April 1st, 2021 Vending Technology News
In 2021, consumers still want their vending machines to be fast and convenient, but they also want vending machines to be safer to use, reducing any risk of transmitting viruses.

eVending.com just announced their new UV light sanitization UVend Technology. Consumers can now use vending machines with confidence because any vending machine that’s equipped with this technology will kill or inactivate COVID-19 and most common viruses and bacteria  on the machine’s high touch surfaces, such as the keypad and delivery bin. 

Consumers Can Use Vending Machines With Peace Of Mind Again

When UVend Technology is on a vending machine, consumers who use that machine can have peace of mind in knowing that the threat of catching or transmitting COVID-19 and most common viruses are significantly reduced. 

Digital marketing agency, VendCentral, has announced the launch of its innovative new customer service tool, ZippyAssist.

ZippyAssist is a cloud-based, customer service platform accessed via a simple text message. It effectively bridges the gap between operators and the consumers who are using their unmanned equipment.  

With ZippyAssist, operators can fix problems faster, reduce out of stocks, improve route efficiencies, get feedback, and more. Operators are recognizing ZippyAssist as a valuable enhancement to their services and their customers love its convenience. 

“Consistent product availability and quality of service is imperative with unmanned equipment. ZippyAssist helps operators ensure that”, says VendCentral CEO, Neil Swindale. “If a problem arises, ZippyAssist allows consumers to reach out to their provider directly via a simple text message and feel confident that their issues are being addressed.”  

Byte Technology unattended kiosks are purposely built to unlock the multi billion dollar opportunity of food service to smaller offices. Serve locations of any size, sell an array of fresh product, and maximize the revenue potential of your existing locations.

Clients are demanding healthier, fresher options for their employees, students, and patrons. Small and medium sized businesses are underserved and have little access to affordable ways to feed their workforce.

Restocking with Byte Technology is simple. Byte Technology’s unique RFID-based technology tracks each item as it enters and leaves the kiosk providing efficient inventory control — no theft, no honor system and no user error with manual entry.

USA Technologies, Inc., a cashless payments and software services company that provides end-to-end technology solutions for the self-service retail market, announced the company is launching its new eCommerce integration, along with partners Supply Wizards and Tech 2 Success. The new integration creates a seamless connection between the online ordering sites and vending management systems (VMS).

The integration enables automatic data imports of purchasing and fulfillment information for purchases made at partner eCommerce websites. The additional data greatly enhances feature functionality in Seed Delivery for warehouse pre-picking, inventory management and reporting.

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