August & September 2019 Newsletter
On August 26th, we kicked off our bold goal of helping 3,000 York County families achieve financial stability by 2030. This new direction will enable us to play an engaged role in impacting the community that goes beyond simply vetting partner agencies and allocating funds to responsible partners. 

A financially stable family has enough resources to meet its needs without public support. The focus on financial stability is getting to the root causes of the issue and building from there. If you can help a family or individual be in a place where they can be self-sufficient, then you alleviate the need for support such as food banks. We want the community to come together to find solutions and not band-aids to this issue. 

Our call to you as members of this community is to join us in helping 
3,000 York County families achieve financial stability by 2030. We must commit our time, energy, resources, knowledge, and passion for making change happen.
Summersby Okey is the new Collective Impact Director at United Way of York County, SC. Summersby joins the United Way from Winthrop University where she was most recently the Assistant Director of the Center for Public Opinion & Policy Research. Summersby also taught Introduction to American Government and The Human Experience: Who Am I?. Summersby graduated from Winthrop in 2013 with a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy and Religious Studies and Political Science. After finishing her BA, Summersby once again attended Winthrop and graduated in May 2015 with a Master of Liberal Arts degree with a concentration in Political and Civic Engagement.
Hosted by the City of Rock Hill Community Relations Council, Race Equality Week will take place September 15-21 in Rock Hill. Race Equality Week is a series of events that promote racial diversity and equality in Rock Hill. As a community, we find it important that we embrace our diversity, but also talk about some of the struggles we have had in our community and our society.

From an ice cream social on Sunday, a community round table discussion on Thursday, to a river sweep on Saturday, and everything in between, join us for a week of education, celebration, and justice. For more information, click the button below or call Jason Weil at (803) 329-8783.
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