February 28, 2020
Welcome to the UUFSD Weekly Newsletter

Inspired by our UU principles, we are a vibrant, intentionally diverse congregation that models and promotes both locally and globally: love, spiritual growth, service, right relations, and sustainable living.
Upcoming Services

March 1, 2020
"Pastor, prophet, teacher, scholar: Ministerial roles for us all"
Guest Speaker: Everett Howe
Worship Associate: Candace Sage
Music: "Wider Circles" by Leah Song and Chloe Smith (as performed by
Rising Appalachia) and "Get Onboard" by Eric Bibb, performed by UUFSD Band

March 8, 2020
"Kings and Queens"
Rev. Thomas Perchlik
Worship Associate: Diane Masser-Frye
Music: "Our Love is Soaring Across the Land" words by Holly Near, music by Jeff Langley and "Til the Walls Come Down" by Lon Beery, performed by UUFSD Choir

March 15, 2020
"Reclaiming our Humanity in Turbulent Times"
Guest Speaker: Eberly Barnes
Worship Associate: Greg Brown
Music provided by Emma's Revolution

March 22, 2020
"Freedom, To and From"
Rev. Thomas Perchlik
Worship Associate: Dana Friehauf
"I Will Sing" by Rosephanye Powell and "Stand Upon the Rock" by Rollo Dilworth,
performed by UUFSD Choir
Unitarian Universalists have been part of every movement in US history, and we are ready to show up for the 2020 election like never before. Our forebears and ancestors gave us the blueprints for seeking justice in the world and speaking truth to power. 

Watch this short video to see our UU history.
Founders Hall Cart A/V Training
Three Mondays, March 2nd, 9th, and 16th at 4:00pm
For those congregants who wish to make presentations in Founder’s Hall, don’t miss the training sessions on the new improved AV cart. The training is straightforward, and each of the three sessions should take less than one hour to complete. No prior knowledge, experience, or expertise in AV is required.
Those who previously received training are also advised to attend. The AV cart is getting some needed additions and will be easier to use, but will work slightly differently than before. This means that those who have trained using the older configuration should attend and get updated on the changes. All congregants will need to be certified in order to use the system. This is to ensure that not only will everyone be able to operate it, but that the equipment gets maintained properly as well. Therefore, please mark your calendars for all three dates. If you are certified by Joe Cantrell, our AV Technician after one or two training days, then feel free to skip the last one(s).
Those who will be using laptops to present should bring them to the training days to practice connecting to the system and troubleshoot any issues.
Training will take place March 2, 9 and 16 beginning at 4:00pm.
If you would like to be trained but cannot attend these training dates, or for any questions, please contact Joe Cantrell at 213.595.3023.
March Food Bank Volunteer Night
Thursday, March 5th, 6:00-8:00pm

Our next opportunity to help feed San Diego’s hungry by bagging fresh produce or packing food boxes at the San Diego Food Bank is March 5th from 6 to 8 pm. UUFSD Food Bank Volunteer Night is always the 1st Thursday of each month. SERVICE IS OUR PRAYER in action!
For more information and to Register you MUST contact Sara O’hara for the special UUFSD Group code: sara@saraohara.com . Anyone 11 and older is welcome to help! We do A LOT in just 2 hours! This is a wonderful way of helping locally those in need and strengthening our UUFSD community as well. Plus it’s fun! We can’t solve all of the world’s problems, but we can make a difference right here, right now, one small effort at a time.
Remember you MUST contact Sara at sara@SaraOhara.com if this is your first time volunteering at the food bank with our group and/or you have any questions.
Environmental Action Movie Night
Friday, March 13th at 6:00pm in Founders Hall
“Beatrix at Dinner”
EATF is sponsoring a movie night!! “Beatrix at Dinner” addresses a variety of social justice issues when Beatrix, a Hispanic massage therapist and holistic healer, has car issues and ends up having dinner at the home of a white real estate mogul.

Please bring a dish to share for a potluck before the movie. eatf@uufsd.org
Vicky Newman, Celebration of Life
Sunday, March 15th, 3:00pm at UC San Diego
Vicky Newman's Celebration of Life will be held on Sunday, March 15, 2020, at 3:00pm in Beyster Auditorium, Wells Fargo Hall, Rady School of Management, UC San Diego. Reception immediately following. All are welcome.
Visitor parking is available in the Pangea Parking Structure for $6.00. Carpooling and ride-sharing services are encouraged. The address of the auditorium, for purposes of mapping, is 5 Scholars Drive North, La Jolla, CA 92093. You can type "Pangea Parking Structure, La Jolla" into your GPS and get driving directions for parking. Please allow time to find parking and walk the short distance to the auditorium. Kelly Kelsoe ( kelsoekelly@gmail.com) and Lisa Shaffer ( lrshaffer@roadrunner.com) are coordinating volunteers and donations of food for the event. Please contact one of them if you want to help or if you have questions.
Save The Date!
Our UU History With Anti-Racism
A Presentation by Rev. Thomas Perchlik
Sunday, March 22nd, 12:24-2:45pm in Founders Hall

The Racial Justice Task Force is sponsoring this special forum on Sunday, March 22nd in Fellowship Hall from 12:45-2:45 pm. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to attend!
Don’t know much about our UU History with Anti-Racism? On Sunday, March 22nd, Rev Tom will bring us up to date, in a special forum you won’t want to miss. 

But first, enjoy the brunch to raise funds for the upcoming Casas de La Luz Women’s Build. Support building a home, enjoy delicious food, and then come on in for the forum. Any questions email racialjustice@uufsd.org .

See you there!
Intergenerational Environmental Art Project
Sunday, March 29th, 12:15-2:00pm in Founders Hall and YRUU

March 29 is the first of two art projects, the second will be at DeBenneville.

Kids under 12 need to have a parent with them. We will start with the youth during R.E. in the YRUU room, and then, if needed, move into Founders Hall at 12:15ish.

We will use waste material to create an environmental art installation that will be an immersive experience for viewers/participants. It will be displayed throughout the UUFSD campus during Earth Month (April) to remind our congregation about environmental problems.

Please bring the following clean waste material on March 29th:

• old tarps, sheets, towels, drop cloths, etc.
• old rope, cord, fishing line, ties,
• old thin flimsy dry cleaning bags & other clean transparent plastic bags
• netting
• recyclable plastic bottles, cans, bags, or similar items that end up in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.
• containers for water and paint.
• hammers (with your name), nails, screws, screw drivers.
• art supplies ( please bring these ahead of time so that we don't have to buy ): acrylic paints, varnish, brushes, markers, staplers, tape, glue gun, poster board (or other material for weatherproof signs), sticks to hold up posters, etc. Art supply items should be put behind the bathrooms in the bin marked "Art Supplies" (near the wall next the meditation garden). Do NOT leave them in the office.

This project will be lead by Greg Brown, Andi Macleod and Laura Colban. Please contact eatf@uufsd.org with any questions.
Upcoming Visitor/Member Events

Attention Visitors - Plan on attending some upcoming events in March

  • March 8: New-to-UU class. Are you in tune spiritually with Unitarian Universalism? 12:15pm after second service in Palmer Library.
  • March 15: UUFSD Orientation. Learn about how UUFSD runs itself and what it takes to become a member. 12:15pm after second service in Palmer Library
  • March 29: New Member Recognition. Introduction to the congregation during the second service.
Start thinking of Earth Day with a Good Book!
Monday, March 9th, 7-8:30pm, in Palmer Library
Circle the continent of Australia in A Long Way from Home (2018), the 14th novel by Peter Carey. The 1954 Redex Trail is the vehicle for a breakneck, eye-opening adventure that also dips into Aboriginal history.
Thursday, March 19th, 10-11:30am, in Palmer Library
(The February meeting of this group was cancelled.)
In Richard Powers' 12th novel, The Overstory (2018), the lives of many disparate individuals are woven into the living world around them. If the trees around us could speak, what would they tell us? And to whom would they talk?
Members of the Environmental Action Task Force (EATF) in particular are invited to join this book discussion (and all others are welcome).
In late March (date TBD) , The Racial Justice Book Club will be discussing the memoir The Line Becomes a River: Dispatches from the Border (2018)
by Francisco Cantú. This author writes stunningly about the beauty of the desert. The son of a park ranger, Cantú grew up in the southwest. When he joined the Border Patrol, he became witness to the stark realities of our southern border, where the obligations of his job weighed heavy against his values.
Call or text Cathy Leach-Phillips at 650 224-1974 or email bookclub@uufsd.org if you have any questions.
Upcoming Environmental Action Task Force Events
Earth Month
We would like to dedicate Earth Month 2020 to John Atcheson, a founding member of our task force. John's life revolved around taking action on environmental issues. He worked at the EPA for many years, wrote two books on environmental action, contributed to Common Cause, the Grist, and other environmental newsletters/magazines, and participated in hundreds of environmental rallys/protests. We hope that John’s memory will inspire us to take action to help sustain our planet. 

DeBenneville April 3-5
Some of our group will be staying in Craigs Cabin, to make it easy to plan for April Earth month. If you want to help EATF in planning events, please reserve Craigs Cabin soon. 
EATF will host the following events at DeBenneville:
Vegan cooking demo - Wayne Saville
Intergenerational Environmental Art Project

April 26 Earth Fair at UUFSD
If you know of any organizations that may be interested in attending, please reach out.  We are focusing on issues related to climate change, zero waste, etc. Our members are particularly interested in supporting local organizations on the forefront of environmental action. 

Please contact Laura Colban at eatf@uufsd.org if you have any questions.
Dates for Camp de Benneville Pines!
(thru Spring of 2020)

  • Mar 27-29 Rainbow Family Camp #1
  • Apr 3-5 UUFSD Retreat
  • Apr 17-19 UU Men’s Fellowship Renewal
  • Apr 20-22 Spring Volunteer Work Camp
  • Apr 24-26 Camp Recovery, 12-Steps
  • May 1-3 UU Women’s Spring Retreat
  • May 8-10 Camp Trancend Family Retreat
  • May 15-17 Rainbow Family Camp # 2
Save the Dates! April 3-5, 2020
Camp de Benneville Pines All Fellowship Weekend

The mountains are calling and we must go. Time to register for our annual UUFSD weekend at deBeneville Pines, our camp on Big Bear mountain, April 3-5. This annual getaway offers relaxation and a plenitude of activities. These include
  • Hiking with Chris Faller
  • Yoga with Tiffany Fox
  • Creative writing with Katherine Buffington
  • Dungeon and Dragons with David Swain
  • Expressive Art Activity Focused on Climate Change with Greg Brown
  • Experimenting with Alcohol Ink with Betsy Gilpin
  • Art with Elaine Lewinnek and Sophie
  • Meditation with Christie Turner

And much more including the variety show, dancing, archery, games in the lodge, etc.
Children and youth get to be more “free range” and play Capture the Flag in the

Cabins are heated and have hot showers. The food is delicious and tea and cocoa are unlimited.

Sign up at uufsd.org under Fellowship, then click on deBenneville. Visit our table on the patio. Scholarships are available.
Special "Remembrance-Celebration of Life" Publication

Over the last few months, our congregation suffered the loss of several dear members. We honor them with this "Remembrance" publication. We hope to make this tribute to our dear departed members and friends a yearly tradition, where we celebrate their lives and memories.

Click here to read the publication.
Pastoral Care Request for One of Our Members

We are in need of meal donations in the next several weeks for our UUFSD friend Michelle Devor, who is battling with cancer at home on palliative care.

If you can provide a meal for her, please email Pastoral Care team members Kelly Kelsoe at kelsoekelly@gmail.com or Kerry Traylor at kerry@collegestrategyexperts.com . Please indicate the date(s) you are available to bring the meal to Michelle's home in Del Mar; we are planning to put together a Meal Train list. Thank you so much!
A Season for Remembering

Periodically we encourage members to reserve individual tiles in "Memory's Room" for themselves, spouses or partners, and children, as well as other UUF members, living or remembered. The $300 minimum donation per tile helps amortize initial construction outlay and pay for engraving and maintenance. Policy and reservation forms are at uufsd.org/giving/Memorial Walkway. Contact: Barbara Blomgren at 858-453-7414 or bwblomgren@san.rr.com .
Please Help Our UUFSD Library Committee with Your Book Donations

Your friendly UUFSD Library Committee would love your donations of RECENT (last 5 years) literary fiction to sell at our book table on Sundays. All proceeds go toward refinishing the library floor and other UUFSD needs! We love your recent non-fiction donations as well, but are particularly short on literary fiction.

Please drop your donations off at the book table/closet on Sundays OR you may leave them in the library for us to sort and price. Thank you in advance!
Monthly Call To Action – March
Don’t wait until the next mass shooting to contact your elected representative about gun violence prevention. CALL NOW. The “Keep Americans Safe Act”, HR 1186, would prohibit the sale, import, manufacture and transfer of high capacity magazines for civilian use. Perpetrators of recent high-profile mass shootings in El Paso, TX; Dayton, OH; and Gilroy, CA all used large capacity magazines.

Call your US Representative with this call script: “Hi. My name is [NAME] and I am a constituent from [CITY, ZIP CODE]. I’m calling to urge Representative [NAME] to support HR 1186, the Keep Americans Safe Act of 2019. This is common sense regulation that will save lives. Thank you.” District 49 - Levin- (202)225-3906/(760)599-5000; District 52 - Peters - (202)225-0508/(858)455-5550. Find other Representative contacts at www.house.gov/representatives/find/
The Latest Issue of the
Casas de Luz Newsletter is On Line!

Happy February and welcome to the month of love! During this month of love, think about who and what you love and how you can bring out that love not this month but every month! We are only one month away from beginning our build season but being in the off-season reminds us of all the other activities we love to do. Check out what we've been up to in January and our upcoming events in February! 

Click here to read the latest about our home builds down in Mexico
Your Good News for the Weekend

Note for those who use the Le Port School parking lot on Sundays : the gate code is 253
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