UUFF eNews - Week of September 4, 2019
Service this Sunday- September 8, 2019
Sunday, 09/08/19, 11am Service: "UUFF In-Gathering: Water Communion Service," led by Rev. Jim Parrish. UUFF Choir will sing, directed by Renée Janski! AND , we will have a potluck directly following services. Please sign up below to bring something or help with set-up/clean-up!

** More from Rev. Jim a bout this special service:
"Our Mission: As a diverse, accepting faith community, we promote justice and service while seeking personal and spiritual growth.

Bring water, or use some that we will supply…

If the water has meaning of place, time or thought, briefly share this with us.

Then, if you wish, name what your water means as you pour it with others in the Fellowship’s water… your contribution to our community, its mission and ministries.

Ministries of Worship, Music, Caring, Membership, Religious Exploration, Peace and Justice, and Stewardship…

What do you hope to give to the river known as UUFF to make our Mission flow, this and every year, in our quest to be diverse faith community of service? Service in learning, in justice and peace, while growing people in love and spirit? 

Will you give love, worth and dignity to the people in and out of UUFF? 
Will you share time and energy with your fellow congregants for spiritual and intellectual growth? 
Will you work for justice and peace for all people? 
Will your water work to repair and respect the environment, is it can be a pledge to work with others to make our democracy safe, and it can be a joining of strengths to bring UU values to the wider community. Take a moment to write down your water’s meaning if you wish… and bring it forward to share during the ritual." **

10am Sunday Adult Religious Education (ARE) options:
ARE Discussion Group: Meets downstairs in common room. Topic: "The Most Peaceful Countries." The  Global Peace Index   (GPI) is a groundbreaking study that ranks the nations of the world by how peaceful each is based on 23 indicators. What do the most peaceful countries have in common?

Meditation will be held at 10:00, followed by a short reading and discussion between 10:30-
10:45. It doesnʼt matter what type of meditation you do, or if you have ever meditated before, you
are welcome to come meditate in the UUFF Annex building (across Storer from UUFF in the west-
nearest Storer-side of the annex). ALL ARE WELCOME. Enter through the front door.

10am RE for kids 5+ continues today! All are invited to meet in room 2 downstairs at 10am for Religious Exploration, before rejoining adults for the 11 o’clock service. As Unitarian Universalists, we believe members of communities take care of each other. This session identifies ways we care for others in our families, at school, in the congregation, and in the wider world. Children learn about the common Unitarian Universalist ritual of sharing our joys and concerns.

Sunday Nursery Services available 9:45am – 12:15pm
These important (and fun!) Sunday tasks are completely reliant on YOUR willingness to volunteer. Training is available! Please sign up via the links below OR on the clipboards hanging on the lobby bulletin board.
Who will step up to greet/usher this Sunday or host future coffee hours?
Please sign up below!
UUFF Announcements, Events, and Opportunities!
UUFF will have a "Welcome Back from Summer" Potluck directly after services THIS Sunday, September 8th! Everyone is invited to join in this time of great food and fellowship, as we reconnect after a busy summer season! An online sign-up sheet has been created, so please jump on in and SIGN-UP to bring a dish and/or help set-up/clean-up. It will be a great time! Bring friends!
"Writing as Spiritual Practice" Group Forming- Beginning the evening of Sunday, September 8, in the West (closest to Storer) side UUFF Annex, 6:45-8:45pm.

All are welcome. No experience, talent, or skill needed. Come with laptop and cord, tablet and fingertips, paper and pen.... as words flow best for you.

We'll explore, share thoughts, offer and receive feedback, and be blessed by gifts and awareness
that come when people of Spirit sit down with the intention of using language to make sense of the world and our place in it.

Express yourself through the sacred practice of writing and mutual encouragement.

Contact Teresa Honey Youngblood ( teresa.youngblood@gmail.com ) or Sue Coppernoll ( starbrst@cox.net ) to learn more.
Worship team is looking for new members. Contact Bettina Lehovec at blehovec@gmail.com or (479) 521-4375 for more information or to volunteer!
Our Whole Lives for Kindergarten/First Grade -
REGISTRATION IS OPEN and spots are limited, so please register your child now !

Research has shown that positive outcomes for teen sexual health are more likely when sexuality education begins at a very early age. That’s why Our Whole Lives (OWL) for Kindergarten/First Grade is so important. With parent/caregiver collaboration, we will help your child explore issues around healthy and safe bodies, families, feelings, babies -- and more -- in a developmentally appropriate way.

This class will be led by trained OWL facilitators, Lex Gospodinoff, Lydia Nelson and Theresa Parrish. Cost is $25 to cover materials (payable at the Parent Meeting). All sessions start at 4pm. If you will need childcare for the Parent meeting, let owlnwa@gmail.com know by September 8th.

  • September 15: Parent Meeting (Mandatory)
  • September 22: Parent/Child Orientation
  • September 29-November 17: OWL Sessions 1-8

Please be mindful that all of the numbered parking spaces in the paved lot and also the entire gravel annex parking lot have been rented out to U of A parkers for week days. If you have UUFF business during a weekday, PLEASE use the non-numbered spots (visitor parking) so that the renters have their spot open should they arrive. THANKS
UUFF Book Discussions coming up!
This year, UUFF's "One Read" became a Two-Read, with a tie between two excellent books. If you read one (or both), please come participate in the corresponding discussion group(s) listed below!

  • Sunday, September 15th from 12:15-1:15pm: "There There," by Tommy Orange
  • Sunday, September 22nd from 12:15-1:15pm: "Educated, A Memoir," by Tara Westover

Please contact Adele Coleman ( adelecoleman@me.com ) with questions.
"The Great UU Fellowship Bake-Off and Chili Contest"

To be held on Saturday, September 28th, starting at 5:30pm (set up starts at 5pm), the Fellowship will host "The Great UU Fellowship Bake-Off and Chili Contest" at UUFF! Mark your calendar and begin planning to Bake!

Bring your best baked "Signature Dish," to share... you know, that baked item that you are best at and most proud of, sweet or savory, and put it up against your peers in Bakery Science! We'll take a picture of the dish as it arrives to allow voting on Presentation, and appropriate samples will be made for folks to vote on flavor. Also, if you are willing, we'll AUCTION your dish to the highest bidder as a bit of a fundraiser, the winner getting the pleasure of you re-creating your Signature Dish just for them!

And... OR! Folks who are not into baking (or like both) should bring a pot of your best Chili to be sampled, voted upon, and consumed as our supper to balance the preponderance of sweet baked goods. Participants are to bring their own antacids. I suppose these could be auctioned as well, but be warned -- chili makers tend to be ornery.

A Blue Ribbon Panel of Three Unquestionably Righteous Judges will be counting the votes and making their own judgements, and some kind of Highly Sought After Rewards/Medals/Cheap Ribbons will be handed out to designate Winners and the Not quite Winners, but pretty good in any case. Adult and 12 and Under categories are happening.

Will this work? Will it be fair voting? Will the judges vote for their own Bakes? Don't know... not worried, just want to have fun and eat food together! And! You do not have to belong to UUFF to participate!

Sign up online or at the UUFF Office or Activities Table or at Perfect Potluck! https://www.PerfectPotluck.com/GFED3435

In Competitive Peace,
It’s time to register your children for Religious Exploration for the 2019-2020 school year! You can access the registration online via link: CRE 2019/20 Registration , or paper copies can be found in the foyer. Please contact Stephanie Bentley for more details or if you have any questions!
For more information on specific UUFF
Programs and Events, check out the link below:
Learn more about Religious Education, UUFF Choir, Web of Life Pagan Group, Y'ALL (Young Adults Group), Chalice Circles, Circle Suppers, OWL, New UU Classes, Social Justice Opportunities, and MORE at: Groups and Programs at UUFF
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Reverend Jim Parrish’s Schedule and Contact Info:
Call the church office at 479-521-8422 , email uuff.ar@gmail.com , call my Office Cell: 479-439-1415 , or email me at rev.jimparrish@gmail.com . I want to meet with you! Except Mondays… Mondays are my day off! Exceptions for emergencies of course.
 UUFF Weekly Office Schedule (Fawn's Hours): Tues/Wed/Fri, 10am-2pm and Thursday, 11am-3pm.
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