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June 2021
Better late than never

Sunday Services are at 10:30am


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June 6
The Long Flight
SERVICE LEADERS: Rev. Chris, Eric Fischer, Era Capone
MUSIC: Roger Corman, Sally Jones

Patience, they say, is a virtue. It has certainly helped us get through the Pandemic. Yet sometimes, as with fighting injustice or promoting peace, patience does not serve.
How to know whether to wait or to act?

June 13
Play - With a Purpose and Without
SERVICE LEADERS: Rev. Chris, Aphrodite Bellochio, Era Capone
MUSIC: Roger Corman, Robert Howseman

Playing and having fun are sacred experiences,
as this very grave and serious service will make abundantly clear.

takes place today, June 13, at 12:30, on Zoom.

June 20
The Art of Improvisation
SERVICE LEADERS: Rev. Chris, , Era Capone
MUSIC: Robin Rogers & Band, Roger Corman

You can learn a lot about how to live, how the Universe works,
and what God might be, just by listening to improvised music. We'll do that today.

Hosted by UUCSR

June 27
How to Believe in God
(and why you might care to try...)
SERVICE LEADERS: Rev. Chris, Rose St. John, Era Capone
MUSIC: Roger Corman

Rev. Chris thinks that one of the best things you can do
for your health, happiness and hopefulness, is to believe in God.
Of course, what "God" or "believe in" may need some unpacking,
so, please, bring your baggage!

July 4
Question-and-Answer Service
SERVICE LEADERS: Rev. Chris, Rose St. John, Era Capone
MUSIC: John Ray, Roger Corman

Does anyone have any questions?
Rev. Chris will answer them today.
Details to follow.

  • A Message from Rev. Chris
  • Meet the Interim Minister!
  • President's Message
  • That To Which Your Board Is Up
  • Treasurer's Monthly Ledger
  • Religious Education / Family Ministry
  • Sustaining Pledge Appeal
  • Nominating Committee
  • Diversity Project Offerings
  • Borders and Beyond
  • Share the Basket
  • Musical Notes
  • Caring Connections Committee
  • Other Groups and Special Events

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A Message from Rev. Chris
There is a reading that I love called “Fault Line” by Rev. Robert Walsh, from his Noisy Stones, a meditation manual once published by Skinner House, our “in-house” UU publisher. It seems just right for these times.
Did you ever think there might be a fault line passing underneath your living room, a place in which your life is lived in meeting and separating, wondering and telling, unaware that just beneath you is the unseen seam of great plates that strain through time? 
And that your life, already spilling over the brim, could be invaded, sent off in a new direction, turned aside by forces you were warned about but not prepared for? 
Shelves could be spilled out, the level floor set at an angle in some seconds’ shaking. 
You would have to take your losses, do whatever must be done next.
When the great plates slip and the earth shivers and the flaw is seen to lie in what you trusted most, look not to more solidity, to weighty slabs of concrete poured or strength of cantilevered beam to save the fractured order. 
Trust more the tensile strands of love that bend and stretch to hold you in the web of life that’s often torn but always healing. There’s your strength. 
The shifting plates, the restive earth, your room, your precious life, they all proceed from love, the ground on which we walk together.
Now, it should be noted that Rev. Walsh was primarily an East Coast Unitarian Universalist, who served the Unitarian Church of Duxbury for 23 years, before retiring there as Minister Emeritus. As far as I can tell, Duxbury appears to have been his one-and-only congregation. So the Reverend may well have had a slightly romantic notion of what an earthquake actually feels like. Nevertheless, the metaphor holds. 

I love the suggestion he makes that both the solidity and uncertainty of life are gifts if we see with the perspective of love. Any great changes in solidity might bring fear and doubt, or they might elicit excitement and anticipation. Either way, we only make it through with love, which alone is flexible enough to bend and stretch to keep us within its embrace, NO MATTER WHAT.

This reading popped into my mind this week, because I very much feel plates shifting and moving all around us these days. 

At last, the ground is shifting in Corona-world. Though the virus still rages in places, particularly among disadvantaged and marginalized peoples, we can feel the end of the Pandemic approaching. If all goes according to plan, all state restrictions will be off business and facilities starting June 15. 

I wonder what lessons and practices we will carry forward from this experience, and how will it change us. I suspect people will be writing about that for a generation.

I know for me it’s the simple lessons that stand out right now. For example, I will never take touch nor smiles from friends for granted again.

Recently, the Soul Matters small group facilitators got together for our last meeting of the year, in-person at last. Everyone there was sufficiently vaccinated and/or comfortable with their safety, so we took off our masks and beamed at each other like long-lost cousins. We even reached out and touched knuckles with the people on either side of us, creating a complete circle. Friends, I tell you there was palpable electricity flowing through our hands. You could literally feel the shivers move through us. “Oh, yeah – there’s the tensile strands of love!”

That in-person meeting is just one example of how the plates are also moving within our congregation. So much change and so many transitions, and – to my eyes – so clearly positive. Most significantly, soon you will get to know and love your new Interim Minister, Rev. Julie Brock, and your new Congregational Director, Kate Taylor, each of whom are going to bring enlivening new perspectives, powers and passions to the leadership of this community. 

And, hey, soon we will be worshipping together again! The new broadcasting and recording equipment is on its way. Now we just have to install it and learn how to use it as quickly as possible. To give us adequate time for that and all the other preparations for reopening, the current schedule looks like this: 

June 20         Final UUCSR Zoom service (a Shared North Bay zoom service)
                        Rev. Chris leading

June 27         Live preaching and music, no attendees, live-streamed and recorded
                        Rev. Chris leading

July 4             Live preaching and music, no attendees, service live-streamed
                        Rev. Chris leading

July 11           Final Shared North Bay zoom service from Petaluma 
                        Rev. Dara leading     

July 18        Live preaching and music, fully in-person,
Live-streamed and recorded
Rev. Chris leading
July 24           Goodbye Party in the Courtyard

July 25        Live preaching and music, fully in-person, with coffee hour
Live-streamed and recorded
Rev. Chris final service 
                        Rev. Julie present.

Aug 1            First service with new Interim Minister, Rev. Julie Brock. 

The choir will start rehearsing in mid- to late-August. Somewhere in there the Saturday Breakfast will go live again. And sometime after that there will be kids running for cookies and youth group and a service auction and classes and prayer groups and every other thing. We’ve made it, folks. It’s going to be a little scary and a little awkward and we’ll probably have forgotten how to do things, but it will all work out in the end. 

Because we know the secret, as Rev. Walsh does. We know what we need. Find and hold to the “tensile strands of love.” The raw concreteness of that image feels so necessary right now, as the earth, our society, our congregation, and each of us buckles and bounces and changes. We’ve got something to hang onto. 

Love like the sinews that hold the bones together. 

Love like the fiber in a rope, or the wire in a cable, stretching but not breaking, made all the stronger for being wrapped around one another. 

That’s the kind of love I’ve felt and experienced here as your minister for the past 15 years, and it’s the kind that will guide you for the next 15 as you “do whatever comes next.”

I very much hope to see you at a Sunday service soon. May you be happy, healthy and whole until we meet again! 

- Rev. Chris

Meet our new Interim Minister!
Reverend Julie Brock will be joining us in August. Rev. Julie is a lifelong Unitarian Universalist who grew up in Detroit and was active as a youth leader in her home congregation, the First Unitarian Universalist Church of Detroit. Her infectious commitment, passion, love and energy brought smiles and excitement to the members of the Search Committee, and convinced us that she’s the perfect leader and partner for this next phase of UUCSR’s journey. 

“My ministry is all about connecting people, across traditionally segregated lines, so we can live our faith (values) into the world with courage, joy, and compassion. I look forward to sharing this ministry with you,” says Reverend Julie.  

She and her family (husband Joel, six month-old Donovan, and Latke, the family cat) should arrive in Santa Rosa by mid to late July. Reverend Julie’s first service with us will be August 1st. She has already begun collaborating with us to plan for the Board retreat in August and our annual Ingathering service in September. 

If you’d like to learn more about Rev. Julie and her energetic, optimistic, loving approach to faith and community, check out her website: https://revjeb.com

Please join the Search Committee, and your Board in welcoming Rev. Julie, Joel, Donovan and Latke to our community!

President's Message
What a Whirlwind It’s Been!

Oh, my heavens.  When I look back at May, there were SO many big things happening!  A short recap:

First, the Interim Search Committee got the names of the 5 ministers who were interested in us.  (By the way – there were 42 congregations in search for interims this year, and 44 ministers applying.)  We each reviewed every candidate’s ministerial records, listened to their sermons, reviewed their websites, and spoke with all their references.  Then we interviewed all of them, and ranked our choices.  The Board approved our top two choices, we told the UUA what they were…and then waited on tenterhooks.  We got our first choice!  

Then…there was the budget.  May is always a big budget-evaluating-and-creating month, but this year was much more difficult.  Our revenue is down (think no Glaser Center rentals or fundraising), and we have a fairly large chunk of money going to one-time expenses.  Jane and the Finance Committee have been doing truly valiant work, confronting the reality and making the hard decisions – and they really are hard.  We are so lucky that we have these knowledgeable people who are so dedicated to our congregation and our being able to fulfill our mission.

Then…there was the office staffing.  We have been in the process of hiring Kate Taylor to be our Congregational Director for most of the month.  She is very excited to work here, and is brimming with lots of great ideas.  But the devil is in the details, and we had some “glitches” to work through – which we now have, so it’s blue skies ahead.  Also, our great new bookkeeper unexpectedly had to resign due to several family health emergencies, so we’re back without a bookkeeper, and are looking for the person who’s going to be with us for some time.

Then…there was the question of re-opening our building.  To whom?  How fast?  How completely?  What will it take to serve ALL of our community?  Starting services up again isn't just a matter of throwing the doors open; it takes thoughtful consideration of all the pieces around gathering again in one space.  Do we require masks?  Must you be vaccinated?  Do we sing?  Do we have the needed volunteers – the flower arrangers, the greeters and ushers, the musicians, the audio/video people, the coffee hour hosts?  Do we even have coffee hour?  Lots of questions to be answered!  

Then there was heat and winds and being declared an extreme drought area.  (Can’t ever forget those…)  While there’s not a whole lot to DO about that, it does weigh on the mind.

That’s a lot!  What’s gotten me through?  Our community, our values and Covenant, our 7 Principles, our Mission (particularly “Caring for One Another”).  And my excitement for our future.  So much is possible.  I want to be part of discovering where we’re going next – “UUCSR 4.0”.  And I can’t wait to find out!

In love and partnership,

From the Board of Trustees

Every year the Board has a jam-packed May meeting, but this was one for the ages in terms of the number and importance of agenda items. 

We heard about the progress being made toward hiring both an Interim Minister and a Congregational Director. The Board expects that the selected individuals will be announced to the Congregation by the end of May.

The Board elected new officers for the upcoming year that begins July 1st.  They are:

President                      Natalie Brundred
Vice President               Leslie Norinsky
Treasurer                      Jane DeYoung
Corporate Secretary     Cathie Wiese

Leslie will be trained next year to become President the following year.  Natalie will term out, and thinks that 5 years as President is more than enough – for the Congregation, as well as herself!

Gretchen Vap reported that the Re-Opening Task Force is planning for in-person Sunday services to begin in late June, if the Covid-19 situation in Sonoma County allows.  The Health Advisory Team will send out an online survey to the whole Congregation to get more detailed information on comfort levels and concerns.  Please fill it out as soon as you receive it.

The Board voted to recommend the 2021/22 budget as submitted by the Treasurer and Finance Committee for the Congregation’s review and vote. The budget is conservative, reflecting uncertainty about both income and expenses. Forums will be held online in early June for congregants to discuss and ask questions about the budget.

An anonymous donor has contributed $100,000 to the Congregation to be used for two special projects: renovating the serving area in the Social Hall, and improving access/egress from the second floor.  The Board asked Jane to convey their profound gratitude on behalf of the Congregation to the donor.  

Also, you have responded very generously to our request for donations to purchase new video equipment so we can stream better quality live services. The initial goal was exceeded, allowing the technical committee to purchase long-needed audio equipment in addition to video cameras and switching devices. Over the summer, we’ll be getting this equipment up and running…so expect some hiccoughs!

The Board is steering our congregation through very challenging times, and opening up great opportunities for our future. Stay tuned!

Treasurer's Monthly Ledger
Dear Fellow UUs—

This has been a wild and crazy couple of months – I even forgot to write this report for the May newsletter, so there’s some catching up to do!

When our temp bookkeeper, Bettina Jefferis, resigned to take a full-time position in mid-April, we hired another excellent bookkeeper.  Unfortunately, a series of family crises resulted in her resignation after less than a month on the job.  We are now beginning a search for another part-time bookkeeper.  Meanwhile, Kirsten Olney has been able to keep payroll on track, and Bettina is working for a few hours a week to get checks run and bills paid…but only the bare minimum is being attended to at the moment.  Rest assured, no contributions or payments are being lost, but the monthly reports can’t be run until everything is reconciled.

On the positive side of UUCSR administration, we will be bringing on a Director of Operations, Administration and Finance (Congregational Director) on June 1st.  Kate Taylor comes with a wide range of relevant experience in non-profit administration, including a working knowledge of our accounting system, and will participate in recruiting the bookkeeper. In the years to come, Kate will work closely with the Finance Committee to move our work forward.

The Finance Committee has been developing a Budget for the next fiscal year (July 1 2021 to June 30, 2022.). This has been particularly challenging because of uncertainty around the reopening of our facility and also because of additional costs related to recruiting our Interim Minister.  The budget has been approved by the Board, but will be a working document that will continue to work to reduce a projected deficit over the next fiscal year.  I will be holding Zoom “Forums” for the Congregation to review the budget in detail and ask questions before the Congregational Meeting on June 13th.

Our Sustaining Pledge Team and Legacy Pledge Committee are both working diligently on the financial stewardship challenges facing our Congregation.  If it’s been a while since you thought about your annual pledge, please consider an increase.  If you’re thinking about making UUCSR a beneficiary of your will, please contact me!

Always feel free to email me at treasurer@uusantarosa.org

In Fellowship,
Jane DeYoung

Religious Education / Family Ministry
Hello everyone,

Summer is here, and the kids of RE are celebrating with a return to in-person gatherings! Beginning Sunday June 6th, all RE gatherings, from RE to Youth Group to Friday Social nights will be taking place in the courtyard of our wonderful congregation. We are excited to be making this transition so quickly, and look forward to this Fall, when we can (hopefully) go back to a completely normal RE schedule.

As part of this return, we are also reviving our search for RE volunteers. Several folks have already expressed interest in helping out, and we would love to hear from you as well! If you or someone you know is interested in volunteering with RE on Sundays, please let us know!

While volunteering schedules and procedures are still being sorted out, your interest lets us know what opportunities we will be able to provide to kids and families in the coming months and year.

If you would like to keep up to date on the latest in RE, check out our RE Weekly Newsletter, or email me directly at dre@uusantarosa.org. I am always thrilled to receive questions, comments, and feedback, and I would love to hear from you!

In love and gratitude,
Era Capone
Director of Religious Education
Sunday, June 6th - Welcome Back to UUCSR!
This Sunday, we're welcoming the kids of RE back to UUCSR! This triumphant return to in-person gatherings will be celebrated with a celebration of our RE community! RE kids will work together to solve problems, play games, create art, and bond with one another after their year-long hiatus.

Sunday, June 13th - Celebrating Pride
RE kids this Sunday will be celebrating! They'll take time to explore the history of pride, and learn about the spectrum of queer identities we celebrate during June! And of course, there will be plenty of rainbow crafts and opportunities for self-expression.

Sunday, June 20th - Crafting Comedy
This week, the kids will be building community through laughter! Through silly stories, wacky games, hilarious jokes and more, the kids of RE will be putting smiles on everyone's faces. They'll also take time to explore what makes a joke funny, and how to make sure that they're using laughter to include and celebrate others.

Sunday, June 27th - Playing with Water
On this last Sunday in June, the RE kids will be cooling down with water. They'll be using water for science experiments, artwork, growing plants, and more! And of course, they'll get the chance to spray each other down with lots and lots of water games.

Make those Sustaining Pledges, please!
Exciting times are coming!  We’re about to hire an amazing Interim Minister who is going to bring fresh new energy and ideas to our congregation as we embark on our two-year transition.  And we’ve also upgraded our administrator position and have found a superb Administrative Director with the skills and enthusiasm to help our complex organization function more effectively.   You’ll be hearing more about both of them very soon.

Let’s support these two outstanding individuals with our most generous pledges possible – so that with their help we can achieve our greatest potential.   The next fiscal year will be financially challenging – you’ll hear more about the budget soon too! – but if we step up our support we can keep our congregation flourishing.  Remember, our congregation is just all of us – there is no one else!  And don’t forget, also, that we’ll be better able to attract ministers in search for our settled minister position if they see that we’re a generous and well-funded congregation.

We’re  asking you now to make a new pledge for the fiscal year 2021-2022 beginning July 1, at a ten percent increase over your current pledge or annual giving amount, if you possibly can. 
Why pledge?  Maybe you think you’re already “pledging” because you’re giving regularly.  But making an actual pledge – a promise to pay – is enormously helpful because we can know more accurately how much income the congregation will receive, and can plan accordingly.  So there are actually two steps to pledging – step one is making your pledge – then step two is fulfilling your pledge through regular giving. 

To those of you who have already answered our call and made your pledge for fiscal year 2021-2022, a big thank you!  You wonderful people went above and beyond – so far you have raised your pledges, on average, a whopping 17.6% over last year.  Wow - there is so much generosity in our congregation.  Now the rest of us – let’s follow the amazing example of these fellow-congregants and join in the effort. 

Please make your pledge today.  We thank you for your continued support of our beloved community.

The Sustaining Pledge Team
Carol Kraemer (Chair), Jane deYoung (ex officio), Mary Lill Lee, Helga Lemke,
John Mason, Elaine Wellin (sustainingpledge@uusantarosa.org)

To make your new pledge
for 2021-2022!

The UUCSR Nominating Committee is asking for your service.

Each year, our committee identifies UUCSR members who make great candidates
to serve terms on the Board of Trustees, the Endowment Committee, and the
Nominating Committee itself.

We were very glad earlier this year that excellent people were able to step
up and agree to serve on the Board and the Endowment Committee. Thank you!

Now it’s time to find some new members for the Nominating Committee. The
Committee is supposed to be 4–6 members, and two of us (Ben Ford and
Michael Larsen) are in the middle of our terms. Mark Sowers (Chair) is
term-limited out.

Because it’s important that the Nominating Committee have members who know
people from many different activity centers in the congregation—music, RE,
worship, Advocates, etc.—we are asking you to put your name forward as a
possible member. The primary requirement is that you be a member of the

The commitment isn’t huge: in the Fall, we identify a slate of candidates
for the Board, and also for the Endowment Committee (both elected at the
January congregational meeting). For all positions, we brainstorm and ask
others for recommendations, then look at the skill needs of the bodies and
the diversity (of many types) the congregation needs to have represented in
leadership, then initiate conversations with candidates.

If you are interested and want to learn more, please email Mark at
markesowers@gmail.com or call him at 707.328.4146.

Mark Sowers, Ben Ford, and Michael Larson
Nominating Committee

After we are gone, will our star remember us?

On June 20th 2021 at 2:44 PM PDT the Sun will move into the sign of Cancer, signaling the moment of the Summer Solstice here in Sonoma County. June 21st will be the first full day of Summer. The Summer Solstice is celebrated all over the world with many traditions that involve fire which symbolizes the Sun.

I remember almost wistfully the Solstice celebration my CUUPs group in Manchester CT held on a member’s farm. We met in the farmhouse and had a potluck supper while we waited for dusk. We then walked down the green and lush grassy hill and stood around the fire, telling stories and celebrating the longer days to come. I seem to remember some Mead wine. At a certain point we even ‘gasp’ took off our clothes and leapt over the fire. We made sure the fire had died down by then; none of us were Olympic athletes. Our lives are made up of memories of special days and events that we carry with us until we no longer need memories.

People all over the world since the beginning of time have created celebrations and carried those memories with them and passed them on to the next generation. Stonehenge and the great pyramids were built to measure time, and even today new excavations are exposing other places built to mark the four markers of the seasons, Summer and Winter Solstices, Fall and Spring Equinoxes.

The marking of time on our Mother has been with us since the beginning of it. We mark our own personal time here with our age and our memories. We pass our memories on to the next generation through our lives lived and stories we tell. Whenever I read an obituary or hear the story of someone dearly remembered I am honored to have a piece of that person’s life become a part of my memory. What better way to be reborn? 

We are marking more than a year of memories that many of us would like to forget, but these are the markers of our lives, maybe they should not be forgotten. I propose we acknowledge those memories, celebrate and hold on to some of them and release the others out into the universe. It’s big enough to hold those memories too painful for us. Build your own California bonfire; maybe a fireproof skillet on saturated bare ground next to the garden hose. Light a tea candle in it and mentally commit your painful memories to the flame. Celebrate the longer days with only those memories that nurture your spirit and feed the soul of those around you. Make your Summer Solstice a day of healing, a day of going forward and celebrate our Sun which makes this possible.

Blessed Be!
Lucia Kasulis

From the Diversity Project

Moving Beyond Bias Workshops

Diversity Project member Libia will be facilitating a workshop that will help participants recognize and address implicit racial bias. Titled "Moving Beyond Bias", participants will engage in educational activities over two days. Libia will be offering an IN-PERSON workshop in June and a VIRTUAL workshop in September. The in-person workshop will be open to 20-25 participants.

Sign up by filling out this Google Form or emailing Libia at libia.marqueza.castro@gmail.com with your name and preferred workshop date. 

June 18, 9:00 - 1:00
June 19, 12:00 - 4:00

September 11, 9:00 - 1:00
September 12, 1:00 - 5:00

The Zoom link for the virtual workshop will be sent out a week before the training. 
Please fill out the Google Form (https://forms.gle/b82TRGM7kqcKDc5j7) if you are interested. 

Borders and Beyond

170 Teddy Bears collected for kids at the border!

As of this writing UUCSR has collect 170 Teddy Bears, and many other stuffed critters, to take to the lonely and frightened children who have crossed the border alone into the United States. They will be driven down by

Gente Unida is a 501c organization in San Diego. Their focus is helping migrant children, especially those at the San Diego Convention ctr. right now. There are a maximum of 1450 children ages 4 to 17 in the shelter, mostly girls, however lately more 4-12 year olds of both sexes have come in. They stay for 30 days and, hopefully, are transported to where they have a relative.

Gente Unida is collecting new only (due to Covid) stuffed animals of all types, not just Teddy Bears. Since there is such a high turnover, they are constantly delivering items to the shelter. Sometimes there are special requests, such as soccer balls.

Enrique Morales, the Director of Gente Unida, has spoken at the San Diego congregation a number of times for their “Share the Basket!" He says they tell him he is a UU at heart.

Share the Basket / Advocates for Social Justice
Building beloved community through our generosity is alive and well at UUCSR, and in the months ahead you’ll hear from several new organizations you’ve recommended to us recently.

Here’s the schedule for Shares with outside organizations through early September:

May 23 – Lifeworks of Sonoma County
June 13 – Social Advocates for Youth (SAY)
June 20 – Project Censored
June 27 – Listening for a Change

In July, we’ll share the basket with Raices Texas, which provides immigrant support services in the border areas of Texas and was recommended by our Borders & Beyond Group. They’ll introduce their activities during the services on both July 4th and July 18th.

In August, we’ll come back closer to home and share our basket with Community Health Care of Santa Rosa. They’ll introduce their activities during the services on both August 15th and August 29th.

We hope this will give more people a chance to hear about and consider supporting these organizations, even in the summer months when fewer of us attend services. Let any of us on the Share subcommittee know how you like this experiment – or just reflect your feelings by whether and how you contribute 😊.

Here's a summary of what we’ve shared with external organizations recently:

KBBF Bilingual Radio (January 10) -- $350
Food For All – Valley of the Moon (January 24) -- $985
Friends in Sonoma Helping (FISH, February 28) -- $315
Catholic Charities (March 28) -- $286

Donations to the support Saturday Breakfast between July 1 (start of our fiscal year) and March 31 were $21,794. In that period, Saturday  Breakfast had spent $12,576 to provide nutritious take-away lunches to people in our community.

Thanks for your contributions in support of these organizations, and also for your support of the congregation through your sustaining pledges and other gifts.

Your A4SJ Share the Offering team – Elaine Wellin, Judy Elliott, Lynn Riepenhoff, Paul Brockmann, Serge Zimberoff

Musical Notes
“Anticipation, anticipation, is makin' me late, is keepin' me waitin'”
— Carly Simon, 1971

It's hard to believe it's been 50 years since Carly Simon sang that song. But it's been on my mind recently. We've waited over a year and now we anticipate singing together again, but we must keep waiting, "just a little while longer". (That's another song I've had stuck in my head lately.)

In a few days, just before the end of May, some of us folks suffering from "singing together withdrawal" are getting together to record a song. I'll let the song itself be a surprise, but expect to hear it at a service in the next few weeks.

Of course, all of us who will participate in this in-person session at the Howseman's are fully vaccinated and pose little risk to each other. Although we will still exercise restraint in touching each other.

We eagerly await the rollout of in-person services coming soon, which will include, in some form or another, actually singing together as a congregation, even if it's through a mask. But for now, let's hope you can join us via Zoom or YouTube and sing along with us virtually.  

If you'd like to become a part of the music ministry at UUCSR, or have any questions, email a Music Coordinator (musicians@uusantarosa.org) or the Choir Director (choir@uusantarosa.org). 

Stay safe and keep singing!
--Randy Jones
Caring Connections Committee
Most of us experience emergency situations a few times in our lives.

For example, following surgery, a serious illness, or the death of a loved one, we’re unable to carry-on with our normal life for several days. Usually, family or neighbors step-in to help, but some of us don’t have those resources. That’s when the Caring Connections Committee volunteers can offer short-term help for UUCSR members, such as essential shopping, delivering a few meals, or providing a ride to pharmacies or medical appointments. We also have a list of referrals for services we are not able to offer "in-house."

Gretchen Vap, our Outreach Coordinator, is a retired nurse practitioner who is available for consult. To request help or volunteer, contact Gretchen Vap or committee chair Mac Freeman.

COSM / Book Group / Older & Bolder / Drums
We are COSM, the Committee on Shared Ministry. The current committee consists of Maria Praetzellis (chair), Susan Bartholome, Frances Corman, Kitty Wells, David Reitzell and Rev. Chris. We are charged with ensuring the health of the congregation by encouraging communication within the congregation, providing conflict resolution when needed, as well as supporting the minister.

This committee also participates in the yearly evaluation of the minister that we complete and submit to the Board of Trustees each February. We are here for both the minister and YOU, the congregation. So, talk with us! All communications with COSM are confidential. Feel welcome to call any of the COSM members. Our individual numbers are in the directory.

The book group will meet via Zoom on Thursday April 8th from 4-6 p.m.  The book for April is  Where the Crawdads Sing  by Delia Owens. In May we will read  Warlight by Michael Ondatje.  Newcomers and visitors are welcome. Contact Linda Lampson for more information.  

Older and Bolder women’s group—for women congregants who are 80 and older. We continue to meet at 10:30 on the second and fourth Mondays of each month. We are fortunate that Chlele Gummer has agreed to set up our meetings; she has a list of the current members and sends emails to them with instructions each meeting day. For further information call Phyllis Clement at 823-0925, or Shirley White, Dorris Lee, or Clare Whitfield.

Our open drum circle, hosted by Stacy Sincheff, meets every Friday from 3:00 - 5:00 in the Courtyard. All are welcome!

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