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Eggs are a staple in my household. My second daughter loves sunny-side up eggs and gobbles up the runny yolk in one mouthful. She literally eats an egg every day and my other kids eat it a few times a week. As for me, I totally love having smashed avocado on toast with a poached egg on top for breakfast. Sometimes I have it with Bordier butter and at other times with dukkah spice. I mentioned before, that we have been trying to import free-range eggs for a while but it wasn't approved by Singapore Food Agency (SFA). Previously, we could get at most cage-free eggs but not free-range eggs. Finally, they have decided to allow free-range eggs and we have managed to bring beautiful Barossa Free Range eggs, sourced directly from the owner Attard family farm. I find free-range eggs better as the chickens have ample room to run around in the open, taking in fresh air and sunlight. We have also decided to import the largest size which spots a nice orange yolk that is rich and full of flavour.
The surprise I mentioned in the previous newsletter is that we not only stock free-range eggs, but also have organic eggs from Denmark! You may have seen the eggs in their green packaging. Our initial shipment is almost sold out but we should have a new shipment in just before the end of the month. We will provide more information about this range of eggs the next newsletter.
Our new range of smoke chips and products will take the flavour of your meat to the next level. You can simply add some on an aluminium tray above your heat source just below the grill and start cooking your steaks. You can watch how to do it at our Huber's Butchery YouTube channel here. It is shown around the 1-minute mark. Alternatively you can be like me and invest in a small smoker to do smoked meats! But if all that sounds too tough, you can add smoke liquid into your marinade. Job done!


Excite your appetite!


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