The Small Business Development Center at UW-Superior
October 2015
Creating Your Story
Welcome to the Small Business Development Center (SBDC) at UW-Superior monthly newsletter. Our goal is to provide you with the most relevant, small business information that affects the thousands of small businesses in Northwest Wisconsin.  We are here to consult, mentor, give feedback, or just say Hi to our business community.  

So, what is your story?  You may own a business, run an organization, or even have something small at home.  But why?  Everyone has a story to tell about why they do something.  Maybe it is a passion of theirs.  Maybe it is a family run business that they help run daily.  Or maybe, it is a dream, but they do not know where to start.  Today is a great day to start creating your own story and making tomorrows dreams reality.
What exactly is the SBDC?
SBDCs offer no cost, one-on-one, long-term professional business advising, low-cost training, and other specialized services, including business consulting and financial analysis. The SBDC program is one of our nation's largest small business assistance programs within the federal government, made up of a unique mix of SBA federal funds, state and local governments, and private sector resources. SBDCs are often
hosted by leading universities and state economic 
development agencies, and are funded in part
through a partnership with the SBA.
Business Tip Of The Week
Change happens within every company, and if handled poorly, it can result in employee uncertainty and turnover. Prevent that situation by understanding what they need to re-engage. With each new announced change, it's natural for employees to ask: "What's in this for me?" But if you effectively hook people's hearts, you reduce employee questioning. Good leaders understand that with every significant change, employees need 
to be re-enrolled in their work. Employees need to
believe their best days are ahead of them or they 
will check out without you knowing it.
Entrepreneurial Training Program - Began September 16th!
The Entrepreneurial Training Program (ETP) offered by the Wisconsin Small Business Development Center at UW campuses statewide provides the tools you need for business idea testing and business model improvement. Through instruction, guest speakers and coaching, the course serves those who are considering starting a business, owners of existing businesses, and those with successful companies that they want to grow.  Class began on September 16th with 10 new and existing, local entrepreneurs. Because of the high demand, a new session with be offered in the Spring of 2016.  More details to come.


Register Now - Regional Economic Indicators Forum Breakfast
REIF Consumer Confidence Survey

The next Regional Economic Indicators Forms (REIF) breakfast takes place on Tuesday, October 27, starting at 7am. We are exciting to hear from key industry experts and local professionals about today's skill gap and how we can prepare for the future.  A new feature to this session is an after breakfast breakout option to ask individual questions to the panel.  Please take a moment to fill out the link to the left in regards to consumer confidence in Northeast Minnesota and Northwest Wisconsin.

SUCCESS! SunKissed Tanning Salon

The sun has risen along Belknap Street, and anyone can stop by for some warm rays.
SunKissed Tanning opened in April, a one-stop salon offering high quality tanning beds, top-rated tanning lotions and knowledgeable staff. Owner Liz Little wants clients to love the way they look.  "My biggest success is when my clients come back.  I feel accomplished every day when I see repeat customers and how happy they are with the way the look."


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