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February 9, 2017
Sunday, February 12
Putting Love Into Action: Annual Stewardship Celebration!
Rev. Joanne preaching. Children will begin in sanctuary.
Children's and Adult Choir sing.  New Member Recognition.   

Sunday, February 19
Rev. Joanne preaching.
Join the Love Action
This  Sunday, February 12th , marks the beginning of our annual stewardship celebration. Please join us for a special service and fellowship afterward, as we undertake the annual "ritual" of "Putting Love into Action" with our pledges of financial support and personal commitment.

February 12th 
Guided practice with audio
EARLY time: meet & setup at  9:05 AM , start at  9:10 AM.

As always, the door will be left slightly open so that late arrivals can enter quietly.

Care Core - Janet Barrett is proud to announce the arrival of a new grandson, Camden Edward Levin born to her daughter, Paige, and son-in-law, Nick, on January 31 at Carle Hospital. (Submitted by Nana Janet).
Plan ahead and mark your calendar!

Sunday, April 2, 2017

12 Noon - 2 pm 
Children's Chapel

We will be hosting the next Pathway to Membership Class this April. Mark your calendar and join us on an exciting pathway to becoming a member of UUCUC. 

 For more details and/or t o sign up for the class, email Sherry Bohlen or
call (217) 417-1148.
Joys and Sorrows: Changes to cards

In an effort to welcome more submissions of Joys and Sorrows, the Minister and Care Core Steering team have added some options on the Joys and Sorrows cards, including to choose if you would like it to be read aloud, posted here in eNews and to be shared with the Minister.   

As a reminder, please remember that you can drop your card in the basket in the foyer before the service, or in the collection plate during the service. 

We hope you find this way of connecting a small part of the lager goal we have of being a caring congregation.
Pen Pals
Our mystery Pen Pal group continues to grow. This year we have 18 pairs of pals writing each other. The first basket was full of all adults, which I found very interesting. Thank you to all who signed up and Happy Writing!   - Cindy 
We are ready to go with seven chefs, maybe eight, all are ready to take on each other in a Valentine's Day challenge. I am working on the list of secret ingredients, I wonder what they will be?! Who will be the Grand Champion of 2017?! Check next week's news for a full report.    - Cindy
RE Classes Update
For the next two weeks, all the Religious Education classes, except OWL, will be talking about Racial Justice issues. Some will be using "Black People Matter" curriculum written by a church in Milwaukee, WI. Others classes have books and ideas around which they have planned. 
February's Shared Offering will support The Public i, the longest-lived alternative paper in C/U. An all-volunteer, "collectively-run, community-oriented publication" running on a shoestring budget, we are local authors providing a forum "for topics underreported and voices underrepresented." Every article promotes social justice by valuing diversity, fighting injustice, and promoting equality.  

Money from UUCUC's shared offering will entirely towards publication costs, approximately $300/issue. The Public i does not run ads, and all labor (editing, distributing) is volunteer-donated. 

Look for your copy in numerous cubbies loacated throughout C/U. 
(Co-sponsered by UUCUC SAC)
Building a Progressive Politics in the Trump Era
Channing Murray Foundation
Saturday, February 11th, 2-4 p.m.
Free and open to the public

Panelists: Sundiata Cha-Jua, associate professor, History Dept., UIUC, Aaron Ammons, Urbana City Alderman, and Jared Miller, local activist will address the pressing question of how to offer a progressive political counterweight to the rise of Donald Trump and the ascendency of right-wing populism and its reactionary agenda.  Organized by the Central Illinois Chapter of Jobs with Justice, co-sponsors include Channing Murray Foundation and the Social Action Committee of the UUCUC. 
You are invited:  Elaine and Angus Rockett are about to blast off for Colorado and want invite you to their open house. Click HERE for more information!
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Our Staff 
Joanne Giannino – Interim Minister,
Mona Shannon - Board of Trustees, Chair
Cindy Wakeland - Director of Religious Education,
Sherry Bohlen - Membership Coordinator,
Matt Sheppard - Music Director
Matthew Gladden - Accompanist
Rosalyn Maziarka - Office Administrator,
Beth Cobb - Assistant for Services
Myron Winkler - Sexton 
Cody Foster - Sunday Sexton
Mary Foltz - Childcare Coordinator
Stepanie Cobb - Kitchen Helper

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