Dear ,
I understand this period is really tough for many people. At Huber's, we are doing our best to ensure we are well-stocked. Prices for air freight have increased considerably (for example, they are now 3-4 times higher for those from Australia) but we have not increased our prices. Due to the circuit breaker measures, our wholesale business has dropped substantially. This means we have spare capacity at our factory to prepare meat orders. As such, we will be opening up more delivery slots from this evening for delivery next week (Tuesday) onwards and all new orders will be delivered directly from the factory. Please note that it will be confined to the meat products listed on the website as we do not store grocery items in the factory. Also, do note that we will have a number of online-exclusive items which are better-priced on the website. Do look out for them!
I know I will definitely be doing more cooking and testing new recipes during this time so that my family gets to try new dishes. I hope you get the chance to experiment too and I wish you all many good home-cooked meals. Take care and stay healthy.


Excite your appetite!


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