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United Way of Pennsylvania Launches the ALICE Report

ALICE Overview Video
ALICE Overview Video

United Way of Pennsylvania launched their 2019 ALICE Report for Pennsylvania. The ALICE Report   is a data project that redefines what financial struggle means across the state. It encompasses all 67 counties of the Commonwealth, parsing out the data on a local level. 

The statewide results show that 24% of Pennsylvanians earn above the Federal Poverty Level, but still struggle to buy even the most basic household necessities. Combined with the 13% of our population living below the FPL, a full 37% of Pennsylvanians live a daily battle to make ends meet. That's over 1.8 million households. 
ALICE stands for Asset Limited, Income Constrained, Employed. ALICE are hard-working members of our community who we depend upon every day: child care workers, nursing assistants, laborers in infrastructure, customer service representatives; the list goes on. Without ALICE, the standard of living we all enjoy would not be possible.  

United Ways across Pennsylvania are leading the charge to raise awareness about the plight of ALICE in the state, and affect advocacy and social programs designed to help ALICE. We are forging new partnerships with public and private organizations, in order to create innovative solutions that will benefit ALICE, and our communities at large, in the long-term. To learn more or take action to support ALICE, please visit On our site you will find the full downloadable report, county budget sheets, an interactive Pennsylvania map to compare counties, and the ALICE Experience to live the every day, stressful lives of ALICE.

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FY2019-2020 Budget Signed  

The House and Senate have passed a spending bill as well as several necessary vehicles for its implementation. The 2019-2020 FY budget is a $33.997 billion dollar spending plan, which is roughly a 1.8-percent increase from the previous year's budget after taking into account supplemental appropriations to the FY 2018-2019 state budget. United Way of Pennsylvania is happy to report some key investments that support PA 2-1-1 and early childhood services from birth to age 5. United Way will continue to work on these priorities in future state budgets, and hope that state lawmakers will strengthen their commitment to PA 2-1-1 and early childhood services in next year's budget.
Statewide 2-1-1
Lawmakers continued their investment in a grant program to support statewide 2-1-1, and level-funded PA 2-1-1 service with $750,000. This investment is short of our request of $1.5 million, but we are pleased that the Governor and the General Assembly continue to support a small public investment in PA 2-1-1. Every year, the number of contacts to 2-1-1 are growing, and we are developing more partnerships that serve community members in need, regardless of income level.. As 2-1-1's value grows in Pennsylvania, we are looking for more state funding to leverage United Way's financial commitment to the PA 2-1-1 service.
High Quality Pre-K, Head Start and Child Care
We are happy to share that there was an increased investment of $30 million into high quality Pre-K and Head Start programs. Funding for Pre-K Counts was increased by $25 million, and funding for Head Start Supplemental Assistance Increased by $5 million. Pre-K and Head Start investments have doubled during the first 5 years of Governor Wolf's term. These funds will allow 2,200 additional children to be served in Pre-K, and roughly 465 new children in Head Start. Overall, United Way of PA and the Pre-K for PA campaign are happy with the continued investment into early learning. You can read their budget reaction  here.
High quality and affordable child care is an important support for Pennsylvania's hard-working ALICE families. Child care appropriations were allocated $27 million in new federal funding to expand subsidized care and invest in quality improvements to the system. These funds are projected to result in 970 children being removed from the waiting list, as well as an increase to tiered reimbursement rates for STAR 2, 3, and 4 providers. United Way of PA and the Start Strong PA campaign applauds legislators for these investments and passing a budget that "funds what works". However, the gains Pennsylvania saw with the federal funding were offset by a decrease of $36 million in state investments for child care, which were replaced by federal funds. If the state had maintained or increased its commitment, many more gains could be realized for high quality child care. Read the Start Strong PA reaction here.

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UWP 2019 Board Meetings 
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