I hope you had a good Chinese New Year break and celebration. I know many of you have burning questions about cooking and butchery. We have launched a new platform on the Huber's website called Ask The Experts. So now you can post a question and an expert in that field and cuisine will reply to your question. This will be shared with others so that everyone can benefit and learn. I hope to foster an environment of sharing and learning so that we can all improve our culinary knowledge, including me! There have been a few questions since we soft launched it last month, read them now!

We have brought in a new range of sauces from Germany that doesn't contain flavour enhancers, artificial colours or preservatives. Now you can enjoy a hot delicious currywurst in the comforts of you own home!

We are expecting a shipment of an exclusive and unique new lamb called Mottainai from Australia. They should be in the store on 24th March. Read more about Mottainai lamb now.

Excite your appetite!


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