Dear ,

Our 10th Anniversary party saw a great turnout. I hope you all enjoyed the food and entertainment and thank you again for your support all these years. We look forward to providing you with good food and service for many more years to come.

Our cooking classes have been very popular. We are looking to add more in time to come and this month we are starting on a new outdoor grilling class by our gourmet studio chef, Colin West. Chef Colin has years of experience in grilling and most recently came from Market Grill restaurant as the head chef and is known for his expertise in grilling. Even I am looking forward to attend one of his classes to learn the finer points of grilling! So do look out for it.

Due to the popularity of the classes, we have started a new booking system which goes into effect from the next class. The booking of classes is still on a first come first book basis however for those that have attended a class in the last 30 days, you will be placed on waitlist and only if there is available slots or if someone cancels will we inform you if there is a space. This will allow members who have not attended a class in the last 30 days to have priority to book the classes. Please note that even with this new system, you may still not get a seat. This is because our gourmet studio has only 10 seats which I think is good as it keeps the classes interactive and personal. Also with a large membership base, there will always be members who may miss out. As mentioned we will continue to add more classes as and when we can. 

Excite your appetite!


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