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Sunday, December 4
Partner Church Sunday
Partner Church Committee and Rev. Joanne
Children begin in the sanctuary
Youth Choir sings
Mitten Tree!  (See Mitten Tree update below.)

Sunday, December 11
Holiday Pageant
Children, Youth, Teachers, Dana Kinzy & Dana Antonelli
Children, Youth and Adult Choirs sing

Sunday, December 18
A season for your soul
Rev. Joanne will preach
No regular RE classes/Holiday craft fair for children                                                     
Saturday, December 24
Candlelight Christmas Eve Services                                        
5 pm and 7 pm    

Sunday, December 25

Sunday, January 1
Poetry of winter; bring a poem to share
Worship committee will lead service
Children attend worship in sanctuary
In the Interim
Interim Minister, Joanne Giannino

If there were no advent, we would need to invent it. We human creatures, in spite of all that has happened to us and been done by us, are still hopeful. Something new, something vital, something promising is always coming, and we are always expecting. Thus Advent candles are lighted to mark the time of preparation, and with each new light our anticipation grows – as it should. We are, after all, a hopeful people, and that hopefulness deserves a festival.

“Advent is a time of anticipation and as long as we expect, as long as we hope, someone will light a candle …”

I really like these words from John A. Taylor, in the book Celebrating Christmas: an anthology edited by Carl Seaburg.

They remind me of the times on Christmas Eve when I have stood in a dark sanctuary with others waiting for the light, anticipating the miracle of Christmas. When suddenly a light is struck and one by one, person to person, candle to candle, the light is passed and slowly the sanctuary is alight. Advent is a time of anticipation, as long as we expect, as long as we hope; someone will light a candle.

Wherever we are this season, in body and/or spirit, may we light a candle for one another and expect that a candle will be lit for us. If someone near you seems a little down or scared about the future, bring some of your brightness near. If you feel a little lost or unsure, seek out a friend who can share some of their light. For all of us, anticipate the light. Expect it just around the corner. Welcome the festival of hope. It abides in, around and between us all.

Warm up our Mitten Tree on Dec 4 

The church Mitten Tree will be cold on December 4 th until you warm it up!   We need your help to cover it with mittens, gloves, hats and scarves. Recipients of the mittens and wooly goods this year will be recent immigrant families to the area and the Backpack Project for the Daily Soup Kitchen.  To help share the good tidings of this special season, pick up an extra pair of mittens, or gloves for any age, a hat that could keep a child or an adult warm this winter or maybe a scarf to keep ears and throat snug and warm.  During the service on December 4 th,  there will be a special time for you to bring your items forward to hang on our mitten tree to warm it up! 

LAST CHANCE TO ORDER POINSETTIAS  This Sunday is the last chance to order poinsettias for this holiday season.  We only need TWO more to plants to have the twenty-four needed to fill all our Sanctuary windows!  Thank you to everyone who has already purchased some.  If you would like to order one, please fill out an envelope on the Poinsettia Table in Fellowship Hall.  The poinsettias will decorate the Sanctuary from December 13 until after the Christmas Eve candlelight services.  The cost is $13.00 per plant.  Please see Beth Cobb with any questions.

Cindy Wakeland, Director of Religious Education

Ann Kertz Kernion is an artist and poet whose work I admire.  She offers the following advice for this holiday season:

1.) Have a relaxed and loving time with family. (Or friends), 
2.) Set realistic expectations about gifts, 
3.) Pace yourself during the holiday season, do not try to do too much, and 
4.) Finally remember family traditions and set some new ones

With the holidays fast approaching, she invited her 9-year old neighbor Johnny to give some advice for the celebrations ahead. Find out what he said:  CONTINUE READING

Sherry Bohlen, Membership Coordinator

IMPORTANT MEMBERSHIP UPDATE!  Next "Pathway to Membership" Class will be Sunday  January 8!  To join this fast-paced two-hour interactive class, email Membership Coordinator, Sherry Bohlen or call me at 217.417.1148.

Calling all UUCUC Women to join your UU sisters at Winter Womenspirit2017 Women & Religion is proud to present:   JUST WOMEN: JUST WORLD with Sister Simone Campbell.  

What a wonderful opportunity for UUCUC Sisters -- Members & Friends alike -- to travel together to DeKalb Il on February 3-5 to hear Sister Simone Campbell, Executive Director of Network speak on issues of global justice and the peace movement.   Sister Simone is known for her now-famous "Nuns on the Bus" Tour.  She has stood for justice and equity her entire life.  Come to hear what renews and sustains her; come to be inspired.  Come to   Womenspirit 2017.   

Email me  to let me know that you're planning to be a part of this powerful week-end experience and to let me know that you want to be included in our ride and room-sharing plan.  And if you're willing to be the point-person for organizing ride and room-sharing for UUCUC women, please  email me  and let me know that as well!  I'll be going.  I hope that you will to.

SHARED OFFERING for Our Partner Churches   "Keeping the Partnership Strong"

The mission and objectives of the Partner Church Committee are to develop long term, mutually supportive relationships with our fellow UUs in Transylvania, Romania, and in the Khasi Hills of India.  To this end, we promote an exchange of people and ideas, and provide funds and other forms of assistance to help our partner churches in Szekelykal in Transylvania and in Nongtalang, India.  We also help their communities to improve the quality of life for all inhabitants and foster economic development through enhanced educational opportunities.  CONTINUE READING


Celebrate the holidays by giving backpacks filled with goodies to warm, nourish and support men and women who are guests at the Daily Bread Soup Kitchen.  With a forecast of a cold winter ahead and with the current lack of shelter spaces in our community, these backpacks will be especially welcome this year.  CONTINUE READING

RACIAL JUSTICE INITIATIVE Part 4 of the Film Series       

The Return  examines the unprecedented reform of Calfornia's "Three Strikes" law -- one of the harshest criminal sentencing policies in the country. 

Sunday, December 11 - Film & discussion to follow - Doors open at 2 pm - Film starts at 2:30 pm

To arrange for childcare, email Jenny Hunt or Kathleen Robbins.


Sign-up Sheets for All of 2017 are now Open. You can sign-up to host, attend, or be a substitute host for a Circle Supper in any month. Just sign up after Sunday Service at the Membership Hub Table or contact new organizers Nancy Dietrich or Sara Schumacher.  Thanks to Carol Osgood & Cindy Loui for an excellent job of organizing Circle Suppers the past couple of years.  CONTINUE READING

Membership Committee Chair, Peggy Patten 

Be the Face of Sunday Morning: Join a Hospitality Team!
Hospitality Teams are in charge of Sunday morning hospitality (e.g. bell ringing, welcoming, ushering, providing decorations and refreshments) for two months during the year. Hospitality Teams are a great way to meet people and serve our congregation in a fun and important way.  All members and friends are encouraged to join a Hospitality Team.  Each Team has 30-35 members so you do not need to help on every Sunday assigned to your Team.  CONTINUE READING


We are approximately halfway through our church year.  This is a good time to review and follow up on the service auction items you purchased and sold at last year’s auction.  Mark your calendars for next year’s auction: April 15, 2017!


A "JOY" from Grandma Wendy Graves -- Her first Grandson, Axel Allen, was born on November 21.  Congratulations to the family!

A "SORROW" from Chuck Cooper -- His sister, Carol Packard Cooper, passed away on November 25.  She had a heart condition since childhood. Memorial services will be determined later.


We extend a special thank you to Sylvia and Brian McDermott for their gift to honor Sylvia's late father Stanley  Lathrop


Click on the "Birthdays This Month" graphic for a full listing of December birthdays!            


The Ministerial Discretionary Fund, supported by donations, is administered by the minister for the confidential use of members and friends of the congregation in times of financial hardship. This fund may, for example, help pay a heating bill, buy groceries, make a car repair, cover a rent payment, or something else.  If you are in need, please contact Rev. Joanne via phone (217) 384-8862 or email Rev. Joanne.

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