone who knows a kiddo they want to be connected with UUCP: We need to know you!

The Children's Ministry team at UUCP works to ensure that our youngest community members are connected, supported, and encouraged as they explore spirituality, community, and growth. This year, we don't get to see you in person, so we need some information about you and your kiddos. This way we can figure out how best to connect!
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Sunday Services are Currently Online
10:30 am

Being a Universalist

Led By:
Katie Resendiz & Abi Harper
Worship Associate
Amy McKlindon
Early Universalists let god worry about the inherent worth and dignity of other folks. If we were to do that we would have to 1) believe in god and 2) accept that we aren't the center of the universe. That sounds unnecessary and hard (in that order). So instead, service today will ask you to take the easy road. Don't love everyone, don't do everything, and still avoid UU Hell!
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Missed a Worship Service?
Prior Worship Services are always available to view
10/04/2020 Worship Service
Blessing of the Animals
Led By: Rev. Christine Dance
Worship Associate Bonne de Blas
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Receiving Suspicious Emails
Since the outbreak of COVID-19 scammers have been sending out fictitious emails claiming to be Rev. Christine. Please be aware of emails asking for assistance or requesting you to purchase something. Rev. Christine will NEVER ask for money or gift cards over email. If you receive an email like this, please delete it. 
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Learn more and sign up at
Election Defenders! Training Series
Tuesdays, September 6th-20th from 4:30-6 pm
OR request a video recording and watch on your own!
With the stakes being as high as they are, voter suppression already more rampant than ever, and nationalist groups emboldened by conspiracy theorists and government officials themselves, we can’t depend on anyone else ensuring people are able to vote freely and safely.
Election Defenders will be working to provide safe supports for voting (such as PPE and water), and election and voter defense, de-escalating intimidation tactics and signaling to a network of groups and lawyers if and where trouble breaks out.
These trainings will cover different areas each week so we are asking everyone to attend all trainings, or email to request a video of training.
·    Poll Monitoring
·    Bystander Training
·    De-escalation
·    Direct Action 101
·    Combating Disinformation
Join UUJAZ to debrief the trainings, answer questions, practice what you learned, and make plans at Action Hour on October 13th at 6pm.
All-in-one link for action!
Early voting in Arizona starts in just over a week on October 7th. UUJAZ can send you everything you need to know to take action on causes you care about this election season, all by filling out this google form.
Save the date to UU The Vote with Invest in Ed - October 22nd
Want to connect with people over causes you're passionate about? Imagine a swell of 200 UUs coming together across the US, to raise their voices in Arizona to UU the Vote. You gather your people, we will do the rest! Email Casey Clowes, UUJAZ’s UU the Vote coordinator, at
Love and Justice: Abolition and Alternatives to Policing
First Wednesday of the month
starting October 7th, 6-8 pm
UUs proclaim that no one is outside the circle of love, therefore, our goals are also abolitionist goals. Join UUJAZ in actively resisting the systems of policing and incarceration while building relationships and community with other passionate UUs in Arizona.
Register here.
Miss one of our candidate forums in September?
Don't worry, you can watch them on the UUJAZ Facebook page here and here. There's still time to get to know your candidates and where they stand on the causes you care about. Share the links with your friends and watch them together!
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