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10:15 AM in Fellowship Hall
Summer Services will be held in our air-conditioned Fellowship Hall starting on Sunday, June 17th and will continue in Fellowship Hall until Sunday, September 2, 2018.
Sunday, July 8, 2018
"All Are Called"
Amanda Owings, Mona Shannon and Worship Committee

Annually, Unitarian Universalists from across the world gather together to worship, to learn, and to collectively make decisions as an Association of Congregations. The theme of this year's General Assembly (GA) was, "All Are Called". 18 people of this congregation joined about 2,800 participants. In this service, we will explore the powerful challenge and beautiful spirit behind those three simple words.
Sunday, July 15, 2018
"Her/Hymn Sing"
Barbara Hudgings and Worship Committee

Learn about women composers throughout history and also sing favorite hymns.

Bookmark our UUCUC Events webpage for future reference.
UUCUC Mindfulness Meditation Group Join fellow UU's in a mindfulness meditation practice before worship service on Sundays ( detailed schedule ) in the YRUU room. As always, the door will be left slightly open so that late arrivals can enter quietly.
Hospitable Parking - Please reserve spaces in the parking lot for guests and newcomers and for persons with limited mobilty. You'll find a map of close-by parking areas at the Connections Hub table in Fellowship Hall.
Our Minister, the Rev. Florence Caplow, is on vacation and study leave from June 28th to August 8th. For pastoral care needs, please contact Cindy Loui at cindyloui83@gmail.com, and all other needs, contact our UUCUC Office Manager, Rosalyn Maziarka at admin@uucuc.org or call the church office at (217) 384-8862.
The new Fiscal Year is upon us! A friendly reminder that the 2018-2019 fiscal year starts this Sunday, July 1st! When making pledge payments, please note in the memo field which fiscal year you would like your payment to be applied.
All are invited to a Celebration of Life for Matt Tittle on Tuesday, July 10 at 5:30 p.m. at UUCUC Fellowship Hall.
William C. Saunders, former UUCUC minister (1985-1995), died unexpectedly on June 26th from complications of a second round of chemotherapy for prostrate cancer. His two sons and their families plus his wife were able to be there.
Joys and Sorrows

Cindy Loui - A concern for Tom Neufer Emswiler who is still recovering from a lengthy hospitalization.

Jerry Carden - Following the very violent and sudden deaths of Tim's Aunt Miriam & Uncle Toby - my 92 year old, emaciated 85 lb mother started a decline on Wednesday, June 20th, I drove back to Iowa that day, expecting a quick demise. My sister Joyce and I held vigil for a full week - telling her it was okay to go, and all the methods we'd heard to ease someone's journey. She finally passed on Wednesday, June 27th. Tim and I will be in Iowa most of the coming week for the services on Thursday, July 5th. Thanks to all of you for the cards, calls & comments on Facebook. They are a great comfort. This was our fourth family death since April 20th.

Katriena Knights - 1) Joy for the great turnout & all the support at the Families Belong Together rally on Saturday, June 30th. 2) Joy that I somehow made it through probation & am now a permanent employee at the U of I. 3) Safe travels for my daughter & her boyfriend as they travel to Colorado to visit her dad.
Do you need a ride to church? Would you be willing to give a ride to a fellow congregant? We are so pleased to announce that Anne Reeser (217) 369-1764 has generously volunteered to coordinate rides to church on Sundays for those who need them. If you need a ride, call Anne by Saturday night. If you are willing to be on a list for giving people rides please call Anne today and let her know so she can have a list of drivers to call on. 
July Shared Offering is supporting Salt & Light Ministries.

Salt & Light Ministries is a nonprofit ministry created in 2004 whose vision is to share love by fighting poverty with dignity through opportunities that engage, empower, and equip for lasting change.

Toward this end, Salt & Light Ministries offers workplace preparedness through job preparedness instruction, practical work experience in its grocery store in Urbana and its thrift stores in Urbana and Champaign and also offers classes in financial education. Computer labs offer introductory computer skills and free internet Wi-Fi.

The recently-opened facility on Philo Road in Urbana offers food choices in a high-density area underserved for healthy food choices.

Shared Offering Note: All designated checks/envelopes and half of the Sunday plate offerings in July will be sent directly to Salt & Light Ministries. Thank you in advance for your generous support.
Summer religious education classes for K-5 will be in Children's Chapel. The nursery will be available for babies, toddlers, and preschoolers.
A wonderful opportunity for OWL (Our Whole Lives) training close to home!
Where? Unitarian Universalist Church Bloomington-Normal 1613 E Emerson, Bloomington, IL
When? July 19-21, 2018
July 19, Thursday: 5:00 dinner, 5:30-9:30 training (with snacks); July 20, Friday: 8:00 breakfast, 8:30-5:30 training (including lunch); July 21, Saturday: 8:00 breakfast, 8:30-2:30 training (including lunch)
Cost? $275 per person; Registration fee includes training sessions and all meals and snacks as indicated. Participants are responsible for the required materials, travel, and hotel accommodations.
UUCUC will pay the registration fee for two participants . If needed, there is room for help with accommodation as well. Those interested must be willing to commit to teach OWL twice as part of a team in the next five years.
To learn more about, you can find more details about the OWL curriculum are available at http://www.uua.org/re/owl .
If you are interested, please contact Jody Hanger, RE Assistant, at re-director@uucuc.org .
UUCUC’s Gastronomical Society (often referred to as “Gastro”) invites all members and friends of our church community to join them as they enjoy monthly meals together.
Gastro members are encouraged to take a turn at hosting in their home, a park, at the church, or at a restaurant. When a member hosts in their home, a park or at church, the host chooses a dinner theme with members contributing potluck style. It’s great fun and a wonderful way for members to try out an inventive or challenging new recipe or to share a tried-and-true family favorite! Gastro members not only love to eat – they love to cook and create!

In the last several years, Gastro has enjoyed a Chinese New Year celebration, a themed dinner with foods beginning with the letter “s”, a taste of Spain, refreshing summer fair, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, take-a-risk surprise, a Saturday brunch and German food at Riggs Beer Company. 

The group is striving for diversity and for inclusion of new members so think about signing up to be on the Gastro list. Each month, you’ll then receive an announcement of what the host for the month has planned and an invitation to sign up. 

When you receive the announcement of the month’s plan, sign up quickly! There is almost always a maximum number of people that the host can accommodate and, once that number has been reached, a wait-list is set up. 

July’s Gastro is being hosted by Thom and Sherry Bohlen and will be on Friday, July 20. The theme is an old-fashioned backyard picnic and members are invited to bring one of their favorite childhood picnic foods! The Bohlens assure you not-to-worry if the weather is too hot and humid. There’s ample space inside to sit and enjoy your “picnic” fare in the cool of the air-conditioned house! And (in the interest of preventing disease spread by fleas, ticks and mosquitos) they’ve treated their yard to prevent as many of those little critters as possible.

Terry and Barbara England promise old-fashioned root beer floats! Picnic’s on!! Don’t miss the fun.

To be added to the Gastro list, contact leader Terry England at englandba@comcast.net. Then watch for further details of the July event including directions to sign up.
Dates are subject to change. For the most up-to-date information, visit our UUCUC Calendar page .

Note: Parenthesised meetings/events are outside rentals. Asterisk meetings/events are closed.
Thursday, July 5
(Rental: Many Paths: an Agnostic AA) / 6:00 pm / Classroom #1
Saturday, July 7
(Rental: Many Paths: an Agnostic AA) / 4:30 pm / Classroom #1

Sunday, July 8
Mindfulness Mediation / 9:05 am / YRUU Classroom
Worship Service / 10:15 am / Fellowship Hall
Broadly Graded Summer RE / 10:15 / Children's Chapel
Young Adults Group / 11:30 am / Fellowship Hall

Monday, July 9
Bridge Group / 1:00 pm / Children's Chapel

Tuesday, July 10
(Rental: DSC Playgroup) / 9:00 am / Nursery
(Rev Matt Tittle Memorial) / 5:30 pm / Fellowship Hall
Board of Trustees Business Meeting / 7:00 pm / Classroom #1

Wednesday, July 11
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Thursday, July 12
(Rental: Many Paths: an Agnostic AA) / 6:00 pm / Classroom #1

Saturday, July 14
Loss of Life Partner Covenant Group / 11:00 am / Library
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