It’s been close to a month since we have moved into Phase 2 and I would like to thank you, our customer for being cooperative and patient with us as we try to ensure a safe shopping experience while complying with the government’s regulations on allowable persons per square metre of space. I am happy that I can go out to support my favourite restaurants but I do try to balance it with staying home to cook.

Nearly a decade ago, I was in Portugal for my honeymoon. Besides enjoying the beautiful sights of Porto and Lisbon, I got to try a Portuguese traditional ingredient called Bacalhau. It is essentially salted and dried cod fish which is found on literally every Portuguese restaurant menu. There are many dishes made with it and sometimes it can get quite salty. Thankfully, I was introduced to Riberalves Bacalhau a few months ago and we managed to bring in a shipment of this cod fish. The beauty of it is that this producer desalts the Bacalhau so the consumer does not need to soak it in water; it is essentially ready to cook! Last week, I cooked my family the cod loins (simply pan-fried without overcooking) and they absolutely loved the flavour of it including the surprisingly juicy texture. I hope you get the chance to try cooking this Portuguese delicacy soon. The cod is found at the frozen seafood section on Level 2. 

When I was in Argentina a few years back, I got to try the beef rump cap at a grill restaurant using a parrilla grill to cook an asado. It was really juicy and delicious. I subsequently tried it at a Brazil churrasco and enjoyed it again. I’m glad we are now retailing a beautiful Angus rump cap so do try it and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. 

Excite your appetite!