Spring 2019 | Volume 31
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  • Contact Felix to book time in the lab or indicate an intention to book. For April , we have April 15 to April 19 and April 24 open. May is also available but please be mindful of possible lower sign-up rate at the end of the semester

  • Send interesting things to Justin and/or Felix. If you see any papers, conferences, graduate student workshops, resources, etc... that might be of interest to the broader BRITE Lab community, please send along the info to Justin and Felix. 

We will use this space each week in the news blast for Justin to share new ideas he thinks may be of interest for our behavioral & experimental community. If you ever have ideas for topics, please share your ideas with Justin .

This Week's BRITE Idea:

For BRITE Ideas this week we want to highlight an exciting new resource for conducting studies. There is now an open-source program developed as an alternative to Qualtrics called formr . The new platform is based on the R programming language and is designed to let you do some pretty interesting things with data collection, such as easily displaying within a survey experiment information about the responses of others and displaying complex contingent graphics. 

Justin has not fully read through this or tried it yet, but seems potentially quite powerful and interesting. This paper here describes the new platform with examples from three studies that have used it. The study examples are pretty interesting. Please let the group know if you use this at some point, as we would love a group tutorial or any thoughts on how it is working compared to Qualtrics for running web-based experiments. 

* There is not a package on the CRAN yet. But if you are interested in the programming details of "formr", you could visit their GitHub space .
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Volume 31 | April 5, 2019