At the bottom of this e-mail you will find the official statement from University of Vermont President Tom Sullivan regarding the American Studies Association vote to boycott academic institutions in Israel.  I am proud to say that President Sullivan has joined a growing list of university and college presidents from around the country in condemning this action. You may view the full list here.
Hillel International and the UVM Hillel stands opposed to and rejects the academic boycott of Israel passed by the American Studies Association. We stand with Israel and its magnificent academic community, and with other organizations such as the Association of American Universities and the Association of American University Professors, as well as many other fine organizations, in condemning this misguided and mean-spirited action.   Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.
Matt Vogel
Executive Director
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Office of the President

December 30, 2013

Members of the UVM Community:

As you may know, the American Studies Association voted recently to boycott Israeli academic institutions, and by implication Israeli academics. I am writing to articulate my views on this unfortunate decision.
I am joining the leaders of major research institutions across the nation, as well as the American Association of University Professors, in expressing opposition to this academic boycott. I believe that such boycotts endanger intellectual inquiry and discovery that are the very foundation of the higher education enterprise. Further, the ASA's position undermines our shared commitment to create and nurture environments conducive to learning, research, and the open exchange of ideas, regardless of the differing perspectives that may be voiced on complex geopolitical issues.

It is my hope that members of our UVM community and those of other institutions of learning will be able to continue to express and share freely their ideas and opinions. Academic boycotts and other actions that attempt to chill or foreclose such opportunities have no place in a global community of engaged scholars.  

Tom Sullivan,