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The COVID-19 has affected many of our lives, some more so than others. For me, I try to look at this situation positively. It has made me, the company and (I'm sure) many people in Singapore much more aware of personal hygiene and personal/food safety. The government and us as a company have put in measures in place to try and stop the spread of the virus. We do temperature checks twice a day for our staff, provided face masks and installed sanitisers in and around the store and the factory. We also make it a point to frequently sanitise areas with high volume of human touch such as the lift buttons and handrails. All these heightened awareness, measures and teamwork will serve us well if ever something more serious comes along.
We experienced a sudden increase in retail business when the DORSCON level was raised to Orange. Some of you would have had to wait longer to be served or were unable to purchase some ingredients. I ask for your understanding and patience as my tireless hardworking staff are doing their best to provide and serve everyone to the best of their ability. On the other hand, our wholesale side of the business has dropped in sales. I know a lot of F&B owners who are suffering and I can only hope that people still go out to eat and support them so that our favourite restaurants don't close down.
We have started importing beautiful eggs from Australia. While we had been trying hard to get free-range eggs, SFA (formerly AVA) did not approve of eggs from free-range chickens. I am happy to inform that they have just started to approve free range eggs so we will soon be stocking them. We also have a surprise in the eggs department which I hope to share with you in the next newsletter.


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