Whether or not you celebrate Chinese New Year, a steamboat hotpot is always a great way to have communal dining with your loved ones over a period of time. This month we have flown in some fantastic Toriyama Umami Wagyu special cuts such as the Chuck, Shoulder Clod and Top Round to slice it for shabu shabu, sukiyaki and yakiniku. These cuts are almost half the price of the A4 sirloin and ribeye but deliver almost the same amount of satisfaction. Order some here.

We recently did some upgradi ng to the playground area. We fixed the signboard with some wooden panels so that it is more aesthetically pleasing. We fixed an exposed screw due to safety and soon we will have benches in the playground for you while you watch over your kids.

All of us at Huber's wish you Prosperous Chinese New Year!

Excite your appetite!


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