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10:15 AM in Sanctuary
Sunday, April 15, 2018 
“In Praise of Continuity” 
Rev. Florence Caplow and 50-Year+ Members of UUCUC

We have met many new members of UUCUC in the last year. This service will celebrate our most long-term members, those who have been members for fifty years or more. Come here stories and learn what has kept them coming back for all these decades. The UUCUC Choir will be singing.
Sunday, April 22, 2018
“Earth Day: Skin in the Game.”  
Rev. Scott Aaseng

Working for justice can sometimes seem like a matter of giving up what we want and acting entirely for the sake of others. But is there a way of looking at acting for justice as something in which we have a stake in what happens – with our own skin in the game? In this Earth Day service, Rev. Aaseng will explore how environmental justice involves us all.
Rev. Scott Aaseng is a UU minister and the executive director of the Unitarian Universalist Advocacy Network of Illinois (UUANI). The UUCUC Children’s Choir and the UUCUC band will be singing.

Rev. Florence Caplow and Julie Laut will be leading a service on the #MeToo movement on Sunday, April 29th. The movement, begun on Twitter, has helped survivors of sexual violence around the world find empowerment by finally giving voice to their experiences, and has subsequently begun to challenge the prevalence of sexual assault and harassment in the workplace and beyond. 

In addition to music, poetry, and reflections, we would like to read aloud stories of survivors (or family members of survivors) from our congregation. We invite you to share your reflections with us in a concise (~200 word) reflection, to be read by one of us or a worship associate. In order to provide a safe space for reflection and support, we will not focus on detailed stories of assault and harassment. Rather, we invite stories of the personal impact of what happened for you, healing, and survival. You could also address how the #MeToo movement has been for you.Please send your stories to Rev. Florence at  minister@uucuc.org  by April 23rd. All submissions will remain completely anonymous. 

Bookmark our UUCUC Events webpage for future reference.
Upcoming Racial Justice Initiative (RJI) Meetings. Want to get even more involved in the Racial Justice Initiative? Our next meeting is Thursday April 26 th (5:30 pm, Fellowship Hall). Please join us.
UUCUC Mindfulness Meditation Group Join fellow UU's in a mindfulness meditation practice before worship service on Sundays ( detailed schedule ) in the YRUU room. As always, the door will be left slightly open so that late arrivals can enter quietly.
Meditation at Channing Murray Foundation Resumes Tonight April 12th. Rev. Caplow will resume leading meditation at Channing Murray, 1209 W. Oregon St., every Thursday from 4:30 to 5:30 pm. All are welcome, no experience necessary, by donation. 
Mark your calendars for the Partner Church Brunch on April 15, 2018. Please come and do something good by eating! Our Transylvanian/Hungarian Fundraising Brunch will be served in the Fellowship Hall, right after church service on April 15, 2015. Don’t eat too much breakfast!  Suggested donation $10...Hungarian Goulash, salads, sandwich station with all the fixins, desserts, cherry soup. All proceeds of the brunch are to support our Partner Churches in Transylvania and India.
How to Die in Oregon – Free film showing hosted by the UUCUC Death with Dignity Group. 

Saturday, April 21st, 9:00am, UUCUC Fellowship Hall.

In How to Die in Oregon, filmmaker Peter Richardson gently enters the lives of the terminally ill as they consider whether – and when – to end their lives by lethal overdose. Richardson examines both sides of this complex, emotionally charged issue. What emerges is a life-affirming, staggeringly powerful portrait of what it means to die with dignity. Post-film discussion will follow. Winner of the 2011 Sundance Film Festival Grand Jury Prize for Documentaries. Preview the trailer.
Black Lives Matter Banner Discussion - RJI is hosting a discussion to answer questions or concerns people may have about the public display of the Black Lives Matter banner. Please join us on Sunday, April 29th at noon in the Fellowship Hall.  Please RSVP so that we know how much pizza and childcare to provide.
Join us for one of our next Pathway to Membership Classes!

Sunday, April 29, 2018, 12:30-3:30 pm or
Monday, April 30, 2018, 5:30 - 8:30 pm

UUCUC Children's Chapel

Light meal will be provided at each class and child care is available.

In this fast-paced and interactive class for those considering membership with UUCUC, you'll learn about the principles and foundation of the Unitarian Universalist Church. You'll also learn about the governance of UUCUC, activities and opportunities available to our church community, our social action mission, religious education offerings, and the role you can play as a supporter. Anyone age 14 and up can become a UUCUC member.

At the completion of this class, you'll have an opportunity to "sign the book" and become a member of UUCUC. Choose one of the classes and sign up today!

For questions and to sign up, email Membership Coordinator Sherry Bohlen or call (217) 384-8862. There will also be a sign-up sheet on the HUB table in Fellowship Hall throughout the month.

CLICK HERE to register for Sunday April 29 Class

CLICK HERE to register for Monday April 30 Class
Note of apology from the Minister
Last Sunday's guest reflection by Scott Russell Sanders, which was made up of three short fiction pieces in response to photographs, evoked feelings for some that his choice to "imagine" the experience of people of color and people experiencing oppression, without knowing the context of the photographs, was hurtful and disturbing. 

I realize that not everyone may have felt this way, but I want to sincerely thank those who approached me with their concerns, and apologize for my part in what happened. I thought I knew Scott's writing well, particularly his self-reflective personal essays, and so I didn't ask him to send me his reflection ahead of time. If I had asked for his script, I could have steered him toward a different approach, one more connected to his own life and experience, and more in alignment with our justice values. As your called minister, I know that I am ultimately accountable for Sunday mornings, both when I am speaking and even when others are speaking, and this is even more important as we change and grow in our commitment to social justice. 

For that reason, I ask forgiveness from those who found last Sunday's reflection difficult. I hope to work with the Worship Committee to provide some context about us for lay and guest speakers in the future, and I am always willing to sit down and talk with anyone about any of our services. We are all learning and growing together.

Blessings - Rev. Florence Caplow
Our Monthly Book & Magazine Exchange is Sunday. Bring in your books and magazines for exchange in Fellowship Hall after our service on Sunday, April 15. Books and magazines can be for children and adults. You can take home books or magazines without donating any and vice versa.
Monday, April 16 is the last date to sign "The Book" and become a member of the church if you want to vote at the May 6 Annual Meeting!  To arrange to sign and complete membership papers, email Sherry Bohlen .
Table Hosts Needed for Intergenerational Hospitality Hour Mixer. The Membership Committee is looking for 12 table hosts to assist with our intergenerational hospitality hour mixer scheduled after our service on Sunday, April 29. Duties include facilitating simple conversational activities for the group of 8 - 10 at your table. If you can assist, contact Peggy Patten at mspeggypatten@gmail.com
Matt Tittle , with the worsening of his symptoms of glioblastoma, has entered hospice. He and Gail are still coming on Sundays, when they can, but you may see Matt in a wheelchair. They are grateful for the support of so many in the church.  
Joys and Sorrows

Jerry Carden & Tim Temple - A candle of concern for Tom Gillespie, long-time member of our church, who is coping with his diagnosis of ALS and letting others know. Cards and notes are welcome but no visit or phone calls.

Christine Cahill - Please hold my husband, Michael, in your thoughts and prayers. He is on medical leave from his job as a 2nd grade teacher at Robeson. He continues to be very nauseated and dizzy. On a joyous note, son Tristan was accepted in to the JET program and will begin teaching English in Japan in August.

Umeeta Sadarangani - Much gratitude for all who made the auction such a success and special joy for our youth who served us so graciously.

Anonymous - Thank you all for the MLK service.
Socially Responsible Investing. On May 6, our congregation will be asked to consider an amendment to the UUCUC Bylaws that would require Trust Fund Trustees to incorporate a strategy of socially responsible investing (SRI) into their investment decisions. The proposal of this amendment is based on a belief that none one of us wants to make financial returns at the expense of seriously harming ourselves, other humans, or our planet. Where we place our financial assets and how those assets are ultimately used, should, to the maximum extent practicable, reflect our faith and our values. Our goal would be to seek reasonable financial return, minimize risk, while at the same time considering our investments’ impact on social good.

Studies have shown that on average, SRI funds perform competitively with non-SRI funds. While returns on investment of SRI funds vary, as they do for all funds, the belief that investing for good means sacrificing return is not true. A 2014 study by TIAA CREF of leading SRI equity indexes determined that over the 24-year period from 1990 to 2014, there was no statistical difference in SRI returns compared to broad market benchmarks.

To learn more, join the SRI Task Force on Sunday, April 22nd at 9:00 AM. in Fellowship Hall. Click on the following links to view “Questions and Answers on the Proposed Move to Socially Responsible Investing at UUCUC” or the proposed Guidelines . For more information, contact Lan Richart at 773-556-3417.
Part 6 in a Series from the Welcoming Congregation Assessment Team

Nonbinary is a term within the transgender umbrella, which we define as being outside the gender binary of male and female. There are many diverse identities within the nonbinary community, and even more variations of gender expression. You can be nonbinary and dress masculine, or feminine, a mix of both, or neither. Nonbinary is not a new thing made up by teenagers on tumblr. Nonbinary people exist in all places around the world, and nonbinary genders are acknowledged and celebrated in quite a few cultures. In fact, the idea that there are only 2 genders is a very western-centric perspective on gender. One way you can support trans and nonbinary people is to politely ask everyone you meet for their pronouns, and provide your own. This may seem awkward, but many people who “look” like a certain gender may feel more comfortable being addressed a different way. This simple action can help provide visibility and safety for trans and nonbinary people.
Our April Shared Offering is supporting RACES (Rape Advocacy, Counseling & Education Services) and is the only agency dedicated to serving the needs of survivors of sexual violence in Champaign, Ford, Piatt and Douglas Counties. RACES provides counseling, court advocacy, medical advocacy, and hosts a 24/7 rape crisis hotline. Sexual violence prevention education is an important part of our vision to end sexual violence in a generation: our educators reach thousands of children, youth and adults each year through age-appropriate prevention programs.

RACES is an agency that people don’t like to think about until a loved one needs it; at that time, RACES will be there to listen, believe and support.
Would you like more resources to self-educate about racial justice? CU Showing Up for Racial Justice has gathered many to support you. Check out the Resources and Education tab at  www.cusurj.org
Tap into Your SUUperpowers!

Have you ever thought of teaching RE? We are recruiting teachers now for the 2018-19 church year. It would be such a fantastic demonstration of our active and committed congregation to have our teaching roster full by the end of May. Work with a dedicated and fun team of teachers (i.e., you are not alone!) through the year, or maybe just for a semester. Curriculums including individual lesson plans are provided. Be a part of the amazing things that happen downstairs! 

There will be a sign-up poster in Fellowship Hall. Current teachers will be available for questions and conversation. We will have next year's curriculums out and available to look at, but they are also available online at:  https://www.uua.org/re/tapestry/children .

Pre-K: Chalice Children
K-1: Love Surrounds Us
2-3: Love Will Guide Us
4-5: Love Connects Us
6: Riddle and Mystery
7-8: Coming of Age
YRUU: sets their own curriculum

Please consider joining the fun - we have amazingly insightful and kind children!
Upcoming RE Dates

Sunday, April 15
Regular RE classes.

Sunday, April 22
Regular RE classes. Children's Choir will sing. Youth and children will begin in the Sanctuary.

Sunday, April 29
Regular RE classes.
Dates are subject to change. For the most up-to-date information, visit our UUCUC Calendar page .

Note: Parenthesised meetings/events are outside rentals. Asterisk meetings/events are closed.
Thursday, April 12
(Rental: Many Paths: an Agnostic AA) / 6:00 pm / Classroom #1
Saturday, April 14
Loss of Life Partner Covenant Group / 11:30 am / Library
(Rental: Many Paths: an Agnostic AA) / 4:30 pm / Classroom #1
Sunday, April 15
Choir Rehearsal / 9:00 am / Sanctuary
Children's Choir Rehearsal / 9:15 am / Classroom #1
Mindful Meditation Group / 9:20 am / YRUU Classroom
Worship Service / 10:15 am / Sanctuary
Young Adult Group / 11:30 am / Table in Fellowship Hall
Monthly Book & Magazine Exchange / After Service in Fellowship Hall
Partner Church Brunch / After Service in Fellowship Hall

Monday, April 16
Bridge Group / 1:00 pm / Children's Chapel
"Exploring Whiteness" Class / 6:30 pm / Children's Chapel
Caregiver's Chalice Circle / 7:00 pm / Library
Moving Forward Divorce/Separation Group / 7:30 pm / YRUU Classroom

Tuesday, April 17
(Rental: DSC Playgroup) / 9:00 am / Nursery
UU Feminist Book Group / 7:00 pm / Library
Social Action Committee / 7:00 pm / Fellowship Hall
Wednesday, April 18
eNews, OOS and Uniter content is due to pubs@uucuc.org no later than noon
Membership Committee Meeting / 4:00 pm / Fellowship Hall
CrUUners Rehearsal / 6:00 pm / Sanctuary 
Adult Choir Rehearsal / 7:00 pm / Sanctuary
Thursday, April 19
Mediation Class with Rev. Florence / 4:30 pm / Channing-Murray
(Rental: Many Paths: an Agnostic AA) / 6:00 pm / Classroom #1
Reflective Writing Chalice Circle / 7:00 pm / Library
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