Good morning UUCP,

E-Mail Scam
If you get an email that looks like it is from me asking for money, PLEASE DISREGARD IT. It is not from me. I will never personally ask you for money in any form--cash, gift cards or wire transfers. If you ever see emails like this, disregard them, they are always scams. Sadly, someone is looking to capitalize on this anxious time. 

Livestream Worship Sunday and Meditation/Practice on Saturday

We are learning quickly and are excited to be offering ways for us to virtually gather together as a community. 

Instructions for Livestream Worship—10:30am on Sunday, March 15th. 
(The Livestream room will be open at 10:00am for you to access.) 
1.        On your computer, tablet or phone, go to the service page on our website:  Scroll down and click on the red play button that looks like this picture below.