Thursday, March 31, 2022
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"Busy and Tired ... Tired and Busy ... Busy and Tired"

Rev. Sue Browning
Jan Sprinkel, service leader
Al Martinez, musician

In-person & Zoom Worship Service

Sunday, April 3, 2022 | 10 am

Often we hear, "I'm so busy," and it's followed by a deep sigh. Do we at times overfill our days? Do we have a choice? Do we at times yearn to do more? At this service with Rev. Sue Browning we'll explore the opportunity to listen to our bodies closely when we find ourselves too busy, too tired, or both.  

So we can begin the worship service promptly at 10 am, please sign into Zoom (click here) by no later than 9:50 am.

Our system now allows for direct communication during the service, and anyone who has a "Joy" or "Concern" may express it verbally in-person or via Zoom. If you prefer these to be read by the service leader, or if not attending the service, please submit them in advance by emailing the UUCR office (click here) by 9 pm Saturday.
Upcoming Services
Sunday, April 10 — In-person & Zoom

"Stories of a Flawed Hero"

Rev. John Ames joins us again and offers this glimpse of what he plans to share with us in his sermon: "The Christian holiday Palm Sunday falls on April 10 this year. The crowds in Jerusalem who hailed Jesus as King were comparing him to David. The stories about David show him not only as the idealized king of Israel, but also a man with great faults - which the historians and theologians didn't try to erase. The story of Bathsheba was preserved for a reason." 

  • Rev. John Ames, guest speaker
  • Marilee Taussig, service leader
  • Sombarkin, vocalists
  • Philip Dutton, accompanist

Sunday, April 17 — In-person & Zoom

"Lo, the Earth Awakes Again"

As we turn yet another corner on the pandemic, our Easter hymn "Lo, the Earth Awakes Again" takes on special meaning. It's a hymn about starting to turn toward celebration. Are we ready? This is likely a question the disciples were asking that first Easter morning. At our Easter service with Rev. Sue Browning we'll reflect on the lessons of readiness and celebration embedded in the Easter story.   

  • Rev. Sue Browning
  • Catherine Brooks, service leader
  • Karen Somerville & Jeff Davis, musicians
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Worship Service

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UUCR Office Hours:
W - Sa, 8:30-10:30 am
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APR 3 | Donation Deadline
for Auction Tangible Treasures
(see details below)

APR 3 | UUCR Worship
In-person & Zoom
Rev. Sue Browning
Jan Sprinkel, service leader
Al Martinez, musician

APR 5 | Prayer Service for the
Ukrainian People at Sacred Heart Church, 7 pm (see details below)

APR 8 | Donation Deadline
for Auction Entertainments, Excursions, Dinners, Services, Etc. (see details below)

APR 10 | UUCR Worship
In-person & Zoom
Rev. John Ames, guest speaker
Marilee Taussig, service leader
Sombarkin, vocalists
Philip Dutton, accompanist

APR 15 | Online Auction
Opens for Bidding

APR 17 | UUCR Worship
In-person & Zoom
Rev. Sue Browning
Catherine Brooks, service leader
Karen Somerville & Jeff Davis, musicians
If you know of another link or event that should be added, please contact
the UUCR office by email or phone 410-778-3440. Thanks!
Minister's Column
For the most part, I like doing errands. I’m thinking of those small tasks on my list – get gas, return a library book, or buy ink cartridges. These are short, accomplishable missions outside the home that can be checked off the list. 
I’ve been informally checking around and most folks tell me they "don’t mind" doing errands. Sure, there can be the frustrations of traffic, or the discomfort of doing errands on cold, windy days, but mostly, folks are "ok" with running an errand or two.  
When I ask members, "What brings you joy?" or "What do you want in life?" I’ve yet to get the response: “Errands.” And yet, errands, woven together with meals, chores, and evening TV fill a big chunk of our lives. 
A recent story making the rounds on social media told of a man whose adult children were strongly advocating that he switch to online banking. They stressed this would save him time, avoid trips to the bank, and simplify his record keeping. But he pushed back, firmly explaining that going to the bank, from the short drive that took him by a local park, to conversations with the tellers, to the chance of bumping into neighbors, all topped off with enjoying a muffin on his way home, were each moments of joy in his day. Why would he want to change to online banking? 
Some errands are more enjoyable than others, to be sure. In April, take a moment and notice what you like (and don't like) about the errands on your list. Which errands bring you satisfaction? Are there some you dread? Does "erranding" bring you joy? 
Over the coming weeks, try pausing when you look at your list of errands and consider how "erranding" is a part of your life. You might be surprised! 
In gratitude,
Rev. Sue
Sue's Vacation (April 4 - 14)
Rev. Sue will be on vacation from April 4-14. She'll be reachable on her cell in case of an emergency. If you need something while she is gone and are unsure who can assist you, please email Darlene in the office. 

Larry Samuels, longtime friend and active participant at UUCR, passed away on March 28. Condolences can be sent to his sister Caren Samuels, a former UUCR member, at

Larry submitted a guest columnist piece for the November 11, 2021 issue of Reflections. The following is an excerpt: "As the First Law of Thermodynamics states, energy can neither be created nor destroyed, just transformed. Moving forward spiritually and poetically, I know that I will drift across the earth as a wisp of memory, a shadow from another time. I will remain as an ember of energy, revealing the memories that will be sustained by others."
Greeters are needed for our in-person Sunday services. There is a sign-up sheet on the white board, or contact Diane Shields ( for dates that you can be available, or for questions. 
Stewardship Committee
Holding Our Center in Trying Times
Thanks to all our wonderful members and friends, we have had a very successful pledge drive, and have reached 100% of our goal! We are grateful for everyone's investment in the future of UUCR. May we all strive to be worthy of the faith placed in us to carry our work forward into 2023 and beyond!

In gratitude from your Stewardship Committee,
Jackie Mathwich, Catherine Brooks, Joy Kim, and Peggy McKee

Tangible Treasures
this Sunday, April 3

Entertainments, Excursions, Dinners, Services, Etc.
next Friday, April 8

Please submit your donations as soon as possible to
Jane Hardy,, 410-639-7811.
2022 Auction
Our auction this year will be in two parts: an online auction that will go live on April 15, featuring at least 60 exquisite items, and an in-person live auction for services, excursions, dinners, etc. that UUCRers have donated. This auction will be held at UUCR on April 30. Plus, we will have a buy-it-now, “cash and carry” sale on April 28 for our lower-priced items. 

Here’s our schedule:

Friday, April 15, 7 am:  Our online auction goes live — we will send you a link as soon as it’s available. In order to start bidding, you will need to register and enter a credit card number.

Thursday, April 28, 1 -7 pm — Preview and “Buy-It-Now” Day at UUCR!  In our sanctuary we will have our 60+ exquisite objects on display for people to see for themselves and continue to place online bids for. In our foyer, and on our deck, we will also have an array for $5, $10, and $20 items available for immediate purchase; cash and carry only for these bargain gems. 

Saturday, April 30, 6 pm — Live Auction Night at UUCR!
6 pm, enjoy wine, soft drinks and an array of hors d’oeuvres while examining the 60+ items in our online auction and making final bids on your cell phones. Don’t have a (modern) cellphone? A laptop kiosk (and a savvy person) will be on hand to help you bid!  
7 pm, online bidding will close. 
7:15 pm, live auction of services, dinners, excursions, etc., will begin in our sanctuary. 
Just below are some of our newest donations. Want to see our entire catalog, which also lists our bargain items (last two pages of the catalog)? Just click here.

New Live Auction Items

Evening and Afternoon Entertainments!
Blueberry Picking at Godfrey’s Farm in Sudlersville, followed by Jam Making on the Chester River. The availability of the berries determines the date – but likely mid-June 2022. The first four people can be accommodated unless there is another car and driver – then more is doable. Vida Morley
Supper at Vida and Bob’s Followed by a Church Hill Theatre Performance of “Into the Woods” on June 24th. 4 people can be fed and entertained! Vida Morley
An Excursion to the National Portrait Gallery and American Art Museum in Washington, D.C., sometime in June. Available to three people. I will provide transportation and treat for lunch. Amy Warner 
Newsletter continues. To view it to the end please Click here
Free tuition to one of Ted Ramsey’s Creativity Retreats at Ramseyland: Friday afternoon-Sunday afternoon. Date to be determined this summer or fall. Value: $300. Catherine Brooks
Walking your dog! $70 value Margo Long

New Online Auction Items

Sculptured Silver Scarf Pin, 2” long with stone “arms” and “feet.” Minimum bid, $25. Catherine Brooks

Abstract Watercolor by Ted Ramsey, 17” x 13”. Minimum bid $75. Catherine Brooks

Many thanks to all who have already volunteered to help with preview and set up days; we could still use more help! Please contact Jane Hardy,, 410-639-7811 to volunteer, donate, or question!
Social Concerns/Social Justice Committee
Outreach Collection for April
Earth Day is on April 22, 2022; this year is also the 50th anniversary of the Clean Water Act. Our collection will honor these special dates by gathering contributions for ShoreRivers, a local non-profit 501(c)3 organization, whose mission is to protect and restore Eastern Shore waterways through science-based advocacy, restoration, and education.
Their "statement of inclusion" recognizes that access to healthy waterways fuels environmental stewardship, and that inclusion of diverse communities is essential to long term success.

Annie Richards, the Chester Riverkeeper (who spoke at the UUCR service on Sunday, March 13) will join us to introduce this special collection on Sunday, April 3.

We would like to be able to "sponsor" a testing site on the Chester River, in the Crumpton area, if we can collect $640.
Leadership Development Committee
The Ask

The LDC is looking for individuals who love this community and are inspired by our faith. Over the next few weeks, the LDC, namely Amy,
Diane, and MQ, will be contacting people to see if they are willing to commit to serving in one capacity or another.

We’re looking for individuals who would like to contribute to the community in the roles of vice president, board members, and chairs of the Ministry and Building & Grounds Committees.

Unitarian Universalism is a faith of doers, people who find their own path in concert with each other. Would you like to join the movement? Contact us; we’re here to help you find your path.

In faith, Amy, Diane, & M.Q.
Pastoral Care and Connection
You are encouraged to share your joys and sorrows with the UUCR Pastoral Associates (see below). This team is a mixed group — but all have had previous life experiences and a variety of professional training in counseling and philosophy. Please contact one, or several of us, if you “want to talk.”

Pastoral Care Associates: Kevin Brien,
Gayle Folger, Nancy Holland, and Vida Morley
Local Events
Prayer Service for the Ukrainian People
Tuesday, April 5, 7 pm
Please join local churches at a prayer service for the people of the Ukraine on Tuesday, April 5 at 7 pm at Sacred Heart Church, 508 High Street, Chestertown, MD. The main speaker will be The Reverend Volodymyr Klanichka from St Nicholas Ukrainian Church (Wilmington, DE).
Refreshments with the opportunity to talk together will happen after the service within the Sacred Heart Church gathering space.


14 - Neenah Newell
18 - Jackie Mathwich
30 - Jan Sprinkel

-6 - Stan Salett
-7 - Tom Tontarski
-9 - John Ramsey
13 - Amy Warner
16 - Connie Schroth
17 - Jim Lavin
22 - Elisabeth Tully
30 - Kim Agee
We want to help celebrate your birthday! If we didn't include your birthday, please contact the UUCR office by email (click here).
Unitarian Universalists of the Chester River 914 Gateway Drive | Chestertown, MD | 21620
Phone: 410-778-3440
Office hours: W - Sa, 8:30-10:30 am |
Su, 8:30 am-noon | Closed, M & Tu
END of REFLECTIONS for March 31, 2022