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The UV Solution for Commercial Properties

Restaurant and retail settings present unique challenges when it comes to effective disinfection, a concern for many as COVID-19 restrictions continue to loosen and businesses look for ways to increase traffic while maintaining a safe environment for customers and employees.

United Enertech's UE-PRU Series was designed for use in commercial properties and can offer up to a 99.9% pathogen reduction rate. Contact us to discuss how the UE-PRU Series can benefit your commercial property.

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UE-PRU: UV Germicidal Irradiation

Available in two lamp sizes (60W, 95W) and in lamp configurations from one to five lamps, the UE-PRU is intended for use in residential and light commercial HVAC applications ranging from 5 tons to 40 tons. Sturdy quick-connect allows for easy installation.

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Video Feature: UVGI

Check out the latest video from United Enertech! Learn about the benefits of UVGI technology, like the UE-PRU Series, and how it is able to achieve up to 99.99% pathogen reduction in minutes.

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New Website Resource!

Our recently added UV Information page on the United Enertech website is your source for UV solutions and information. From industry-specific solutions, product features, and general UVC information - it's all at your fingertips. Be sure to stay tuned as we continue to add resources.

UV Information Website Page

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