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I was recently in Melbourne visiting the in-laws over the Lunar New Year and we had a lamb on a spit on a beautiful day. It was a great experience just standing around the lamb, having a beer and picking at the lamb while we conversed. It was also fun trying to slice small bits off while the lamb was turning  to continue cooking / staying warm. We have the lamb and spit available should you wish to do one in your home in Singapore. We even have a video to show how to set up the spit! Watch it here. Please enquire at the info counter. 
I enjoy a nice cup of tea and having a little sweet Asterisk Kitchen meringue kisses with it seems to complete my tea time. It comes in nice bite size pieces and I really like how it taste fresh and not too sweet.
We will be having specials in our bistro soon using secondary pork cuts. Some of the dishes include pork cheek confit, and braised pork shoulder in buttermik with bulgur! Follow us on Facebook or Instagram to get the updates! 


Excite your appetite!


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