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10:15 AM in Sanctuary
Sunday, April 1, 2018
“Easter Sunday: Seeds!”
Rev. Florence Caplow

Every Easter we celebrate renewal: renewal of the land, renewal of hope, renewal of life. This Easter will be dedicated to the promise of seeds. Rev. Caplow will draw on her long experience as a botanist to tell stories about seeds and their miraculous powers. The UUCUC Choir and the CrUUners will be singing. Easter hats are welcome!
Sunday, April 8, 2018
“In a Dark Time, the Eye Begins to See” 
Scott Russell Sanders, Guest Speaker

Scott Russell Sanders is an author, essayist, Professor Emeritus from Indiana University, and a member of the UU Church of Bloomington Indiana. His eighteen books include Hunting for Hope, Staying Put, A Private History of Awe, Divine Animal, and several children’s books ( http://www.scottrussellsanders.com/ ).

In this multi-media sermon, Scott Russell Sanders will share stories evoking ordinary wealth and everyday beauty, both outward and inward, to show our capacity for kindness, compassion, cooperation, playfulness, and peacefulness, countering the dominant culture—especially our political culture—that dramatizes our capacity for violence, deceit, cruelty, selfishness, and corruption.

There will be a book-signing after the service. The UUCUC Children’s Choir will be singing.

Bookmark our UUCUC Events webpage for future reference.
Maundy Thursday Worship Service will be held in the Sanctuary TONIGHT at 6 pm.

Maundy Thursday is a Christian holy day remembering the Last Supper. This service will tie in closely with the March 25 service on "Christianity and Universalism in the UU Church Today". All are welcome and encouraged to attend. Lane Schwartz will be leading a brief worship service that will examine a modern theology of Universalism and Christianity. The service will include communion, in which all are welcome to partake.
Upcoming Racial Justice Initiative (RJI) Meetings. Want to get even more involved in the Racial Justice Initiative? Our April meetings are Sunday April 8 th (9:00am, UUCUC Library) and Thursday April 26 th (5:30pm, Fellowship Hall). Please join us.
UUCUC Mindfulness Meditation Group Join fellow UU's in a mindfulness meditation practice before worship service on Sundays ( detailed schedule ) in the YRUU room. As always, the door will be left slightly open so that late arrivals can enter quietly.
An Easter egg hunt will be held for children preschool through 5th grade after service . Remember to bring your basket to church this Sunday.
Exploring Whiteness Class – There is still room to join our upcoming Exploring Whiteness class. The class will meet on the first four Mondays in April (2, 9, 16, 23) from 6:30-9 pm in the Children's Chapel at UUCUC. Group size will be limited to 20. We encourage people to commit to all 4 meetings if you wish to join the class.

Please email ExploringWhitenessUUCUC@gmail.com if you would like to participate. 

The class will focus on a variety of educational and personal exploration activities related to whiteness and the institutional systems that favor whites and reinforce inequality. Opportunities to take action related to broad racial justice topics will be offered.
Service AUUction Needs YOU!

By the time you read this it will be only a week to go until the 2018 Service AUUction, and your AUUction Team really needs you to get your donations in and to buy your tickets! We will be selling tickets after church on Sunday (April 1 st), which will be your last opportunity to get them at the pre-sale price of $10/person and $30/family (tickets purchased the night of are $12/person $35/family and, more importantly, make it hard for us to get the right amount of food).  We also need all of your donations to be in by Monday, April 2 nd so that they can be included in the catalog . This year’s theme is “Rainbows and UUnicorns: Come to Your Happy Place”. Please help your AUUction Committee get to THEIR happy place by buying your tickets and getting those donations in soon.

If you are curious as to the kinds of things you’ll be able to bid on at the event, head on over to the AUUction website where you can find the catalog of donations that we have so far. While you’re there, use our handy web form to volunteer to help with the event itself (we need desserts!), or to enter your donations. You can also find answers there to other questions you might have. You can also feel free to email auction@uucuc.org with questions or, even better, with your donations and volunteer offers!
Sign-up for the next Circle Supper that is planned for Sunday, April 8 at 5:00 pm. Email Scott Godlew or visit the HUB table to add your name to the list, last day to sign up is this Sunday, April 1st. Please join in the fellowship and fun as we rekindle this UUCUC tradition.
Mark your calendars for the Partner Church Brunch on April 15, 2018. Please come and do something good by eating! Our Transylvanian /Hungarian Fundraising Brunch will be served in the Fellowship Hall, right after church service on April 15, 2015. Don’t eat too much breakfast! 

We are also celebrating the 450th anniversary of the Edict of Torda, the Act of Religious Tolerance for the Kingdom of Transylvania. This happened in the year 1568! And it is the beginning of our church history. Torda is close to our partner church in Szekelykal, and the Act of Torda is celebrated all year long this year by our churches in Transylvania.

All proceeds of the brunch are to support our Partner Churches in Transylvania and India.
We hope to see you on Sunday, April 15, 2018!
Join us for one of our next Pathway to Membership Classes!

Sunday, April 29, 12:30-3:30 pm or Monday, April 30, 5:30 - 8:30 pm in the UUCUC Children's Chapel.
In this fast-paced and interactive class for those considering membership with UUCUC, you'll learn about the principles and foundation of the Unitarian Universalist Church. You'll also learn about the governance of UUCUC, activities and opportunities available to our church community, our social action mission, religious education offerings, and the role you can play as a supporter. Anyone age 14 and up can become a UUCUC member.
At the completion of this class, you'll have an opportunity to "sign the book" and become a member of UUCUC. A Light meal will be provided at each class and child care is available with prior arrangement. 
For questions and to sign up, email  Sherry Bohlen  or (217) 417-1148. There will also be a sign-up sheet on the HUB table in Fellowship Hall throughout the month.  
When signing up, please indicate whether you're signing up for the Sunday or the Monday class. 
Making Connections within UUCUC. Why did you come to our church community? Have you found what you’re looking for? Is there something that you’re seeking that’s not yet offered? Click here to view our most recent “Connect with Us” listing of our current groups and committees. Contact people for each group or committee are listed. Connect with them for further information. They’ll love to hear from you and will welcome you to join them.

Please survey our current list, and if you see a need that isn’t being filled, contact Sherry Bohlen  MembershipCoodinator@uucuc.org and talk about creating a group to meet that need. Our “Connect with Us” offerings are not static. They are ever-changing and expanding. Let’s work together to create what helps you to stay connected. 
As we are getting closer to the year end of our fiscal/church year, please be aware when writing checks and designating in the memo line which church year (or pledge year) you want your donation allocated. Our fiscal/church year starts July 1 and ends June 30. This helps us process your contribution appropriately. Thank you in advance.
Library Available During Hospitality. Those looking for a quieter spot for conversation are invited to use the Library off of Fellowship Hall during our Hospitality Hour.
Joys and Sorrows

Cindy Loui - Concern for Anne Newman whose sister Mary Kay passed away earlier this week.

Kathy Frizzell - I've been looking for new heroes and happy to follow this country's youth and joining in their "March For Our Lives" yesterday along with many others from this congregation. They have found a way to advance conversation which has been stuck and controlled for so long.

Jenny Hunt - Joy and pride for the new movement that young people across the country ignited with yesterday's "March For Our Lives".
Celebration of Life Service for Ruth Walker on Saturday, April 7, 1- 3:30 pm at Channing Murray Foundation
Ruth was a long-time member of Channing Murray - a poet, artist, dedicated organic gardener and lover of possums. Her children are planning a Quaker-style service with a reception to follow. Ruth was a vibrant person - she will be missed.  
Part 4 in a Series from the Welcoming Congregation Assessment Team

An Introduction to Asexuality

The official definition of asexuality is a lack of sexual attraction. This does not preclude strong affectionate or romantic feelings toward another person. However, as with most definitions regarding human sexuality, many people who identify as asexual, or “ace,” consider themselves to lie on a continuum. Some consider themselves “demisexual,” which means they only feel sexual attraction after a strong romantic bond has been created. Other ace folks simply have no interest in sex, but will engage in sexual activities to bring pleasure to a romantic partner or because they wish to have children. Others will maintain strong romantic ties to another person without a sexual element to the relationship, while others don’t experience romantic attraction. Attractional or romantic orientation can be to one gender (hetero- or homoromantic) or to more than one (bi- or panromantic). For more information, you can visit https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Asexuality or https://www.asexuality.org/
SRI Task Force Recommends Amendment to UUCUC Bylaws.  On May 6, our congregation will be asked to consider an amendment to the UUCUC Bylaws that would require Trust Fund Trustees to incorporate a strategy of socially responsible investing (SRI) into their investment decisions. The proposed amendment grew out of a year-long initiative by the Social Action Committee and subsequent SRI Task Force as they studied the benefits, feasibility and potential financial impacts of considering social good, as well as financial return and risk in selecting investments. The practice of SRI has grown dramatically in recent years, as an increasing number of socially and and environmentally conscious investors have sought to avoid investments in companies associated with unethical practices or harmful products and services. The Unitarian Universalist Association has been committed to SRI strategies for over forty years, formally establishing a Socially Responsible Investing Committee in 2000.

In recent weeks, the Task Force has hosted three congregational information meetings and has plans for at least one more. Proposed SRI guidelines, as well as a document entitled “Questions and Answers on the Proposed Move to Socially Responsible Investing at UUCUC” will be highlighted in forthcoming issues of eNews. For more information, contact Lan Richart at (773) 556-3417.
The Shared Offering recipient of all designated funds and half of the plate cash collection in March is Partner for People & Place /Jatropha Projenou. Improving land and livelihoods in Haiti. When people in poverty can tap into their talents and wisely use the land they live on, they can shape their lives for a better tomorrow. Helping them make this journey is what we do. www.peopleandplace.org
Upcoming RE Dates

Sunday, April 1
Regular RE classes resume. There will be an Easter egg hunt after the service!

Sunday, April 8
Regular RE classes. Children’s Choir will be singing, children
and youth begin in Worship Service.

Sunday, April 15
Regular RE classes.
Dates are subject to change. For the most up-to-date information, visit our UUCUC Calendar page .

Note: Parenthesised meetings/events are outside rentals. Asterisk meetings/events are closed.
Thursday, March 29
(Rental: Many Paths: an Agnostic AA) / 6:00 pm / Classroom #1
Racial Justice Initiative (RJI) Meeting / 5:30 pm / Fellowship Hall
Maundy Thursday Worship Service / 6:00 pm / Sanctuary
Friday, March 30
Moving Forward Divorce/Separation Group / 3:30 pm / YRUU Classroom
Saturday, March 31
(Rental: Many Paths: an Agnostic AA) / 4:30 pm / Classroom #1
Sunday, April 1
Choir Rehearsal / 9:00 am / Sanctuary
Children's Choir Rehearsal / 9:15 am / Classroom #1
Mindful Meditation Group / 9:20 am / YRUU Classroom
Worship Service / 10:15 am / Sanctuary
Young Adult Group / 11:30 am / Table in Fellowship Hall
Egg Hunt! / after service

Monday, April 2
Bridge Group / 1:00 pm / Children's Chapel
"Exploring Whiteness" Class / 6:30 pm / Children's Chapel
Tuesday, April 3
(Rental: DSC Playgroup) / 9:00 am / Nursery
Personnel Committee Meeting / 5:00 pm / Library
Worship Committee Meeting / 7:00 pm / Library
Wednesday, April 4
eNews and OOS content is due to pubs@uucuc.org by noon
CrUUners Rehearsal / 6:00 pm / Sanctuary 
Adult Choir Rehearsal / 7:00 pm / Sanctuary
Thursday, April 5
(Rental: Many Paths: an Agnostic AA) / 6:00 pm / Classroom #1
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April 4 by Noon (or earlier)
April 2018 Uniter: March 30
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