10:15 a.m.
Sunday, June 11 -  Flower Communion Service and Potluck in the Park 
Join us for our annual Worship Service and Potluck at Crystal Lake Park in Urbana this Sunday June 11. The service will begin at 10:15 with the potluck to follow.  Please bring a flower for each member of your family for this unique Unitarian Universalist ceremony. We have the Large Pavilion rented for the event so the service and potluck will be held rain or shine. Bring your own lawn chair for the service.  Also, bring your favorite picnic food to share - along with beverages, plates, napkins, cups & utensils for your crew. Crystal Lake  Park is located north of West Park Street, west of North Broadway Avenue. We will meet at the Large Pavilion, which is located near the parking lot off of North Central Avenue. There is a volleyball net and children's playground nearby.

Sunday, June 18 - Death with Dignity: Are there choices?
Death with Dignity group and the Rev. Joanne will lead the service
Mindful Meditation Group - As always, the door will be left slightly open so that late arrivals can enter quietly.

June 11th - Due to worship in the park, we will have an unguided walking practice at the Crystal Lake Park Labyrinth, with a bell to mark the beginning and three bells to mark the end. Usual time: meet & setip at 9:20 am, start at 9:25 am. 

June 18th - Guided practive with audio. Early time: meet & setup at 9:05 am, start at 9:10 am. 
Religious Education Updates
Next week is Summer Camp 2017 – Around the World in 5 Days!  We have 24 campers, with 16 members of the church, and 8 non-members.  Two campers have attended all five camps that have been offered in recent years.  One is returning for the fourth time and six are returning for the second time.  Mary Foltz and Sarah Kimme, from our Nursery, will be helping to lead all week long with youth assistant, Julian Barbieri. Adult assistants are Dave Stangl, Beth Cobb, Marcy Joncich, Elly Peirson, Joanne Giannino, and Karen Folk.

Monday - England with flying airplanes, visiting the palace, searching high fashion, seeing the sights, stories, scones and more.

Tuesday - India with camels, deserts, Diwali lights, taxis, and a Holi Festival.  Consider joining us at 1:00 for the festival of Spring and ridding the world of Evil with the tossing of dried colored paint and bubbles.  It will be great time! Or just one big mess. Our snack will be fresh made Naan and butter.

Wednesday - France with a learning of history and travel by air balloon, a visit to the Louvre museum and then a chance to paint with our own creativity.  We will snack on cheese and baquettes.

Thursday - China with a visit for the Chinese New Year!  We will have an afternoon filled with circus fun, a bounce house and dragons.  Part of the festival will be a party with cupcakes to help Cindy celebrate a BIG birthday.

Friday – USA - with a visit to our own Boston, to see the sights of the UU trail.  Our guide, Joanne, will lead us through the history of our forefathers and mothers with the UU story.  This day just might end at the town fountain (water balloon fun). We will enjoy a fun snack of nice cold ice cream cones.

Come join us anytime and interact with the travellers (campers) as they  take a journey into the unknown with the UU principles to guide us each day.

Broadly graded classes for summer begin June 25 and run through August 20 when the children and others will share the class as they lead the worship service.  During the class we will read folktales and do a craft or activity to match.  Story themes are Being Yourself, Cooperation, Speaking Kindly, Name Calling, Helping Others, Tale of Fear, Peacemaking, Breaking down Walls, Building Bridges. We will have a Summer Celebration on August 27!
South Entry Construction begins TODAY 6/8!
Be aware that your path to the south church entry may be hampered by construction in that courtyard. We are doing our best to maintain safe access to that door during the process.  Thank you in advance for your cooperation. 
Staff Support and Supervision News
Over the course of UUCUC's two year interim period, the Board of Trustees, Personnel Committee and both interim ministers have worked to move support and supervision of staff to the Minister as "Chief of Staff." In the past each staff person had a separate Supervisory Committee which included members of Personnel Committee, the minister, and others. We are now happy to report that the shift to Minister as Chief of Staff has been completed as well as a new understanding of the role and responsibilities of the Personnel Committee. 

This means that the Minister, as Chief of Staff, has overall authority and responsibility for all staff, although some staff report to the director of their particular department. For example, the Childcare Coordinator reports to the Director of Religious Education (DRE) while the DRE reports to the Minister.

If you would like to ask any questions about the change, please speak to Rev. Joanne or any member of the Personnel Committee. Also please review the Updated Personnel Handbook and Personnel Committee description - both in the Operations Manual - found on the Members and Friends page of the website.

in faith and thanks,
Julie Laut, Chair, Board of Trustees
Rev. Joanne Giannino, Interim Minister
Attention Key Fob and Key Holders 
We are conducting inventory of all users that have a key fob and/or key to the church. In the coming weeks, we will be contacting you for updated information relating to your key fob and/or key use. You will also need to sign an updated key use form for our files. Thank you in advance for your cooperation. 
Joys and Sorrows
Marilyn Ryan  - I celebrate the funny, loving brother I had for 56 years. He died 4 years ago this past weekend by suicide. 
Monday June 12
9:00 AM - 3:00 PM Summer Camp
1:00 PM - 3:00 PM Bridge Group (Children's Chapel)

Tuesday June 13
9:00 AM - 3:00 PM Summer Camp
5:00 PM - 7:00 PM Personnel Committee Meeting (Children's Chapel)
7:00 PM - 9:00 PM BOT Business Meeting (Library)

Wednesday June 14
9:00 AM - 3:00 PM Summer Camp
12:00 PM eNews & OOS Submittals are due

Thursday June 15
9:00 AM - 3:00 PM Summer Camp
9:30 AM - 11:00 AM RJI Meeting (Library)
7:00 PM - 8:00 PM Reflective Writing Chalice Circle (Library)

Friday June 16
9:00 AM - 3:00 PM Summer Camp
9:00 AM - 10:30 AM UU Playgroup (Classroom #3)
  CLICK HERE to see full Upcoming Events' Calendar
Our Staff 
Joanne Giannino – Interim Minister, interim-minister@uucuc.org
Julie Laut - Board of Trustees, Chair
Cindy Wakeland - Director of Religious Education, re-director@uucuc.org
Sherry Bohlen - Membership Coordinator, membershipcoordinator@uucuc.org
Matt Sheppard - Music Director
Matthew Gladden - Accompanist
Rosalyn Maziarka - Office Administrator, admin@uucuc.org
Beth Cobb - Assistant for Services
Myron Winkler - Weekday Sexton 
Cody Foster - Sunday Sexton
Mary Foltz - Childcare Coordinator
Stepanie Cobb - Kitchen Helper

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