10:15 a.m. in Fellowship Hall
Sunday, August 6
Summer Hymn Sing                                                                
Led by Dana Antonelli, Sam Beshers, and Frank Knowles. Last summer, the top three requested songs were “My Life Flows on in Endless Song,” “For the Beauty of the Earth,” and “This Is My Song.” Come sing hymns all morning and find out which songs were most requested this year.

Sunday, August 13
UU Voices for Social Action
Mindful Meditation GroupAs always, the door will be left slightly open so that late arrivals can enter quietly.

August 6 - Guided practice. Usual time: meet & setup at 9:20 am, start at 9:25 am. 

August 13 - Guided practice. Early time: meet & setup at 9:05 am, start at 9:10 am. 
Broadly Graded Children's Summer RE
Sunday, August 6 -  "Rabbit Foot", theme focus on peacemaking. 

Sunday, August 13 - "Old Joe and the Carpenter", craft project, we will build toolboxes.

Sunday, August 20 - "Folktales, Lessons and Music", Cindy Wakeland and the children of the summer classes and various other talented people of our church family will lead summer worship. Last summer class. 

Sunday, August 27th - All children stay in worship for the Ingathering Water Service with Rev. Florence. 

Notes from the RE Committee

  • On September 17, the RE Committee is hosting a church family potluck and you're invited. For more details, click this link

  • RE Teachers Wanted! We still have spots to fill in our RE classrooms, and your talents are needed. Click this link for details. 
Joys and Sorrows
Sam Beshers - Joy for those who have spoken up, resisted and defied our president, and concern for all of us who need to do more. 

Katriena Knights - Her son started his new grown-up job on Monday in Boulder, CO. 

Jerry Carden - Ursula Reuter-Carlson is returning from Germany, she and her daughter were able to be with her father when he died. 
Recycling Reminder
Batteries, Ink Cartridges and Toner: Place in box toward the back of Fellowship Hall (by the Green UUs bulletin board). Please tape the ends of rechargeable batteries. #6 Foam (Styrofoam): Place in container near the door to Room 1, which is downstairs in the RE Wing. Please make sure that foam is clean. Contact Carol Veit for questions at (217) 552-1486.
Worship Committee wants UU

Aspiring writers! Speakers! Creative People! Rev. Caplow and the Worship Committee invite you to consider being part of creating powerful Sunday services for UUCUC.  There will be new and plentiful opportunities to help create, lead or participate in services.  Rev. Caplow will be offering trainings and workshops this fall in sermon writing, speaking from the pulpit, and the elements of UU worship. If you are interested, please contact Sam Beshers

Accessibility Assessment & Task Force
In 1996 the UUA Accessibility Task Force “set as a goal that by 2000 all of our congregations will have an understanding that accessibility is a theological issue, and will have begun the work of dismantling the architectural, attitudinal, and communications barriers that exclude so many people from full participation in our religious communities….By 2020 half of our congregations will be fully accessible.” 

Although we have made some physical accommodations to our physical structure  we recognize the need for a more comprehensive evaluation of our building and attitudes in our goal of becoming a more welcoming place for all peoples.  We are beginning the process of a thorough investigation of our physical structure.  If you would be interested in participating as part of the Task Force or have comments, suggestions or observations related to Accessibility issues here at our church please contact Bill Childers or Wendy Graves.

Our church kitchen needs your help! Kitchen Keeper Team Wanted.

We have a dire need of a kitchen keeper team. It would be best to have a team of 4-6 people to share and contribute to the tidiness of the kitchen. The role would be a rotating, flexible schedule that would fit your availability. The heavy cleaning would be done by our custodian, but we need helpful hands to wipe down counters, clean out of old/unwanted fridge items, cleaning of fridge - inside and out, as well as organization of the kitchen - making note of needed supplies. The property chair would be your guide. Please contact Jerry Carden, if this is a role you would like to play in helping our church home operate more smoothly. 

Choosing Discomfort: being bold, brave, and loving in the struggle for racial justice Most of the racist incidents we encounter are of the small, everyday, garden variety, not KKK cross burnings. How do we react to these small incidents? How do we learn to speak up and act?  We asked  each person at the July 30 service on racial justice to reflect on some incident in their life in which they encountered prejudice toward people of color or, if they are a person of color, toward themselves or their friends. In addition, we asked them to indicate what they did or wished they had done in response to the incident witnessed. 

Over sixty people provided stories; we will start by sharing a sub group of these stories having to do with family events. Click to read the stories. If you’d like to share your own story of some racially prejudiced event you witnessed, please send it to Jim Hannum.  We will share other stories in future weeks. 

August Shared Offering - UC Books to Prisoners
UC Books to Prisoners is a Champaign County based project providing books to Illinois inmates through two county jail libraries and by mail at no cost to the inmate.  This is a community-powered volunteer organization with a number of easy ways for you to get involved. Contact Rachel Rasmussen, Volunteer Coordinator, to discuss projects and opportunities to donate your skills. Her telephone number is (708) 782-4608.  In 2016, Books to Prisoners provided books to approximately 45 new inmates every month, and also provided books to approximately 232 repeat customers each month. For more information, check out their web site:  http://books2prisoners.org/
For a complete up-to-date calendar, visit our website under events.
Monday, August 7
Bridge Group |  1:00 pm  |  Children’s Chapel

Tuesday, August 8
BOT Business Meeting |  7:00 pm  |  Library

Wednesday, August 9
OOS & eNews content submittals are due at noon to the office administrator.
Membership Committee Meeting | 4:30 pm | Fellowship Hall

Thursday, August 10
(Many Paths: an Agnostic AA) |  6:00 pm  |  Room #1

Saturday, August 12
(Many Paths: an Agnostic AA) | 6:00 pm |  Room #1

Sunday, August 13
Mindful Meditation |  9:20 am  |  YRUU Room
Worship Service |  10:15 am  |  Fellowship Hall
Broadly Graded RE | 10:15 am  |  Room #2
Child Care |  10:15 am  | Room #3
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