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February 2017 
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Sunday, February 5
Life on the Edge of Chaos
Sam Beshers and Chris Hannauer preaching.

Sunday, February 12
Putting Love Into Action: Annual Stewardship Celebration!
Rev. Joanne preaching. Children will begin in sanctuary.
Children's and Adult Choir sing. New Member Ceremony.

Sunday, February 19
Rev. Joanne preaching. 

Sunday, February 26
Rev. Joanne preaching. Children will begin in sanctuary. Children's Choir sings. 
Emily Laugesen, on behalf of the Stewardship Committee

It is the mission of this church to build community, seek inspiration, promote justice, and find peace. As we head into a new year many of us feel uncertainty during this transition of power in our government. We are concerned by the fanning of flames of hatred and division that characterized the past election season, we are awakened to ongoing injustice and the concentration of wealth and power, we are aware of people across the political spectrum who feel disenfranchised, angry, and afraid. Each aspect of our mission seems tailor-made to address the challenges we face in our larger community.

At the same time, we are grateful for the loving community of this church. We feel sustained and supported by the people, practices, programs, and rituals that bring us together. As we are called to make our pledges of stewardship, we can do so knowing that these commitments are acts based in love.

I am reminded of the words of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. in regard to the power of love. Dr. King often spoke of the ancient Greek concepts of love: eros (romantic love), philia (love of our friends and family—or church members!), and agape (a disinterested love, extended to all simply on the basis of being). 

     Agape is not a weak, passive love. It is love in action. Agape is love seeking to                 preserve and create community. Agape is a willingness to go to any length to                   restore community. . . . I can only close the gap in broken community by meeting             hate with love. - Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

And so, yes, our church needs your support in order to keep going. But we need to keep going in order to work toward achieving our mission in creating and sustaining a beloved community, both within the walls of our church home, and in the world around us.

Cindy Wakeland
Director of Religious Education
February is upon us, the month of Love. It’s potato and snack food lover’s month but be careful it is also American Heart Month. It is also a good month to show our love with a couple of special classes shared by Religious Education.

Religious Education will offer the two concluding classes about racial justice issues to our younger members. On February 12th and 19th our teachers have agreed to lead classes for our children and youth around this difficult topic. The choice of a curriculum comes from sharing the curriculum, “Black People Matter” from First Unitarian Society of Milwaukee, with the teachers, some parents, staff and the racial justice initiative. Some of our teachers had their own ideas of how to talk about these topics, so the curriculum will be a good base. The Milwaukee church states “The curriculum is meant to be an introduction to themes of identity, privilege, and systemic racism towards African Americans that are woven into the fabric of America Society at this time. While we recognize that racism exists towards groups other than African Americans we choose to focus on Black lives in the brief time we have, because of the extreme segregation in our city (Milwaukee) and the ever- increasing awareness that African Americans are facing systemic oppression in our nation that is literally deadly.” I thought their purpose stated well where our discussions have been going.

“Let us keep our hearts and minds open as we struggle through some of these big questions together with our youngest among us. Perhaps they will teach us something.” Beryl Achenberg, DRE, FUS of Milwaukee.

Sherry Bohlen
Membership Coordinator
As Unitarian Universalist MEMBERS AND FRIENDS, we are guided by our  Seven Principles  which call us to steadfastly stand on the side of love while we protect the most vulnerable among us and while we defend the basic human rights that are now under attack.

During the upcoming days, weeks and months, some of us may choose to march and rally.  Some may choose to write letters to the editor and to our elected representatives.  Some may choose to work for groups that have organized to “resist”.  Some may choose to run for elected office. 

But, no matter what other actions we take, one simple thing that we can all do is to sign the  Declaration of Conscience  that is being advanced by the  Unitarian Universalist Service Committee (UUSC)

As UUSC wrote: ” There is a sense of urgency, and a need for vigilance. And there is clarity that we must act, not alone, but together. We need everyone—including you, your congregation, your friends, and your colleagues. Join the UUA and UUSC by signing the  Declaration of Conscience .

Please consider signing the declaration and making a commitment to translate your values into action.  Then share with your family and friends and ask them to do the same. 

Onward together toward a just and peaceful world. 

Calling all UUCUC Women to join your UU sisters at Winter Womenspirit2017 . Women & Religion is proud to present:  JUST WOMEN: JUST WORLD  with Sister Simone Campbell.

What a wonderful opportunity for UUCUC Sisters -- Members & Friends alike -- to travel together to DeKalb Il on  February 3-5  to hear Sister Simone Campbell, Executive Director of “ Network ”, speak on issues of global justice and the peace movement.  Sister Simone is known for her now-famous "Nuns on the Bus" Tour.  She has stood for justice and equity her entire life.  Come to hear what renews and sustains her; come to be inspired. Come to  Womenspirit 2017.

JUST UPDATED!  Click here for more information on exciting workshops!

Pat Nolan will be our point person for organizing ride and room-sharing for UUCUC women. Email Pat  and let her know that you'll be a part of this powerful week-end experience.

February Shared Offering: The Public i

February's Shared Offering will help support The Public i, the longest-lived
alternative paper in Champaign/Urbana. Affiliated with the Independent Media
Center (IMC) for all of its 12 years, the Public i is a 501(c)(3)
non-profit. We are all volunteers to "a collectively-run, community-oriented
publication," and invite anyone from the community who wants to attend
editorial committee meetings, and/or contribute a story. Providing a forum
"for topics underreported and voices underrepresented," we are local authors
writing about local, national and international issues, plus people
originally from C/U who continue to contribute or let us reprint their
stuff. Every article promotes social justice by valuing diversity, fighting
injustice, and promoting equality.

The current post-election issue focuses particular attention on consequences
of the election locally, nationally, and globally, especially for different
groups. Nancy Dietrich and Julie Laut contribute "Feminist Reflections on
the 2016 Presidential Election." For a searchable database of all issues,
visit our website at

We operate on a shoestring budget. We publish an 8-page print edition that
works out to 10 issues per year. We distribute our ca. 3000 print run in
numerous cubbies located throughout C/U. The poor quality, old-timey
newsprint vs the better-looking online version means you have to wash the
ink off your hands when you're done reading.

Money from UUCUC shared offering will go entirely towards publication costs,
approximately $300/issue. The Public i does not run ads, and all labor
(editing, distributing) is volunteer-donated.

Our basket overrunneth; please take a minute to see if any of these items belongs to you. (the L&F basket is just to the left of the men’s bathroom, in Fellowship Hall).

Items not claimed in a month or so, will be cleaned and donated.

In addition, remember there are a dozen or more coats that have b een forgotten; they are hanging on the left as you enter the sanctuary.  

Set aside your jig saw puzzles and board games for an exchange that will take place in Fellowship Hall after our service on the 4th Sunday in February, February 26th. 

Puzzles and games can be for children and/or adults. They should be in good condition and include all their pieces.

Our monthly Book and Magazine Exchange will continue to take place on the 3rd Sunday, February 19th.


Thanks to Jennifer Greene and Jenna Zeidler, Hospitality Team Leaders for the month of January. Thanks to all the Hospitality Team A volunteers who assisted Jennifer and Jenna each Sunday during the month. January Hospitality Team volunteers will be acknowledged in the eNews in early February.  
Be the Face of Sunday Morning: Join a Hospitality Team

Hospitality Teams are in charge of Sunday morning hospitality (e.g. bell ringing, welcoming, ushering, providing decorations and refreshments) for two months during the year. Hospitality Teams are a great way to meet people and serve our congregation in a fun and important way.  All members and friends are encouraged to join a Hospitality Team.  Each Team has 30-35 members so you do not need to help on every Sunday assigned to your Team.  Stop by the Hub table on Sunday mornings to sign up for a Hospitality Team (or to find out if you are already assigned to a Team.) Questions?  Contact Peggy Patten of the Membership Committee,

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