10:15 a.m. in Fellowship Hall
Sunday, July 23 - "The Poetry and Music of Summer” service. A UUCUC tradition, please join us and be a part of this service by (1) bringing a seasonal poem to read that is a favorite; or (2) bringing a seasonal poem that you have written to read; or (3) being ready to volunteer to read a poem selected by someone else; or (4) just sitting and being refreshed, moved, or inspired by the poetry and music of summer.

Sunday, July 30 - Choosing Discomfort: being bold, brave, and loving in the struggle for racial justice.  "Compared to experiencing racism, confronting racism is a walk on the beach with a slight chill and hazy sunset. (It is) a walk that gets easier the more you do it and with the more company you have along the way.” - Alissa Kokkins

Please join us for the next Racial Justice Initiative service. We’ll have stories, singing, music by the UU Band and CrUUners, Matthew Gladden, and Laura Robinson, and more. 
Mindful Meditation Group - As always, the door will be left slightly open so that late arrivals can enter quietly.

July 23rd - Unguided practice. Usual time: meet & setup at 9:20 am, start at 9:25 am. 

July 30 - Guided practice. Usual time: meet & setup at 9:20 am, start at 9:25 am. 
Sunday, July 23 -   The Emerald Lizard (Theme: Helping Others)

Sunday, July 30 - The Clever Boy and the Terrible, Dangerous Animal (Theme: Facing our Fears)

Be A RE Teacher! We want you, so join us for our 2017-2018 year Teacher Team Building on August 19th,  9:00 am – 12:30 pm. Come and learn more about UU and how to impact a child's life. Best of all, you can meet new (and old) friends! We would love to have you!

Save the date: Sunday, September 17, 2017 (after service) - The Religious Education Committee is hosting a "Stand by Me" potluck lunch that will center around racial justice. Join us for good food, good friends and good conversation. 
Kent Conrad Piano Fund Update

Astounding! In three short weeks, we have met our fundraising goal for the refurbished baby grand piano. Since a few donations are still coming in, we won't have a final total for you for another week, but gifts in the past week have clearly put us over our target. Donations beyond our goal will be used for repair and maintenance of our musical instruments and other needs for the music program. Thank you to all of you who stepped up so quickly to meet this challenge! There are many generous folks in our church.

Thank you from the Piano Task Force: Tanja Hodges (Chair), Jerry Carden, Bill Childers, Matthew Gladden, Jim Hannum, Anne Sharpe, Tim Temple, Charlie Wisseman, and Sarah Wisseman
July Shared Offering - Daily Bread Soup Kitchen

Our mission is to feed the hungry of our community regardless of race,religion, or ethnicity. We welcome all volunteers to this service who share an unconditional positive regard for every human being. We provide a safe respectful and inviting environment in an atmosphere of hope and dignity. We serve a hot meal of soup, salad, entree, dessert and beverage to over 200 guests per day, seven days a week. We are entirely volunteer run and depend on donations from individuals, churches, businesses and local grants. Please note July Shared Offering in the memo line of your donation to UUCUC. Thank you in advance for your generosity.  
Join us at the next UU Happy Hour on the fourth Thursday - July 27th, at the Sipyard in Urbana.  Sipyard is the unique outdoor beer garden that serves beer & wine from shipping containers in downtown Urbana!  It’s located in the open space between Pizza M & the Music store near the corner of Race and Main St.  You are welcome to bring in food, perhaps get a pizza from Pizza M. If it rains or is too hot we will meet at Pizza M. Come anytime between 5:00 and 7:00 pm to get together, chat, and enjoy the unique atmosphere of this place. For more information, go to Sipyard or email Russ Rybicki

Monday, July 24
Bridge Group |  1:00 pm  |  Children’s Chapel

Tuesday, July 25
BOT Studay Session |  7:00 pm  |  Library

Wednesday, July 26
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UU Retirement Group | 2:00 pm | Library
UU Band & CrUUners Rehearsal  | 7:00 pm | Fellowship Hall

Thursday, July 27
(Many Paths: an Agnostic AA) |  6:00 pm  |  Room #1
World Religions Book Group |  7:00 pm  |  Library

Saturday, July 29 
(Many Paths: an Agnostic AA) | 6:00 pm |  Room #1

Sunday, July 30
Mindful Meditation |  9:20 am  |  YRUU Room
Worship Service |  10:15 am  |  Fellowship Hall
Broadly Graded RE | 10:15 am  |  Room #2
Child Care |  10:15 am  | Room #3
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Our Staff 
Sherry Bohlen - Membership Coordinator, membershipcoordinator@uucuc.org
Beth Cobb – Assistant for Services
Stephanie Cobb – Kitchen Help
Mary Foltz – Childcare Coordinator
Joanne Giannino - Interim Minister, interim-minister@uucuc.org
Matthew Gladden, Accompanist 
Aaron Hlavatovich - Interim Weekday Custodian
Julie Laut - Board of Trustees, Chair
Rosalyn Maziarka - Office Administrator, admin@uucuc.org
Tom McDermott - Interim Sunday Custodian
Matt Sheppard - Music Director, music-director@uucuc.org
Cindy Wakeland - Director of Religious Education, re-director@uucuc.org
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