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If you recall, a few months ago I mentioned that I was in New Zealand on a sourcing trip and to stay tuned for new exciting products. Well, I am delighted to share with you that we are now the exclusive importer and retailer for First Light Grass-Fed Wagyu and Venison. Both the wagyu beef and venison will be available from this weekend at the store. The beef has been described by as the best beef in the world.

Grass-fed wagyu (left) and Venison short loin (right)
Personally, I am trying to eat more grass-fed beef but often grass-fed beef can be a little tough or dry. Thankfully, there is now grass-fed wagyu to help overcome that problem. The cattle graze on prime grasslands where the land cost is much higher than grain-feeding areas. Also there are only two wagyu cows per acre of land to ensure that the cattle are well-fed and are able to put on the necessary marbling. As grass-fed wagyu cattle move around their whole lives feeding, the marbling put on is much finer and well-distributed throughout the meat, unlike the thicker strands found on grain-fed wagyu.
Should you prefer a stronger flavour that is not too gamey, the lean farmed venison is a great choice for the dinner table. I had a venison steak the other day and it was tender and delicious when cooked to medium rare. I hope you enjoy these two new meat choices from clean and green New Zealand as much as I do!

Excite your appetite!


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